V Moda Headphones Reviews: No. 1 Guide

V Moda Headphones Reviews: Introduction

Damn. These are gorgeous earphones. The V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition could be the most attractive earphones available. Even better, they sound great, as well.

As the name proposes, this is the second era of this series of earphones from V Moda Headphones Reviews. The drivers are extraordinary and the company enhanced the build quality. The originals were at that point one of my number one earphones and the follow-up is shockingly better.

These earphones pack three remote codecs for improved sound over the Bluetooth connection: Qualcomm aptX, AAC, and SBC. I’m here to say the thing that matters is recognizable. These remote earphones sound great.

v moda headphones reviews

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V Moda headphones reviews: Highlight features

The build quality of these earphones is amazing and they will remind you of the old-school best V Moda headphones. The V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition earphones feel like they’ll endure forever. I have earphones from Bose, Definitive, Denon, Shinola, Audeze, and more, and none look or feel comparable to these. They’re comfortable V Moda wireless headphones. Indeed, even on my huge head, they fit pleasantly and I’m ready to wear them for quite a long time at at once. More information on the sound quality is given below.

The earphones sound incredible, as well. All things considered, they’re not the best sounding earphones available, but rather the sound is on par at the cost. The sound stage is full and wide with extraordinary separation between the channels.

The V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition is generally OK with the mid-tones found in rock, nation, jazz, and pop. This isn’t to imply that low and high tones are missing; they’re available yet not critical. The earphones are offset pleasantly with an inclination to sounds in the reach.

I generally utilize a couple of tracks to test earphones. Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry is one of them. The track is mixed such that created a narrow soundstage. On earphones, the sound can be either jumbled or clean. On these earphones, it’s nearer to clean yet not great. The verses go over clear while the instruments are somewhat mixed. 4 Non-Blondes’ What’s Up sounds fantastic. You can hear the playing of the guitars and feel the feeling of the band. The Cranberries’ Linger is business as usual. It’s simply flawless on these earphones.

v moda headphones reviews

The wide soundstage is put in plain view for Look at Me Now. Busta sits in the middle and his verses stream in the middle while the beat roll in from the sides. Imitated accurately, it’s a vivid encounter and these earphones do it effectively. Tame Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares is another extraordinary model. These earphones put Meek in the focal point of the stage while the piano tracks sit on the stage. The earphone’s tuning makes the track a shocking example of appropriately tuned earphones.

These earphones get loud. They’re among the most intense earphones I’ve tried. Also, since the earphones need dynamic noise cancelation, that is something worth being thankful for. I’m satisfied to report, there is next to no distortion when the earphones are at their maximum volume.

v moda headphones reviews

I additionally appreciate how long the battery of the Crossfades keeps going, giving me as much as 10 hours of playback on a solitary charge. I haven’t had the option to completely deplete the battery, which addresses its perseverance, indeed, yet presumably additionally alludes to the way that I don’t discover these earphones comfortable for long tunes in. Another minor quibble, given that we’re currently at the start of 2021: V Moda Headphones Reviews decision of a MicroUSB charging port here is ruining my ” everything USB-C” tech nirvana and I’m not excited about that.

Remote battery life is fantastic. V Moda Headphones Reviews claims 14 hours. I utilized these earphones for a few days and never found the lower part of the battery. That is adequate for me.

V Moda headphones reviews: Downgrades

The earphones come up short on a key feature: They continue to play when taken off. That is a major no-no and an awful miss from V Moda Headphones Reviews. It is anything but a deal-breaker, however. These are remote earphones and in this way, they have a restricted battery life even though they have incredible battery life. Such earphones need to can prevent playing sound when eliminated from the head.

V Moda headphones reviews: Pros & Cons

  • Built to be mishandled
  • Can shrink down to a reduced shape and incorporate a pleasant case
  • Balanced sound, which improves when going wired
  • New ear pads are the most comfortable from V-Moda yet
  • MicroUSB charging
  • Still not the best fit and solace among convenient earphones
  • Styling will not be as everybody would prefer


V Moda headphones reviews: In the realm of earphones — more so than something like cell phones where you can have redesigns without disadvantages — every single push one sure way will in general accompany a relaxing retreat in some other territory of attractive quality. What V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 Wireless address is the most, in any event, adjusting of all our contending needs. I can appreciate them on a calm evening at home, connected to my very good quality sound stuff. At that point, I can separate the wire and go out on a stroll into the city with them. They mean to give enormous sound in a reduced bundle and, generally, they succeed.

v moda headphones reviews

The earphones are available in a few tones through retailers or purchasers can utilize V-Moda’s customizer to construct a custom pair. Need a bunch of earphones with 14k gold plated side plates? That is a choice however it adds hundreds to the expense. Platinum earphones? That will cost $26,000.

I love the V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition earphones. These are extraordinary earphones and I entirely generously suggest them. At $350, the Crossfade 2 Wireless is neither modest nor, by the principles of premium earphones, costly. They fight at a surprisingly high-level class. These are strong earphones with a build quality that seem like they’ll last more than different choices.

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