How Much Does a DJ Cost in 2021?

How Much Does a DJ Cost in 2021?

While planning for parties or weddings, most people forget to include the budget of a DJ (Disc Jockey) and the cost of a band. Though the DJ is not the only priority, it is an important thing, which needs to be there on most of the occasions. So, the question that arises here is how much does a DJ cost?

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At weddings, there are so many rituals and occasions, and DJ is a must. It just creates a fun-loving atmosphere. Now, just putting up a band is not the thing, obviously, a DJ is the only person who knows how to play the perfect music for every particular moment and how to invite or attract everyone to the dance floor.

You cannot just call the DJ for a whole day. The DJ charges hourly, so one needs to look at the budget and call the DJ accordingly. Also, the cost varies from DJ to DJ. This article will help you know about the average cost for a wedding DJ, wedding band cost, and DJ fees.

How much does a DJ cost?

The cost of a DJ plays a very important role while one decided to hire one. Here are some factors listed below, on which the cost of the DJ depends:

1.) Time

The cost of a DJ is calculated according to an hourly basis so the time DJ is working at the occasion, the cost will increase per hour.

2.) Music

If one wants the DJ to play normal entertainment songs, then the cost will be as usual, but if you want the DJ to stay late-night and play EDM and other stuff then the cost may increase.

3.) Equipment

Obviously, DJ not just need a normal player and a speaker. The DJ requires light equipment, or other audiovisual types of equipment, to make sure that the quality of the songs, played is best. More the equipment more will be the charges.

4.) Travel

These are the most ignored expenses. The farther your destination for the party will be, the more will be the charge of the travel expenses of the DJ.

5.) Booking time

This is very important because as people book the destinations for the party prior to 3-4 months. Then the same should be for the DJ as well. One should book a DJ 3-4 months prior to the party, as if you book the DJ at the last minute, then also it will cost more.

how much does a DJ cost

The average cost of wedding DJ

The average cost of a wedding DJ depends on the above factors. But also, it depends on the type of DJ you want, i.e., you want a professional one, an experienced one, or a beginner.

1.) Professional DJ

This one is having a great experience and is a professionally trained DJ, so it may cost about $1,000 – $2,500, for a wedding. These could make your wedding day, just an amazing one. As they have a full commitment towards their job and will make sure everything is done alright.

2.) Experienced DJ

This one has less experience than a professional one and working part-time as a DJ, so it costs about $400 – $600. These DJs are just doing part-time jobs, so they don’t focus much. But yes, this is budget-friendly.

3.) Beginner DJ

This one might not have an experience or maybe having an experience of a few months or a year, and may cost around $200 – $300. If you choose this DJ, then it might create a mess, because obviously they are not so experienced, and might also give you good results. But if this your budget, then you can take a chance as well.

A Basic idea for how much does a DJ cost at every level is given below:

Basically, if you see the average cost of wedding DJ per hour, it would cost you around $200 – $400. The cost varies according to the cities as well. If you are living in a big city like New York, then the average DJ cost may be a bit higher, otherwise the normal cost.

The number of bookings also affects the cost of the DJ, if the DJ has more than 2 or 3 bookings then he may be very strict with the timing and cost. Now, there is a difference between the wedding DJ and the wedding band, so, a brand is a group of musicians, and they can make the wedding a memorable one by singing and playing all the songs by themselves.

And it is evident, it is going to be expensive than a DJ. So, the average cost of the live wedding band is around $2500- $3500. This is not at all budget-friendly. The factors of the cost are the same as that of the DJ.



The weddings and other parties can choose between a DJ and a wedding band accordingly. The DJ is very budget-friendly, but yes it will play a particular set of playlists. And in the case of a live wedding band, you can request any song from them, so this is a plus point. Otherwise, the DJ is also very good, it just makes everyone go mad with the lights and music.

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