What to wear at a black light party?

What to wear at a black light party?

What to wear at a black light party

In modern times, blacklight parties have become very popular among party-lovers.

Blacklight produces a vibrant and magical light effect for people of all ages to enjoy the parties.

So while attending the best blacklight party, you need to dress up in such a way that your clothes show up in the blacklight.

In this article, we will discuss the types of clothes and the additional accessories that you should wear to a blacklight party.

In a glow light party, people are also normally found to wear special face and body paints that get illuminated by the black lights.

If you are confused about the color of your outfit which you should wear for a black light party, then our suggestion is to find some neon or fluorescent outfits. You can even go for white.

White and fluorescent clothes glow the best under black lights. The brighter the neon color of your outfit will be the more the chance that it will glow.

Fluorescent green, pink, yellow, and orange are the few colors that glow best under the black lights. Fluorescent purple, blue and red colors can glow with good brightness but pink, green, orange, and yellow are the most recommended ones.

We also find a lot of t-shirts and shorts that have designs of them which glows under black light.

Neon clothes used for glow parties

White is the most versatile of all colors.

If you aren’t comfortable wearing such bright neon-colored clothes but at the same time you do not want to miss out on the fun, you can always go for white colored outfits.

White colors glow very brightly under black lights. White cotton fabric shirts glow with bluish color in the presence of black lights.

If you do not have something appropriate, as mentioned above, to wear in a blacklight party, and you do not want to spend any extra money for buying an entire outfit which is of course justified.

You can make any normal piece of cloth glow party-ready by just putting on some special tapes or stickers.

You can even use glow-in-the-dark pens and paints to draw any design that you want or even secret messages that will be only visible when it glows under the best black lights bulbs.

The question – What to wear at a black light party- does not only stick to the type of clothes you need to wear. There is something more to it.

Glow light party accessories

Now let’s have look at what additional accessories we can add to enhance the glowing effect.

The accessories include neon hats and caps, wigs, neon multi-colored boa, shoelaces, belts, raver boots, neon gloves, tights, ties, glow sticks, vampire fangs, and some jewelry like rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings to name a few.

These accessories not only add up to your party look but also adds to the fun element of the party. Apart from these, there are other elements including hair accessories and light-up toys.

There is also an element called EL Wire which is one of the coolest light up material for a glow party.

It is a glowing wire with strobe and blinking lights and comes in various colors like blue, pink, green, purple, and many more. You can pin the EL Wire on your clothes or can wrap it around yourself.

Fiber optic accessories are also another cool option to pair up with. Fiber optic accessories mostly comprise hair accessories but also other types are found which can be used with clothes and shoes.


UV Reacting Paints and Face Glow:

body paints

UV reacting body and face paints add a real fun element to your party dress up. They glow brightly under black lights.

You can draw anything you want on your clothes and on your body.

So, now the question changes from “what to wear at a black light party?” to “what to draw at a black light party?”

Using these UV reactive paints, you can add colors to your dull clothes and the face glows allow you to make fun patterns and designs on your face.

There are several body paints and face glows available in the market which is made in such a way that they cause less harm to the skin.

Apart from these face glows and body paints, hair sprays, and nail polishes are also available which makes your hair and nails glow underneath black lights.

UV Reactive Pens and Stickers:

UV reactive pens are usually invisible high lighters. You can draw any design on your body or on your face or write any secret messages.

The inks of these pens or high lighters are designed in such a way that they glow and become visible only in the presence of black lights but won’t be visible to anyone in normal light.

It is better to use these high lighters instead of body paints as they cause a lesser mess. UV reactive stickers can put on the skin or on your clothes.

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These stickers glow vibrantly in presence of black lights and add a cool element to your party dress-up.

It is not necessary to buy all these accessories for a party.

You can even make some of these at home. If you have any neon fabric lying around somewhere at your home, you can just cut it into different shapes and sizes and make colorful headbands or armbands out of it.

Final Note:

how people dress up for black light parties

Black Light parties require a different kind of outfits and dress ups.

Any outfit which is white in color can suit well for a black light party but to get the best effect, it is always recommended to wear bright neon colors. 

This will give you a clear answer to what to wear at a black light party?

But as we all know dressing up for parties isn’t only about the clothes. Some accessories are also available, as discussed above, which adds a cool and fun factor to your dress up.

Another most important element of black light parties are UV reactive paints, face glows, and colors.

In this article, we have discussed some of the colors and types of outfits and some of the accessories and paints.

You can always add more to it as per your needs and the party themes. A lot of accessories are available on Amazon and other shopping websites.

This article can guide you to find the appropriate accessories and clothes for yourself and a perfect answer to what to wear at a black light party?

Hope you find this helpful!

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