How to Make Fog Juice at Home : An Easy DIY

How to Make Fog Juice at Home?

Making things by yourself at a cheaper rate than what one can get from the market, is a different kind of creativity and happiness. Though it requires some time, it is worth it. Fog increases the intensity of the party, lights change the vibes, and sound or DJ help in lifting the mood.

Now, the Best Fog machines used in parties, dance floors, etc. can also be used at home, and also, its fluid, also known as fog juice or smoke machine liquid can also be made at home as well.

This article will be helpful for those who do have a fog machine but want to make their own best fog juice at home. Simultaneously, it will help those also who want to make both,  a DIY fogging machine as well as the best fog juice at home.

The best part of homemade products is that one can use its creativity and waste products or any products of one’s choice. Homemade scented fog juice and DIY fogging machines are the best examples here.

Steps for How to make smoke machine liquid/fog juice:

slow fog machine

It is a very handy DIY to learn, and also would not cost you much money. It requires very few things to make the homemade scented fog juice liquid. This procedure is for those who own a fogging machine. 

Ingredients needed:

1.) Distilled Water,

2.) Glycerin,

3.) Container (Empty Bottle), at least of ¼ gallon size,

4.) Fog Machine, and

5.) Measuring Cup.

The above ingredients are easily available at any general store nearby except the fog machine and at a very reasonable rate. Make sure you buy distilled water only, i.e. water which minerals and impurities free. In case you are unable to get a distilled free water, you can make one at home.

Following are the steps for how to make fog juice:

1.) Take the empty bottle and make sure it is clean, no residue of anything is left inside, otherwise, it may have an impact on the fog juice. Then, properly measure two cups of distilled water and pour it into the bottle.

2.) Add glycerin to the water. The amount of glycerine you want to add depends on the type of smoke you want. The details for the same is given below:

Very thick smoke:- 30% of Glycerin with 70% of water,

Thick smoke:- 20% of Glycerin with 80% of water,

Less thick smoke:- 15% of Glycerin with 85% of water.

4.) Next, comes the mixing of the solution. Put on the cap of the bottle, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds, you will notice a cloudy mixture formed inside the plastic bottle.

5.) Now, take that fog mixture to the machine and try it out. Also, see if there are any adjustments required, i.e. if the fog is not thick enough then add some more glycerin, and if the fog is very thick, then add some more water to light it down.

6.) Make sure that you store the unused juice or mixture properly. Do not leave in the fog mixture or juice in the machine, as it can attract impurities.

Your DIY fogging juice is ready. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

1.) If you have a professional fog machine, then carefully read the instructions or warning. If it is mentioned that only use the professional juice of that company otherwise it may void your warranty, then don’t use the handmade scented fog juice.

2.) Keep this mixture away from children, the mixture may be harmful. And do not store it for a longer period. Discard the juice if you do not use it. But if you store it in a heat-sealed container then its shell life is about 12- 18 months.

3.) The smoke which emerges from the machine is not very much harmful, but one should avoid direct contact with it.

Steps to Make a DIY Fogging Machine:

how to make fog juice

After learning how to make fog juice, making your own fog machine is going to be a great DIY project. As it adds fun to every party, you can even use it at home parties, the smoke which it releases creates an exciting and fun atmosphere. Also Read:- Best Outdoor Fog Machine

Everyone enjoys that smoke and that spooky scene. Making this machine at home with bottles, and chemicals will cost you very few bucks.

Ingredients needed:

1.) Large Candle

2.) Small Aluminium Pie Plate

3.) Top of 2L Soda bottle (plastic)

4.) A gallon of distilled water

5.) A small bottle of glycerin

All the above-mentioned ingredients are available easily at a local pharmacy shop. Also, you can order it online from Amazon or any other e-commerce website.

Following are the steps to make the DIY fogging machine:

1.) Cut the top of the soda bottle with a capacity of two-liter.

2.) Cover the narrow end with an aluminum pie plate. This will create the cone shape structure for the fog machine.

3.) Place the fog machine over the lit candle. To do this, use any can without the lid. It can be any can like metal coffee or large soup can. After this, make some holes at the base part of the can with the usage of any pointed like structure. Place the candle inside the can and illuminate it with any burner and then put the fog machine/aluminum pie plate over it.

4.) Add a teaspoon of the fog juice in the fog machine as per the requirement to get the fog and let the spookiness settle.

NOTE: Keep on adding the fog juice to get more fog.

In this way, we can create a DIY fogging machine that is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. In addition to this, it is very cost-effective and provides effective results through the minimum usage of water-based fluid to generate fog. This machine can also be applied to generate colored fog, to get this user is required to add colored lights to the machine.


Making DIY Fog juice and machine, is a great project, as it creates a mysterious and fun atmosphere at the parties. But you should be aware of the harms and risks involved.

Also, one should know the proper steps and should have the appropriate ingredients. Have fun making your own DIY Fogging machine and juice. Be careful with kids!

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