Pioneer DJ Starter Pack Review: 1 Stop Place For All Your Queries

Pioneer DJ Starter Pack Review

Pioneer DJ starter pack review

Would you like to begin DJing?

Worried How to become a DJ?  Here is a  guide that will get all your answers How to be a DJ for beginners: No. 1 Guide for Starters.

The Pioneer DJ starter pack review is the ideal beginner DJ setup, including all you require to begin your journey as a DJ in the world of professional DJs. Pioneer DJ starter pack review also tells you whether it is a value for money deal.

This Pioneer DJ starter pack review contains all you require to begin mixing including a DDJ-WeGO4k DJ controller, a couple of Pioneer HDJ-700K earphones, and Pioneer DM-40 monitor speakers just like all the necessary cables and software.

The case incorporates a compact DJ software controller, the DDJ-WeGo4, which you can use to mix music and add effects by means of our rekordbox DJ professional software (license key included in the box).

To hear your sets in the high quality they deserve, the DM-40 speakers join the setup along with the sleek HDJ-700 headphones, which let you monitor your mixes with clarity.

Simply connect the products to each other, install the rekordbox DJ software, and you are good to go!

Pioneer DJ starter pack review

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DDJ-WeGo4 features

Easy to Connect

Simply plug the DDJ-WeGO4 into your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone with a USB cable, or connect to your iPad or iPhone with a Lightning cable and start mixing your music using the compatible DJ software or app of your choice.

Supports WEDJ

This controller is viable with WeDJ, our simple to-utilize DJ performance application for iPad/iPhone. At the point when associated, the application’s intuitive display makes it a breeze to mix tracks from your music.


You get a rekordbox DJ permit key packaged with this controller. Basically initiate your license key for our DJ software, connect the controller, and begin DJing.

Simple Layout, Advanced Control

A large group of expert features – including Hot Cues, samplers, Pad FX, and loops – are stuffed in a compact, lightweight design. Figure out how to DJ on the clear layout and step up effectively to a pro-DJ setup, including CDJ multiplayers and DJM mixers.

PC Master Out

For adaptability, you can decide to hear your mix through your PC’s inner speakers, connected desktop speakers, or play through a wireless speaker. At the same time, you can use your headphones to cue independently of the master out.

Pioneer DJ starter pack review

DM-40 speakers features

Front-Loaded Bass Reflex System

4-inch fiberglass woofers yield a solid, punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction. This way you’ll feel a tight bass kick in any event, when the monitors are situated against the wall.

3D Stereo Sound

The DM-40’s 3/4-inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with DECO convex diffusers that channel high frequencies toward every direction. So you’ll appreciate a wide sweet spot and 3D sound system sound any place you sit or stand.

Time Alignment

Class AB amplifiers convey a crisp sound with low- distortion. Additionally, the tweeter and woofer are completely aligned to kill crossover and ensure an even reaction over the frequencies.

HDJ-700 Headphones features

Optimized for Dance Music

The HDJ-700s have narrow ear cushions and 40 mm driver units with uncommon earth magnets to give you a ground-breaking bass and incredible sound insulation. A 19 um diaphragm and copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice loop precisely imitate kicks and catches.

Solid Build

An unbending, stainless steel headband and 2 interchangeable side-mount cords – one 1.2-meter coiled rope (3 m extended length) and one 1-meter straight cord – guarantee a long life of service.

Comfortable Fit

The delicate and finished polyurethane ear cups guarantee a cozy, comfortable fit – in any event, during long DJ sets.

60-Degree Rotating Arm

Rotate the right earpiece by up to 60 degrees for easy one-ear monitoring, and grab the handy grip to quickly put the cup back to its original position.

Pioneer DJ starter pack review

Mix How You Like:

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 is a flexible compact controller giving you a few alternatives on the best way to mix. You can blend on a Mac or PC utilizing either Pioneers’ own RekordBox software (license included) or utilizing Serato DJ Intro (free download). Both software will discover existing tunes on your PC and effectively import and will get you ready for DJ’ing.

You can likewise mix utilizing an iOS gadget like an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and Pioneer WeDJ or Algoriddim DJay 2 applications (both additional purchases). Utilizing the DJay 2 application gives you access to Spotify for access to a practically boundless supply of music.

The DDJ-WeGO4 features a 2 channel mixer with EQ, controls for Hot Cues, loops, and effects, and has a convenient holder for your gadget.

Included in the bundle are the compact however extraordinary sounding DM40 monitors which will connect with the rear of the DDJ-WeGO4 controller with the included cable. The HDJ700 earphones are extraordinary sounding and intense enough to bear most club DJ’s requests.

  • Mind-blowing price! Now at less than $250 the last time I checked!
  • Light but durable, tailor-made for working DJs.
  • Simple controls for ease of use for beginner DJs.
  • Bundled with software making set-up easy a walk in the park.
  • Extraordinary jog wheels, superb for scratching.
  • Great looking layout and easy to look at.
  • PC master out gives you the option for easy computer set-up without the need for extra speakers.
  • Only includes a single 1/8″ headphone socket. A 1/4″ socket would have been preferred.
  • No option of using the 2 channels for 4 deck control as the DDJ-SB2 has. The absence of a simple switch is felt.


Pioneer DJ starter pack review was made on popular demand. Pioneer DJ starter pack review states all the facts that you need to be aware of before making a purchase decision. If you are looking at a package you want to invest in look no further than the Pioneer DJ starter pack review. This Pioneer DJ starter pack review looks at all the gadgets which are bundled in this package and explains in-depth the features you need to know. Pioneer DJ starter pack review also highlights the fact of whether it’s a value for money deal. Pioneer DJ starter pack review is a must-read for all DJ enthusiasts.

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