How to sync lights to music?

How to sync lights to music?

Has this question ever popped up in your mind? These questions like “How to sync lights to music” will be answered in this article.

With the ever-increasing advancement in technology and change in lifestyle, everybody wants to enjoy the cinematic experience at the convenience of their home.
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For them, the most viable option is to go with the strip Lights. RGB LED Strip Lights are gaining popularity with every passing day as they provide energy-saving characteristics, production of vibrant colors (red-green-blue), excellent brightness and offer high flexibility.

Colorful lights in a party look extremely attractive when left hanging in gaps, small electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, PC, furniture, and wall hangings. LED strip lights are an extremely cool and efficient way to spark some light into an ordinary household.

If you allow these music-activated LED lights to interact with the music on your playlist it adds an even more enriched experience.

how to sync lights to music

How to sync lights to music?

Now I want to start out by explaining how to program led lights to music.

Step 1:

Before we start anything, we need to power the controller, these LED lights require a 12V power supply.

Step 2:

how to sync lights to music

Then we need to cut the special LED light strip connector on one side so we can separate the wires and strip them. Once this is completed, you want to feed the four different colored cords into their correct slots.

This is done is by pressing down on the buttons as you feed them in and letting go of the button once the wires are in which will lock them in place.

So now we have our power supply and have connected all wires to the controller.

Step 3:

Then connect the LED strip lights to the controller using the connector you had attached to the controller previously. To do that simply open up the hatch on the connector so you can feed the light in.

Simply peel back and cut it off using some scissors. After that line the four bronze tabs over the light to the four sliver tabs on the connector.

After completion close, the hatch and your LED lights will be connected to the music controller.

Step 4:

The speaker is to be kept close to the controller as there is a possibility sensor might not be that strong. If everything goes right the lights should flash.

The best RGB LED lights are those which are in perfect sync with the music and have a powerful sensor attached to it as you don’t have to worry about placing the LED lights close to the music source.

“How to connect led strip lights to music?” should be clear by now. There are lights that sync with the music app, these lights can easily be controlled and monitored through the convenience of your phone as it is controlled via the music app through which you are playing your music.

How to sync lights to music DJ?

The professional DJ’s use SoundSwitch Micro-DMX devices which help emit lights that pulse to music, these are very popular nowadays amongst the DJ as this helps in creating a party atmosphere when it seems that even the lights are dancing to the tunes.
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These devices are connected to the main device of the DJ and after installation, it automatically detects the beat of the music and the lights react to it accordingly and they always stay in sync with the music to enhance everyone’s experience furthermore.

You can also explore lights that sync with music online, this when your LED be it an RGB strip or otherwise gets in sync with the music being played through the online music streaming platforms which could be Saavn, Gaana, Jio Music, etc. in India or popular worldwide music streaming platform like Spotify.

These LED light bulbs are very responsive so that they can handle fast and precise music beats powered by these online music streaming apps, they transmit every feeling of the song you’re listening to.

The costlier version of this LED strip is also known as a Music LED strip wherein the connection between the lights and your phone is established through either of the two which are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

These types of LED strip lights come with additional music mode where it sets up the light performance based on the genre of music.

These lights also have a built-in microphone through which it takes in the tone and vibes of the music and it starts adjusting itself according to the beat of the music.

Then you will also have the option to install a dedicated application that is unique to every company and then pair the app from your phone to the LED light via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as mentioned above.


All the queries regarding how to sync lights to music are answered above but in conclusion, we can say when these LED lights when they are in sync with the music in the background it is a treat to behold.

These lights definitely play their part in hyping up the mode be it a regular strip light installed in your room or be it a throbbing Best DJ lights at a party.

These LED lights come in various budgets which gives you a lot of options to choose for the one which suits your budget and purpose.

These lights that sync with music online can be fun to play around inside your house. Then, lights that pulse to music are the cheapest kind of RGB strips that you can opt for, the only thing to be kept in mind is placing them near the music source for best results.

How to sync lights to music DJ, has a simple solution of opting for the devices provided by a company like Sound Switch. Lights that sync with music app are those which are controlled via an app installed on your smartphone.

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