Best Lights That React To Music : Dancing Partners

Best Lights That React To Music : Dancing Partner

If you are a music lover like me, then I’m sure you have been to a lot of great concerts, DJ nights or if you are a party animal you might have went to a club before right!

The experience of all of the above is great for different reasons, but one factor which plays a common role in taking the whole experience of music to next level is ‘Good Lighting.

Music can have a real impact on our emotions and mood, but lighting can make music, the most engaging and impactful it can be.

We live in a visual culture, where Music is not only for ears but for eyes too and thus Lighting can be called the ‘Music for the eye.  

Hence lighting can be synchronized in such a way to enhance the sound experience.

A killer light can always add more emotion, excitement, and energy to the Performance by creating a connection between the audience and the artists.

Talking about lights that react to music, the term ‘Intelligent Lightingfits the best. The following are the top 3 lights that are globally used in almost every big pub and party destination.

3 Best Lights That React To Music:

Image Product Features Price
Best Moving Light



Easy to program.

Low power consumption.

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Best for Moonflower Effect



Best setup for beginners.

Easy to adjust.

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Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulb

RGB Disco Ball

RGB Disco Ball

Multicolor and rotational.


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1.) ADJ Inno Spot Pro – Best Overall

lights that react to music

This product is designed, mainly, for concert lightings. The area for the concert is huge so it requires a powerful and effective lighting system.

But not to worry since this moving head light does the job very well and from far away you can just see that something joyful is happening around you.

It’s easy to program on the interface to make it move exactly as you’re envisioning. Change colors and movements with the click of a button or let it follow a preset program.

You don’t need to concern yourself with setting it all up before the show as it has four different inbuilt light shows. Focus on your music and let the light do what it does the best.

Also, it runs so efficiently consuming low power and thus preventing overloads. It operates on 80W of power.

A unique and outstanding feature of this light is that it can manually zoom in and out. This allows you to take control of the depth of color and width of the light it puts out.

If you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-use light that does everything for you, then this is probably your best bet.

This is one of the best, Chauvet new DJ lightning. This comes with an awesome package of the Best DJ lights consisting of LEDs, strobes, and Best laser lights. It has an amazing 3-in-1 LED light, comprising of a red, green, blue, and a white rotating derby, it looks like a sunray coming through the window.

It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor parties, i.e., a wedding party, a house party, or a frat party. It has a red, and green, and white laser light built in the center of the light and is surrounded by the white strobe LEDs.

It has added two colors of lasers in the center because of the thousands of laser beams that emerge on the walls and it looks perfect when a fog accompanies these laser beams. This is one of the best lasers with strobe and the Best DJ lights Guide. It has an all-in-one lighting effect with seven sound active settings.

It also has automated or sound-activated, or Master/Slave mode or DMX mode, color, and program controls. It has a combination of effects, giving an awesome display, along with covering a large area.  You can place it on a speaker stand or on high truss.

The most exciting feature is it comes with the sound-sensitive knob, i.e. the lights blink and dance according to the beat of the music. It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor parties, i.e., a wedding party, a house party or a frat party.

  • Easy to program.
  • Comes with multiple patterns built-in.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Portable and weather resistant.
  • Compact and durable (long-lasting).
  • Low thermal radiation. It doesn’t get hot as normal LEDs do.
  • Variety of color effects.
  • White LED could be difficult to find.
  • Some lights may lack in brightness.

2.) CHAUVET DJ SWARM4FX – Best for Moonflower Effect

lights that react to music

Moonflower Effect LED is another fantastic option. These are the lights that are mounted upon the ceiling and the lights drop on the floor.

These are the colorful circular lights that change their pattern as per the beat or music but unlike moving head light these lights are not that powerful or, say, strong.

Basically, it is used for indoor parties. And as the name says, the Moonflower effect is very, very beautiful and it is enough to make you swirl and show your moves.

The Moonflower effect is the biggest feature of this product. It presents a unique pattern that everyone is bound to love.

Keep the party going with other preset patterns and automatic adjustments to focus on your music.

The adjustable sound knob lets you set the sensitivity to custom fit with your beat. It may be a little expensive in some places. But for sure this is the best that can efficiently draw moonflower effect to its best.

Also, it is quite easy to learn how to operate this LED. You don’t need to be a mechanical pro to understand how to operate this system.

A quick provided guide will help you set everything up through the simple interface in minutes..

  • Best setup for beginners.
  • Includes a handle that doubles as a ceiling mount.
  • Easy to adjust sound and patterns.
  • It can heat up a lot during usage.
  • May cause overloads.

3.) RGB Disco Ball- Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulb

lights that react to music

Another great deal is a Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulb. As it is termed as ‘bulb’ it is a bulb but with more power and saturation.

If you’re simply looking for a cheap DJ light, then you don’t have to go far. In fact, the LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs will do just fun.

This budget-friendly option is perfect for small gigs and venues with a handful of audience members. You could also get a few of them to set them around the room.

This type of bulb saves more energy and also it is cheaper than the traditional bulbs of the respective power.

All you need to do is set them so that they can strobe to the music or beats and follow the pattern they are preset with.

Also, it has approximately 20,000 hours of a lifespan so no worries about buying a new one till enough time. It can be found in any electronics store so it doesn’t have a specific best product.

It is cheap so it is available everywhere. Yet being cheap doesn’t mean that’s all, it comes with some drawbacks and positives too.

  • The polygon shape reflects light everywhere.
  • Cheaper than other bulbs.
  • Multicolor and rotational.
  • Potential color fade over time.
  • Heating issues.

There are a lot of products out there but above were some of the best products around the globe. It’s, of course, a subjective thing about what one should get but if the above-listed products are worth taking a look at.

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