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Mist machines, haze machines, fog machines, and smoke machines help in creating some exciting and special effects and make memories that can last a lifetime. How do fog machines work? is an interesting question.

The fact that can we create an effect in our house itself must have also crossed your mind because we humans have a very curious mind and we are always looking for something new to learn.

How do fog machines work? If you like so many others have a curious mind and are searching for answers like, how do fog machines work? So, fear not you are in luck, as we will try to explain these phenomena in this article.

How do fog machines work? If you will use it incorrectly, then the equipment and chemicals might end up generating simulated smoke which will be very dangerous (fire hazard, asphyxiation hazard, burn hazard, toxic, etc.).

how do fog machines work?

Also, keep a note that almost all types of smoke generators will most definitely trigger smoke alarms if they are installed in your surroundings.

I would highly recommend you not to take make your own smoke as it can have grave repercussions, this is why I would be telling you how the effects are created to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

The fog effects can be used in a wide which include Nutcracker ballets, Halloween haunted houses, dance clubs, Shakespearean dramas, parties, popular music performances, horror films, industrial testing applications, and fire safety training.

The variety of effects available ranges from impenetrable clouds to wisps of smoke, from thin mist to a mysterious low-lying fog in the air as this reveals dramatic shades of light.

The two most prevalent “technologies” of fog machines that are in use today for the purpose of theatrical fog effects involve 1) vaporizing a specially formulated fluid (typically glycol-water mixture) and 2) sublimating dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). So now we answer how do fog machines work?

How do fog machines work?

1.) Dry Ice Based Fog Machines

how do you work a fog machine

The dry ice is put into warm water and then the frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) transmutes into cold carbon dioxide gas which blends with the humid air emerging in condensation and then the evolution of fog takes place.

(For those who don’t recall their high school science, transmute is the process wherein a solid is converted into gas directly and it doesn’t turn into or pass through the liquid state in between).

This should answer your query how do fog machines work? Which are based on Dry Ice Fog? How do fog machines work? in general.

Characteristics of dry ice fog

Low lying

The fog generated through Dry Ice is cooler than the surrounding air, and as a consequence, it drops, they will beautifully curl off the stage edges, and they will go downstairs, etc.

Rather than the fog rising above the ground or them traveling upstairs when used onto a staircase and they will remain low closer to the ground at all times. Read Best Low Lying Fog Machine & Best Outdoor Fog Machine.


These fog which is created from Dry Ice are generally nontoxic in nature however you should keep this in mind that like any gas which replaces the amount of oxygen present within a given area of space.

There always lies a risk that can be associated with generally too high of a concentration of smoke which is usually made up of carbon dioxide.

Dissipates quickly

The fog generated through Dry Ice usually dissipates quickly as soon as the fog mixes with its surrounding air, and it quickly warms to adjust to the room temperature and it by default evaporates into the air.

How do fog machines work with dry ice?

Dry Ice Fog Machines

Usually, in a dramatic setting, a dry ice mist machine is a huge shut barrel (generally a changed over 55-gallon barrel) with a water warming component, a hose or vent outlet with an exhaust fan, and an approach to bring down a certain amount of dry ice into the water on the signal.


How to work fogging machine is answered by dry ice haze makes an otherworldly experience much more of the same experience as the natural fog over a lake on a fresh cool morning – as it whirls around the entertainer’s feet, twirling and moving significantly in response to all the movement the crowd is doing on the stage.


It can require noteworthy amounts of dry ice which should preferably be bought on a regular daily basis rather than stockpiling them as you put away dry ice it loses volume rather rapidly.

A short application can undoubtedly require in the region of 50 lbs of ice.

Dry ice mist disperses rapidly. Essentially when it is made, it begins to disseminate. This is countered by the continuous production of mist.

Dry ice requires mindful dealing with. at – 109.3 °F, even short contact with the skin can cause huge harm which definitely none of us would be keen on suffering.

Dry ice haze is fairly less significantly affected by stage lighting. Since it is lying along the floor, it doesn’t “block” light emissions “raining” down from overhead. Do Read:- Best DJ Lights Guide: Choose What Fits You

This actually adds further intrigue and mystique into the entire atmosphere.

Dry ice haze isn’t suitable for scenes where the DJ may be needed to lie on the floor for a long period of time whatever may be his reasons for doing so.

The heavy centralization of carbon dioxide present at the floor removes oxygen and the rest of the story everyone can envision and we all know it won’t be very good for his or her health.


Albeit, different makers have created solutions that attempt to simulate the impact delivered by that of a dry ice fogger, none of these arrangements actually comes to the level of the magical impact of the low-lying mist delivered by dry ice fogger.

2.) Fluid-base Fog Machines

Nowadays, most liquid-based mist machines work by quickly warming a blend of water and glycol, creating a fume. The extending fume is forced out of a spout where the warm, wet fume blends in with the cooler air to shape fog.

how do fog machines work?

Characteristics of Fluid-based Fog

Since how to do haze machines work is the question.

The common mist created along these lines is to some degree heavier in appearance than the mist delivered by dry ice – i.e. it doesn’t whirl as promptly when somebody travels through it.

By controlling the “on” time of a mist machine, the measure of mist can be controlled by making effects by extending from a wisp to a virtually opaque cloud.

All in all, mist produced by a liquid-based machine will remain – or wait – for a critical time.

How do fog machines work with fluid based fog?

Fluid-based Fog Machines

Liquid-based machines are produced by various organizations including the likes of Rosco, Ultratec, and High End.

While there are various developments and minor variations, generally they are comparable in that they comprise a fluid reservoir and a pump for moving the liquid to the warmth exchanger and a nozzle through which the fume leaves the machine.

How do you work a fog machine should be answered in this article.

Numerous machines are small than a common microwave, very convenient alongside being quite portable and they can work off a solitary 15amp electrical outlet.

The makers have built up various number of accessories or modifications to adjust these machines to address specific issues.


With the different accessories and variations (portrayed beneath), fluid-based haze machines are utilized to make a wide scope of effects from low-lying to thick mists, from thin wisps to pervasive cloudiness. How do fog machines work?

Notwithstanding dramatic use, they have numerous modern applications which include the like of preparing the training of emergency workers, wind tunnel testing of aerodynamics, etc.


1.) Hazers

Water only fog machine producers utilize compacted air as opposed to warmth to disintegrate specially formulated variation of the glycol-based liquids.

Most often these are utilized in DJ gigs settings, they produce a slender, fog-like effect used to theatrically reveal the beams of lights and special effects.

2.) Chiller Modules

Low-lying mist comparable as a result of that created by dry ice mineral oil fog machine is accomplished by passing the fog machine output through a cooling unit bringing down the temperature of the fume or vapor.

3.) Permanent Installations

Notwithstanding the easily portable versions of their fog machines, most makers additionally produce bigger, less portable units for amusement park or field show applications.

These machines are fit for delivering gigantic volumes of mist or haze or fog constantly for extended periods of time.


The fume from liquid-based foggers might be an aggravating or allergenic reaction in certain people with sensitivities towards fog or smoke in general, this is why you should protect these people with these sensitivities from the exposure of fog at all cost.

Despite the fact that there is an assortment of similar fluids accessible from different producers, it is prudent, and now and again, essential to use the fluid for which a specific machine is planned.

Albeit negligible, fog machine hacks do require some periodic maintenance. For instance, the decreased output may demonstrate that the heat exchanger is starting to clog and is in dire need of cleaning.


Liquid-based machines today are accessible in a range of sizes, fit for creating everything from a wispy puff of smoke to remarkable volumes of haze or fog.

As a rule, they are very “shippable” making them great touring solutions, or available to productions away from major rental houses. These liquids are promptly accessible via “mail-order” and can be put away inconclusively.

The various different kind of fog available in the market are listed below:

1.) Liquid Nitrogen Makes Real Water Fog

One of the biggest advantages of liquid nitrogen is that nothing extra is required to deliver fog. Liquid nitrogen works by evaporating and then by cooling the air, making water condensed.

Nitrogen is an essential component of air and is non-poisonous and non-toxic.

2.) Atomized Glycol Smoke Machiness

Most smoke machines use water with a glycol blend to deliver special enhancements. Numerous commercial smoke machines use ‘fog juice‘ which contains the likes of glycerine, glycols.

The glycols are warmed and constrained into the air under pressure to make fog or haze. There is a variety of blends or mixtures that might be utilized for a similar process.

3.) Real Water Vapour Fog

At times, this sort of simulated smoke is made by finely scattering boiling water or steam. The impact is similar to what you might be expecting when water is poured over a hot stone inside a sauna.

In different cases, water vapor machines act by gathering water vapor out of the air, for example, it might be seen when a cooler freezer door is opened. Numerous commercial smoke machines use water vapor in some style.

Fog machine safety tips

how do fog machines work?

How do fog machines work? should be clear. When utilizing a fog machine, you’ll need to follow safety precautionary measures so everybody has a great time at the Halloween or Halloween party without getting harmed.

The primary concern you need to guarantee is that the fog is being utilized in a fitting manner and that there’s sufficient visibility where individuals will be walking.

How do fog machines work? the question is justifies as they can make the ideal creepy atmosphere while still allowing your guests to mingle freely

However, you would prefer not to absolutely cloud regions where individuals will go through. You’ll need to set up your cheap fog machine away from whatever may be combustible and fitting it into a grounded outlet.

Additionally, guarantee that it’s situated in a spot you can without much of hassle access the device since you’ll need to mind it intermittently, regardless of whether you’re utilizing a remote or timer.

Place your car fog machine far enough away from your smoke alarm to prevent the chance of setting it off as it might cause trouble.

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