How much is a Bubble Machine – Find the Right One in Your Budget

How much is a Bubble Machine – Find the Right One in Your Budget

Bubble machines produce colorful bubble effects and have become very popular at parties and events. The bubbles produced by the bubble machine are purely visual and have no functional effect.

They can produce any shape and any colors among these four colors namely, pink, blue, purple, and green.

With no obstacles around, bubbles can stay for longer durations but they burst/pop immediately when it comes in contact with any obstacle.

How much is a bubble machine

Did you know?

The principle followed by the bubble machine to produce bubbles:

The bubble machine contains rings that are made wet with some kind of special liquid. When a flow of air is forced past these rings, it leads to the formation of bubbles.

Once the machine is pugged to an electric connection, it can be activated and deactivated with corresponding switches.

bubble machine in parties

We all know, over time’s bubble machines have become an important element to create a cool party effect.

Not only parties but bubble machines are also commonly used in events, shoots spots, photoshoots, or video clips.

Hence with the emerging time, what used to be just a fun game for kids has taken a major role in professional places for creating a beautiful effect. It can serve in both big and small places and creates a beautiful surrounding.

Once you have your own bubble machine, you can use it for any purpose, be it outdoor shoots, indoor photos, and video shoots, birthday parties, events, house parties, etc.

So, it is always better to get one for yourself because that will save a lot of money rather than taking it on rent every time you need it.

So in this article, we will discuss in brief – How much is a Bubble Machine?

Bubble machine has a wide range of prices depending on its features, size, type, specifications, etc. The better the bubble machine in terms of features and specifications, the more will be its price.

You should choose your bubble machine accordingly based on the types of events you want to use it for.

The price of a bubble machine starts from $10 and can vary up to $50. But again, this varies with the type of machine you are planning to buy.

toy bubble machine

If you are looking out for a toy bubble machine for your kids to play with or use it while bathing them to create a fun surrounding for them or if you want to use it inside your home for your kids’ room, a number of options are available within a wide price range.

The price of the toy bubble machine can be as low as $10 and can even go up to somewhat around $30. 

Now, the question arises why such a huge difference in the price in spite of the main concept of it being a toy bubble machine.

It is because some toy machines have more bubble producing capability. For example, the machine with a bubble output of 1000 per minute will obviously be more expensive than the one which produces 500 bubbles per minute!

Another deciding factor of the price of these toy bubble machines is its design, shape, and size. The bigger the size of the bubble machine, the more bubble liquid it can hold, and hence the more bubbles it will produce.

Design and shape also play a major role. These bubble machines often come with bottles of bubble liquid.

These toy bubble machines can be also used for small house parties, Christmas, birthdays, and at times for outdoor applications as well depending on the type of activity, you want to use it for.

Professional Bubble machine

Now comes the professional bubble machines which are bigger in size as compared to the toy ones and also have better features and greater output.

The price of these professional bubble machines may range from $20 to $50.

These professional bubble machines are used for large parties, weddings, events, outdoor uses like video shooting and photo shoots and can also be used in lawns and parks.

Needless to say that this huge price range varies based on its features and output. One of the most important factors being the bubble output.

The more the bubble output rate, the greater the efficiency, the more will be the price. The deciding factor of the bubble output rate is its tank capacity.

Different machines have different tank capacities. The bubble machines with more tank capacity can produce more bubbles and hence are considered more efficient.

Your machine should be strong and durable because what is the use of getting a machine that might break down easily in between events. So before buying you should check its build quality and durability.

The better the build quality of the machine, the more will be the price. You should also make sure that your machine is easy to maintain, handle, and most importantly easy to clean.

Another important factor on which the price varies greatly is its battery life. Machines with better battery life are obviously more expensive.

It is always better to have machines with rechargeable batteries.

On average, most of these professional bubble machines come with a price range of $25 – $40. Some of the machines which come with remote control and other special features have slightly higher prices mostly ranging from $45-$60.

One of the best high-end professional bubble machines is ADJ Product Bubble Tron Portable Bubble Machine. It costs around $200.

It has high-quality features and greater bubble output capacity with high velocity and speed. The ADJ Bubble Tron Bubble Machine is one of the best high-end bubble machines available in the market.

Final Note:

kids playing with bubble machine

Bubble Machines are used to create a lively effect at an event or party. Be it creating a fun environment for your kids to enjoy and play or outdoor photoshoots, the bubble machine owns it all.

There are large varieties of bubble machines available in the market each with its own special features.

In this article, we have discussed the cost of the different types of bubble machines. The price which is mentioned here is not exact. It may vary based upon the features and the specifications that you are looking for. You may also look for “Best Haze Machines

This article might help you get an approximate idea of how much does a bubble machine costs. Hope you find this helpful.

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