How Many Black Lights Do I Need For a Party?

How Many Black Lights Do I Need For a Party?

Black Lights are used to make a cool and fun effect in a party or event for audiences or guests to enjoy. It produces an amazing light effect and adds a wow factor to your party.

Black Light is also commonly called UV-A Light, Wood’s Lamp, or also ultraviolet light. It works by the emission of longwave (UV-A) ultraviolet light and very little visible light.

How many black lights do i need for a party?

These backlights can be used for parties, gyms, large auditoriums, garages, outdoor spaces, and even in your bedrooms.

The number of backlights required for each of these places would be different. The larger the party area, the more will be required to ensure that the light reaches all the parts of the room.

The number of lights required also depends on the type of light which is used as black light.

Black lights can be fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs, LEDs, mercury vapor lamps, canons, or floodlights.

If you are using an incandescent or fluorescent tube black light, 2-5 are recommended for garages and normal party spaces and bars whereas for large rooms, big auditoriums, or even open spaces, you should always go for more to make sure that the light teaches every nook and corner of the place properly.

So, for large spaces, it is always recommended to have 10-12 black lights to produce an amazing fun effect for people of all ages to enjoy thoroughly.

If you want a very low and soft yet cool light effects to say, for your bedroom or for small parties, 1-2 blacklights should meet your requirements perfectly.

We will discuss the requirements of the number of black lights for each of the above-mentioned venues in detail but before that, we shall take a look at how the different types of black lights that are available, how they are different from one another, and how they work.

Types of Black Lights

1.) Black Light Fluorescent Tubes

Black Light Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent black light tubes are made in the same way as normal fluorescent tubes but instead of visible white light, a phosphor light that emits UV-A light is used.

These black lights are much efficient and work better than incandescent bulbs.

But the only problem with these tube Black Lights is they are heavy, difficult to install, and can break easily if anyone bumps into it accidentally.

2.) Black Light Incandescent Bulbs

Black Light Incandescent Lights

As such Wood’s Glass on the envelope of a common incandescent bulb.

Incandescent lights are cheaper alternatives to fluorescent tubes but they are inefficient at producing an adequate amount of UV light since most of the light emitted from the filament is visible light which must be blocked.

As a result in large parties or events in large open spaces, you will need a large number of bulbs to light up the entire space in a decent manner.

For example, you will need as many as 30 incandescent best black light bulbs to light up an area of 10m x 6m but in the case of fluorescent lights, half of this number will be enough to light up the same space decently. 

3.) Black Light LEDs

Some light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can generate ultraviolet light. They produce an intense and direct light that can travel far and light up the entire area decently with great efficiency.

The LED black lights are very powerful so while using them you should make sure that it is should be installed in such a way that it can light up every corner of that place efficiently.

But these LEDs are hard to install and require fixing clips to be bolted to the wall.

4.) Black Light Mercury Vapor Lamps

Within power ratings of 100 to 1000 watts, high power mercury vapor blacklight lamps are made. These lamps use envelopes of Wood’s glass or similar optical filter coatings to block out the visible lights.

Mercury vapor blacklight lamps are very efficient and can emit very powerful light.

5.) Black Light Canons or Floodlights

Canons or Floodlight black lights can light up large venues very easily. These lights are generally used to cast an intense ray of black light onto an area.

They are more widely used for stage events rather than in parties. Apart from these traditional lights, rope lights or light strips and handheld black lights are also available.

6.) Black Light Rope Lights

Black Light Rope Lights are also called light strips. They are versatile and fit great with all kinds of room decorations.

They come in different sizes and can be even cut into different sizes to requirements. These rope lights are made from bright, good quality, long-lasting LEDs.

They are easy to handle, can be installed with ease, and also one the biggest advantage of these lights is they are weatherproof so can be used in outdoor parties as well.

7.) Handheld Black Lights

Even these are popular black lights if you want to light up small places. These are mainly used for games, activities, outdoor scavenger hunts but they are also used for indoor parties at times.

You check the detailed description of how black light works and the types of black light, here.

How Many Black Lights Do I Need For a Party?

Now, that we have discussed the different types of black lights that are available and popularly used, we can take a look at where these lights are best suited and how many black lights are needed for a party depending on its venues.

8.) Black Lights for Party Spaces

Black lights for parties

Parties can be held both at small and large venues. The number of black lights needed depends on the size of the venue, the number of people, and also the type of light, you are using.

For a small area like a garage or a normal room, 2-3 fluorescent tubes should be enough. But if you are using incandescent bulbs, you would require at least 5-6 bulbs to get the best effect.

In the case of light strips, one strip on each wall of the room is enough to produce a vibrant lighting effect inside the room.

But slightly bigger places and bigger rooms, you would require a minimum of 4 or 5 fluorescent tubes to make sure that the entire room is lit up evenly.

So obviously you will need around 8-10 incandescent bulbs for a large part area. And if you are rope lights, 8-9 of them should enough.

9.) Black Lights for Bars:

Black lights are also used in bars nowadays to produce a brilliant light effect for the guests to enjoy. In order to light up the bar decently, you will need 4-6 fluorescent tubes.

You can also use bright LED light strips to give a decent look and light up the entire area with great uniformity.

10.) Black Lights for Gym:

Usually, the gym covers quite a big area. So to ensure that every corner of the gym is lit up evenly, a minimum of 7-8 fluorescent tubes should be used.

If you are using rope lights, 8-10 light strips should be enough to produce a vibrant light effect.

11.) Outdoor Black Lights:

Backlight in outdoor parties

Black lights are very common in outdoor events and parties.

For outdoor parties and events with a large amount of crowd, you would definitely need more powerful black lights.

For such large venues, approximately 15-16 fluorescent tubes are a must.

If you are using incandescent bulbs, around 30-35 bulbs would be needed for the best lighting effects.
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But for outdoor usage, the specific number of black lights cannot be mentioned. It entirely depends on the type of party, the size of the venue, and the size of the crowd.

12.) Black Lights for Auditoriums and Basketball Courts:

Auditoriums and basketball courts are also commonly lit up with black lights. These places require a minimum of 5-7 fluorescent tubes to light up every corner of the entire area.

In auditoriums and basketball courts, you can even use the rope lights since they enhance the look and its powerful bright LEDs can light up the place with great efficiency.

15-18 light strips should be enough to light up an auditorium or basketball court.

Where and how to install/position black lights?

As we have mentioned a number of times earlier, the place where you install or set up the black lights during a party is very important and plays a major role in its functionality.

The black lights can be placed anywhere be it on the floor or the walls. The light emitted will initially light up the room properly with not many people around.

But with more people attending the party or event, there will be more chances of the rays of UV light getting blocked from reaching the different corners of the room hence creating shadows that might destroy the entire lighting effect and set up of the party.

So it is important that you place the black lights in such a way that the rays of the UV light reach all parts of the room evenly.

Depending on the setup of your room, you can plan to install the black lights accordingly keeping in mind that the UV rays shouldn’t get blocked as it might lead to the creation of unwanted shadows and hence can destroy the entire party atmosphere!

Black Light Party

Tips to create the best lighting effect using black lights:

You need to make sure that the room is totally dark.

It produces the best effect with white clothes and visible fluorescent/neon materials.

The closer the light source is to the material, the brighter it glows.

You need to select the position of light carefully and put it in a direction such that it covers the entire place properly.

Visible fluorescent materials recommended for best effect: face and body paints, glow sticks, balloons, bubbles, candles, tape, ink, poster, gloves, T-shirts, wall stickers, tableware, etc.

Safety Measures to be kept in mind while using black lights:

1.) Partygoers should be warned to stay away from black lights and they shouldn’t touch them.

2.) Adults and especially children must be kept away from black lights to avoid scalding from the burning lights and also to avoid electrical shock.

3.) Ventilation should be ensured so that the heat from black lights can escape.

4.) Do not overload sockets as black lights are power-hungry and overloading may cause short circuits which may also lead to fire hazards.

5.) Wait for the black light to cool before removing or touching them.

6.) You should use gloves for removing the black lights and the light casings to avoid burning your hand.

7.) The lights should not be covered as might cause overheating.

8.) The ultraviolet nature of the black light can cause more harm to your body.

9.) Do not directly stare at Blacklight as it may cause eye damage. Black lights can cause retina damage if one stares at it for a long duration.

10.) Blacklight is an ultra-violet ray which is a part of a spectrum. Prolonged exposure to Blacklight can cause skin cancer in humans due to its  Ultra violet rays.

As we already know, black lights are UV-A lights. UV-A is one of the spectra of UV light and prolonged exposure to UV-A can damage collagen fiber.

It can also increase skin aging resulting in wrinkles in the skin. The UV-A spectra of a black light can demolish Vitamin A in the skin. This light can also cause DNA damage which can result in melanoma.


Black Light is an important element for any party. It produces a brilliant effect which makes your party fun and attractive for the guests to enjoy.

Black lights come in a variety of types and depending on the type of black light you are choosing, the number of black lights required to light up every nook and corner of your venue varies.

Also, with the size of the venue and the purpose for which the black light would be used, the number of blacklights needed varies.

In this article, we have tried to give you a rough idea of how many black lights are needed for different venues and for different events.

These are some approximate numbers to help you initially find the right number of lights for your party. You can always add on to it!

And lastly, keep the safety measure in mind because black lights might cause some serious health hazards.

Hope you find this article helpful!

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