Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews- Best Controller For Beginners

Pioneer DDJ-400 Reviews Introduction

The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews are the flagship entry-level 2 channel controller for Pioneer’s DJ software, Rekordbox DJ. How about we plunge into the subtleties of what this controller offers new and veteran DJs.

The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews vow to offer any aspiring DJs all the tools to figure out how to DJ. It additionally fills in as quite possibly the most regular progression paths to more professional gear. We should discover what it offers and whether it’s a decent controller for beginners.

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How about we jump into the subtleties of the Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews and see what it offers both the fledgling and more experienced DJ.

pioneer ddj-400 reviews

Mixer Section:

While the Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews is an incredible controller it isn’t without certain issues. One region which could utilize improvement is the mixer segment. It offers all the essential features you’d expect in a controller.

3 band EQ and a devoted channel and trim knob for each channel is additionally present. This gives you full authority over each channel and the capacity to appropriately EQ your mixes and changes. Singular channel meters additionally permit you to watch out for your levels and try not to hit the feared red zone. 2 channel faders and a crossfader sit at the base. A decent assortment of FX choices is likewise situated on the central mixer.

The fundamental change is the movement of the earphone cue/master knob and level knob to one side of the mixer segment. Before, this has been situated in the central piece of the mixer. Because of this change, the mixer segment has much less space to work with. This causes it to feel somewhat confined and particularly recognizable in the event that you have large hands. While not a dealbreaker it appears as though a lot of room is squandered


This controller accompanies a full permit for the product Rekordbox DJ. Numerous different controllers made for other DJ Software will just accompany an introduction or preliminary adaptation. Remember this when contrasting the Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews with different controllers.

pioneer ddj-400 reviews


The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews: For the scratch fan, the jog wheels are a fair size. Particularly for a controller of this size. They are likewise responsive. A smooth completion on top is combined with an elastic edge. They have a decent measure of haul and protection from them and don’t feel feeble.

Pitch Faders:

Another enormous improvement is the all-encompassing pitch faders. Generally, conservative section level controllers accompany little pitch faders. This makes beat-matching by ear more troublesome.

Performance Pads:

8 elastic cushions are situated on the two decks. This is the other striking change from past Pioneer entry-level controllers. Past controllers had marginally bigger cushions. While not a colossal contrast it’s as yet worth referencing. Fortunately, the cushions actually feel extraordinary.

These cushions are utilized to set hot signals, actuate cushion FX, empower Beat Loop or Beat Jump just as Key Shift and sampler.


The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews is a minimal controller. It’s ideal for new DJs that don’t need a controller that will overwhelm their home DJ studio. The little impression and weight likewise make it simple to move in the event that you need to play gigs or at a companion’s home.

FX Controls:

Numerous passage level controllers move the FX part to the actual top of the decks. This can cause it to feel somewhat unnatural and segregated from the remainder of the controller. The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews have these capacities directly on the central mixer for simpler access.

Beat FX is additionally accessible which applies the FX in time with your tracks. This makes including impacts sound more agreeable and normal for more expert-sounding mixes.

pioneer ddj-400 reviews

Looping Controls:

Looping has been updated from past Pioneer entry-level controllers. It presently has controlled more in accordance with CDJ and XDJ decks. You can set your loops that are put away in Rekordbox DJ for a moment get back to just asset loops on the fly.

An auto 4 bar loop choice is likewise accessible. You can likewise divide or twofold your loop length. The extended choices are a much-needed development. This makes it simpler to dominate loops and afterward apply those abilities to further developed Pioneer hardware.

Connection Choices:

The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews plug into your PC or PC through USB. An earphone jack is situated on the front of your DJ earphones. This will take into consideration appropriate prompt checking and readiness. The implicit soundcard permits you to play the expert straightforwardly out of your PC or you can interface your dynamic studio screens.

I don’t expect an enormous measure of connection alternatives in a controller at this level. In any case, it is something worth considering on the off chance that you have a current sound system that you need to interface with. Having just an RCA out choice restricts your decisions.

Build Quality and Design:

For a section-level controller, it’s fabricated well. Nonetheless, don’t expect super-premium materials at this value point. The heft of the controller is as yet plastic yet it doesn’t feel feeble.

It’s as yet lightweight enough for simple transportation over to a companion’s home. I’d recommend you put resources into a flight case or pack in the event that you do anticipate removing it from your home routinely.

With respect to the plan, this is the place where it’s difficult to blame Pioneer. With every cycle of their entry-level controllers, they have advanced. The Pioneer DDJ-400 reviews are the same and are currently considerably more firmly adjusted in format and look to its costlier kin.

They have taken motivation from their leader NSX2 set-up and attempted to convey a similar format in a smaller bundle. This makes it simpler to change to further developed hardware. Bouncing onto a further developed DJ setup can be overwhelming. Anything that facilitates that change is a tremendous advantage.


This is one of the best DJ controllers available in the market especially for novices who are looking to make a name for themselves. A must-have for all the fledging DJs.

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