Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Excellent Entry Level

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Getting Started

At the point when I previously began DJing gear was enormous, massive, and costly. With the ascent of the advanced period came the presentation of DJ controllers. This opened up the universe of DJing to more individuals. Permitting a moderate section point for anybody with an enthusiasm for DJing. In this audit, I’ll cover perhaps the most well-known entry-level controllers accessible today.

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pioneer ddj sb3 reviews

The Pioneer DDJ SB3 is the third in a progression of committed Serato DJ controllers. Drawing motivation from Pioneer’s costlier models it’s likewise an incredible reinforcement for prepared experts. We should look at a portion of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pristine DJs have a couple of additional circles to hop through when beginning, so on the off chance that you are new to the entirety of this current, we should go through them: You’ll need neighborhood music (ie you can’t DJ from your Spotify or Apple Music collection – time to head on the web and get getting some MP3s), and you can’t utilize your PC’s speakers, possibly:

You’ll need to connect some fueled speakers, attach them to your home film framework, or whatever you have. There is no sound lead gave, so you’ll have to locate a 2 x RCA-to-whatever-input-you-require cable. It’s likewise a smart thought to have a couple of earphones, and they’ll have to have a 1/8″ minijack connector, as that is the lone alternative on the DDJ-SB3.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Pros
  • Logical And Professional Layout
  • Affordable Entry-Level Option
  • Up To 4 Channels Available
  • Good FX Options
Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Cons
  • Comes With Intro Software
  • Underwhelming Scratch Effects

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Mixer Section

The blender segment is completely included for an entry-level controller. The crossfader is light and will make brisk cuts a breeze. 2 channel faders with individual VU meters permit you to ensure your channels avoid the red. Nonetheless, there isn’t an ace VU meter so you’ll have to reference the product to keep your blend free and clear.

pioneer ddj sb3 reviews

An entire 3-band EQ sits over the faders permitting you to control low, mid, and high frequencies. This implies you can change your blends for the best advances. An additional high and low pass channel handle is likewise a pleasant option giving you further control and adaptability when blending. Committed increase handles are additionally present permitting you to control the volume of each channel.

Singular prompt catches for each channel permit you to choose what you hear in the earphones. Be that as it may, there is no prompt/blend handle. All things considered, there is an expert catch. I’ve generally favored a committed handle for this however it doesn’t keep you from appropriately prompting up and setting up your tracks.

At the highest point of the blender is a peruse handle for choosing tracks in your product. There are likewise load catches to in a split second send the chose track to the decks. Having these choices assists with keeping you drew in with your stuff and not searching for your mouse.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Software

The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 comes packaged with Serato DJ Lite. This essential adaptation of the product is fine, regardless. It will permit you admittance to all the center highlights you’ll require to begin DJing. The issue comes when you need to begin growing your abilities and need to exploit all the highlights. Now, you’ll need to move up to Serato DJ Pro. Remember this additional cost on the off chance that you would like to purchase the DDJ-SB3.

The DDJ-SB3 is fueled by a cut-down variant of Serato’s Pro bundle, called Serato DJ Lite. This is standard among Serato controllers at the value point and is fine for beginning on.

While any genuine DJ is certainly going to need the Serato DJ Pro bundle sooner or later (Lite needs includes beat bounce, circle move, slicer, slip mode, set account, top-notch impacts, and innumerable more), really the blending of the DDJ-SB3 and Serato DJ Lite is a decent one – and honestly, when you own Serato DJ Pro, I speculate you’ll begin looking at more expert controllers, as well.

Likewise with all DJ controllers worked for all kinds of Serato DJ Software, setting up is simple. You head over to the Serato site, register your email address, download the product, introduce, plugin, and you’re off. The unit is USB-controlled, so there’s no requirement for outer force (surely, this isn’t an alternative).

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Jog wheels

For those keen on scratching the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 offers strong jog wheels. They are a nice size thinking about the size of the controller. Great responsiveness makes them a strong beginning stage for the scratching aficionado.

pioneer ddj sb3 reviews

Additional controls are situated around the jog wheels to modify how they react. You can pick between having them act like vinyl or CDJs. Being able to set your inclination straightforwardly on the controller is a helpful alternative.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Pitch Faders

The pitch faders on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 are on the little side. This is one of the disadvantages of section-level controllers. Longer pitch faders make it simpler to figure out how to beatmatch. Discovering space on a conservative controller for these more drawn-out faders can be troublesome. Thus, most novice controllers have little pitch faders. You can in any case figure out how to beatmatch utilizing them yet future should models could have longer pitch faders.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Performance Pads

Discussing scratching this is the place where the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ controller takes a stab at something new with the Pad Scratch mode. Created with Jazzy Jeff they are intended to be a guide into the universe of scratching. It will allow pre-planned scratch modes to your chose prompt focuses. While this is a pleasant component it feels somewhat gimmicky.

pioneer ddj sb3 reviews

The Performance cushions likewise permit you to set hot signs, initiate one-shot examples and apply a trans impact. This trans impact applies an on/off sound to your track for an astute impact that is very helpful to change up your sets.

The other capacity is FX Fade, which is an extraordinary instrument for amateurs. It has preset impacts that will be applied to the track. These impacts line up with the track to take into account simpler advances. This is a decent venturing stone for new DJs to get comfortable with how impacts are organized. It additionally shows you how you can consolidate different impacts into your set. When you grasp these you can then physically add impacts utilizing the devoted FX controls at the highest point of the controller.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Impacts

There are two impact motors, each containing three impacts. While the impacts accessible in Lite are restricted, they cover the fundamentals. When the decent component is that they are post-fader; this hasn’t generally the case with spending controllers.

The impact motors aren’t assignable, being fixed for all time to decks 1 and 3 (left) and 2 and 4 (right). Each impact can be turned here and there while holding Shift and more than once squeezing an impact button opens the impact menu and cycles through the accessible impacts. A solitary wet/dry handle per impacts motor controls force across every one of the three impacts immediately.

Fortunately, the Fade FX adds a touch of an oddity to the impacts on the proposal here; we’ll get to those instantly.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Connection Options

Connection alternatives are no frills. Yet, it is not out of the ordinary at this value point.

Two Master RCA ports are on the back. Remember it doesn’t accompany RCA cables. You’ll have to purchase or utilize a set you effectively own to associate the controller to some great studio screens or your sound framework. There is additionally a ¼ inch mouthpiece input situated on the back with volume control.

A USB cable is given to interface it to your PC or PC. This is likewise how the unit is fueled.

There is a ⅛ inch connection for your expert DJ earphones situated on the front. On the off chance that your earphones have an alternate fitting, you’ll require a converter as there could be no other earphone connection alternatives.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: FX

The Pioneer SB3 accompanies a decent scope of FX alternatives. To open all the alternatives you’ll require to update the product. The FX controls are fundamental with just one impact dynamic whenever per channel. A devoted wet/dry handle is additionally present to permit you to change the impact. For another DJ that is all that you’ll require. For the more experienced DJ, it is somewhat restricted in the decision.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Dimensions

The Pioneer DDJ SB3 is another illustration of how reduced DJ gear has become. Simple to discover space on your table for DJing at home. Likewise, smaller enough to take to local gatherings.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Build Quality & Design

Pioneer proceeds with the custom of good quality section-level controllers. While the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is still basically plastic it is all around assembled. Great materials have been utilized and the controller will want to deal with reliable use.

As consistently treat your stuff well and it will last much more. I’d even recommend a flight case or residue cover to broadened the life expectancy of your staff.

What Others Have To Say

The SB2 was a knockout achievement and was a famous entry-level controller for new DJs. The SB3 with its savvy design and more adult feel has pulled in numerous good surveys. Much of the time, Best DJ controllers under 500 likewise offer additional benefits as well, such as access to extra features of the software or a built-in audio interface permitting you to hook your whole setup to a speaker system like you would with a conventional mixer.

You can also read Best DJ Controller Under 300.

What Is DJ Software?

Most DJ controllers are intended to be utilized in pair with DJ Software. DJ Software permits you to arrange your music collection for use with your controller. Utilizing DJ Software, you can dissect your music to see the waveform and get additional data like BPM and Key.

There are numerous decisions with regards to Free DJ Software yet there are a couple of large names specifically. Serato DJ is quite possibly the most famous decision among DJs. It has a standing as a stable and completely included piece of Software. It is additionally viable with a huge choice of DJ controllers from a significant number of large name makers. Also, Free beat making software has arisen, everything has changed the manner in which we make music

When purchasing your first controller it pays to know a little about the product which comes packaged with the equipment. Remember a few controllers will just accompany preliminary or light forms of the product. You may have to then put resources into the full form of the product.


Pioneer DDJ SB3 Reviews: Oddly, I figure Pioneer ddj sb3 reviews would prefer not to have made this controller by any stretch of the imagination! All things considered, the organization has its scope of controllers for its product, Rekordbox DJ. However, truth is that the DDJ-SB2 before it was sold by the bucketload, thus individuals still love Serato. What’s more, with Jazzy Jeff’s support, this regulator is good to go to be another significant accomplishment for the Pioneer/Serato association.

It enhances the DDJ-SB2 in a larger number of ways than only a couple of mode changes: The design is better, the catches are better, and it simply feels somewhat more “grown-up”, yet at a similar value point.

“Add scratch impacts without a turntable” shouts the manual. In reality, you can scratch fine and dandy on the jog wheels of the Pioneer ddj sb3 reviews:, and you can likewise totally overlook the implicit “auto scratch” work on the off chance that you need. Whatever your emotions on it, don’t let that influence your choice on this regulator to an extreme: These capacities are quite a little piece of the list of capabilities, and it is a fine spending regulator besides the entirety of that.

Would it be advisable for you to Buy?

Pioneer has done it again with the SB3. A shrewd overhaul to adjust it nearer to their costlier stuff is a decent movie. It permits new DJs to learn with moderate stuff without then relearning all that while updating. It has all you require to begin. While overhauling programming is an additional cost it’s as yet an incredible worth regulator. I have no faltering prescribing the Pioneer DDJ SB3 to new DJs hoping to purchase their first regulator.

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