DJ Audio Guide : How to Choose the Best Audio Setup for DJ

DJ Audio Guide

1.) Best powered speakers for DJ

The technology of best powered speakers for the DJ isn’t too complicated. The drivers push sound waves out. These drivers are housed in an enclosure. Some wires and parts holding everything together.

If you’ve ever heard more than one best powered speakers for DJ, then you must have discovered a known truth about the audio universe. There is a difference between speaker output.

Although you might have a notion about the underlying technology, it is tough to put in words why speaker A sounds better than speaker B.

The quality of best powered speakers for DJ depends on several factors— execution, design, and materials —and all these matters in determining the final sound.

What makes a great speaker?

The best-powered speakers for DJ recreate sound very accurately. Ideally, when you hear a sound— a monologue, a gunshot, a trumpet run —as it was intended by whoever recorded it.

The measurement of how best-powered speakers for DJ reproduces sound can be through frequency response charts which tells us about the range of frequency a speaker is capable of producing.

Ideally, you want a speaker that produces as much of the full range of frequencies that a human ear can hear as possible.

1.) Material matters

While comparing speaker specifications, you ought to find that each driver is made out of different materials. You’ll drivers made out of polypropylene, aluminum, paper, or ceramic/glass fiber polymer. They all do the same thing push the air to create sound waves.

Most cones move in and out like a piston, to push out air, but at certain frequencies, cones will flex instead. The flexing distorts the sound; this is why more rigid materials are used to keep that flexing to a minimum.

So, you need to ensure that the materials used in the drivers are rigid in nature so that there will be less distortion in sound and you’ll obtain the maximum frequency possible.

2.) Sound designs

The materials at play within a speaker are just part of the puzzle. The arrangements of these elements also affect the sound. Taking the enclosure, as an example. You will require something to house the drivers and electronics which produce sound.

Any mistake in designing the enclosure will negatively impact the sound. If the width is maxed out, the sound can reverberate inside the cabinet, which will create cross noise which interferes with the sound waves coming from the driver.

If you don’t put the driver securely enough, it can rattle and create distortion.

best powered speakers for dj

3.) Execution

Buying the best powered speakers for DJ boils down to picking the best materials which fit in your budget and designing an enclosure that maximizes the sound quality.

Then, put it all together, and then you test the resonance frequency and the point where response amplitude is a relative maximum you set it there. You tweak all those components to get the figures within the range you are content with, you’re still not done.

4.) Budget

The budget is what will have the maximum influence in your purchase decision as knowing what you want will never be enough if you can’t afford it.

This is why you should plan accordingly what best-powered speakers for DJ will fit in your budget and then plan your purchase accordingly.

2.) Best DJ mixer

The vital question you should ask yourself before purchasing the best DJ mixer?

This is a common mistake by a beginner where he buys the best DJ mixer as it is the latest shiny new piece of hardware not realizing whether the mixer suits his style of DJing or not.

This is because there’s a type of mixer for every DJ. So what kind of DJ are you?

1.) The place where you will be using your bets DJ mixer?

2.) The style of mixing you want to perform?

3.) The style of music you will be playing?

The best DJ mixer for hip-hop or slower tempo musical styles will be different from that of a Drum & Bass DJ or EDM / House DJ. The need for certain effects, mixing features, and assistive tools can be different. Your DJing style which is the best DJ mixer for you.

What style of music you will be playing the most?

You are free to play whatever you want, but you want to spice it up sometimes, but it is important to clearly know which is your main genre. It will be easier to match the beats to the fast tempo, so a house DJ or hip hop DJ you should consider to better beat-matching tools.

There are few mixers that contain beat counters, some have displays straight from your laptop’s software to project the waveforms, rest can sync music for you. Still, you need to learn how to beat match yourself.

While playing pop music or hip hop you will more likely want to have the best DJ mixer which helps you to perform easy cuts and tight scratches in between tracks alongside quick cueing of your playlist.

best dj mixer

Digital DJ mixers

The astounding variety of features available on digital best DJ mixer are very diverse and helpful. They are a system among themselves, this is related to the task of helping you as a DJ.

These best DJ mixers can be considered as an extension of your laptop and almost all if not the entire thing requires hardware of a computer to perform any task.

At first, there is a professional grade audio card which is more than capable of handling audio of the top-notch quality which will be coming out from multiple n number of sources, this most of the time is four decks plus mic and alongside have the option of additional inputs and outputs.

An on-board computer handles all the tasks which translate to adding effects like, reverbs, echoes, gates and filters is very easy.

This translates to you often seeing digital mixers in a tonne of dials and buttons, combine them with shift keys to add multiple functions towards the buttons too.

Admittedly, there are a variety of best DJ mixers in the market which has some super slick little digital mixers.

3.) Execution

Buying the best powered speakers for DJ boils down to picking the best materials which fit in your budget and designing an enclosure that maximizes the sound quality.

Then, put it all together, and then you test the resonance frequency and the point where response amplitude is a relative maximum you set it there. You tweak all those components to get the figures within the range you are content with, you’re still not done.

3.) Best multitrack recorder

You have to work hard to make the best tracks and this is a part and parcel of being a good DJ. To really excel at your job, you might be contemplating owning a multi-track recorder which will be helping you to get the best out of your songs.

For example, say you might want to record with a band involving drums, bass, keyboard, guitars, and vocals.

In the case of the best multitrack recorder, the microphone of the singer, the output of the keys and guitars, and each drum which is an individual in the kit give you the chance of recording independently.

This provides you the opportunity of changing each and every track separately. For instance, turning down the voice or turning up the cymbals before mixing the track together on to your final track can make some huge difference.

How Does the best Multitrack Recorder Work?

At its best, a basic multitrack recorder will work like as it would in the case of a traditional tape recorder. You will push a button and consequently, the recorder will begin capturing all the audio which will be going on around it, this can be from a microphone or instrument or another sound source.

The moment you are done recording, you ought to press the stop button and you have the option of playing back all the sounds you just recorded.

The best multitrack recorder gives you editing options, mix and you can subsequently add effects to your track. This gives you the liberty of editing separate sectors of a track without you going through the hassle of having to load and play the entire song again each time.

While you have the option of recording straight into your computer, you might have to look forward to a solid sound card, and other components in the wake of putting your tracks together. The best multitrack recorder gives you everything you require in a box.

best multitrack recorder

The advantage of the best multitrack recorder is as simple as multiple sources of sound that will be plugged in and the sounds being able to be captured independently.

Depending on the features of a multi-track recorder, you can add effects and do much more.

The final step would be to transfer the sound, and, maximum multi-track recorders give you the option of exporting the sound which you record through a USB connection or an SD card.

What Makes the Best Multitrack Recorder?

There are a lot of things to look for while you want to purchase the best multitrack recorder.

1.) Ensure or keep in your mind the maximum number of inputs you want to record all at one time.

2.) Best multitrack recorders have a wide variety of ranges from two to thirty-two inputs, with varying numbers of cost, size, and complexity growing when you add more inputs.

Usually, experts recommend from the four to eight-track recorder should be sufficient for most recording scenarios.

3.) You have to look into the kinds of inputs the best multitrack recorder can offer you. Most of the features are quarter-inch line inputs, and few have XLR microphone inputs or dedicated instrument level.

4.) Preferably, you should keep a track of the storage specifications within the multi-track you want to evaluate.

All recorders contain a maximum recording time which is based upon the storage capacity. Few recorders also offer external storage and will give you the option of exporting recordings via USB.

External storage is an additional boon, for the reason being it allows you to swap the memory card and enable you to keep recording. Following that, you will be easily able to transfer your recordings to a computer for further mixing.

4.) Best vocal mic under 1000

Points to remember for a beginner while purchasing the best vocal mic under 1000:

1.) Decide your budget:

The budget is a huge factor while buying anything. This is the reason why the first step you have to take is to figure out the budget before you start shopping.

This is the surest shot way of getting your money worth.

2.) Decide upon the audio which you will be recording the most:

You need to take a decision on the type of audio you will be recording. You need to make the most out of all the strengths of the best vocal mic under 1000 as it will add to your collection and ensure that it fits all your needs.

There are some common microphone choices that fit into certain studio tasks.

best vocal mic under 1000

3.) Your singing style and your microphone should match:

This might sound obvious, but it is a fact that not all the microphones work well for metal screamers as they would do let’s say a jazz singer. The variety of singing might require different types of microphones.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed way of recommending a person the best vocal mic under 1000 for a specific singer as this needs to be tried first then, you will come to a conclusion.

4.) Keep your environment in mind:

Any expert will tell you that the environment where you will be recording is very important and might be as important as your gear.

The place where you decide to record will have a huge impact on the type of microphone you will be choosing. If you’re recording in a less than ideal environment, choose the best vocal mic under 1000 that will minimize the effects of a bad sounding room.

This will be crucial when you will be recording vocals. A dynamic microphone is your best bet when you want to reduce the effects of bad rooms.


In the end, whether you are looking for the best vocal mic under 1000, the best DJ mixer, the best multitrack recorder or the best-powered speakers for DJ keep in mind that the budget is the foremost important thing.

After that you need to understand that it is not all size fits all scenarios rather it is subjective and every individual has his or her preference and the way he or she wants to use the equipment.

So, you have to accordingly take the call which will suit your purpose and which will not.

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