Cheap DJ equipment for beginners : 4 DJ controller for beginners

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners : 4 DJ Controller for Beginners

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners will bring the perks of being a DJ to the forefront. If you’re beginning to figure out how to be a DJ then this Cheap DJ equipment for beginners should be your go-to.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners, in this article we like to think back on when we originally began our DJ experiences and how it felt to be generally new to the entire gear world.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners will initially start with only one turntable, a mixer, and a few records our folks got us from a garage sale. Cheap DJ equipment for beginners was created to make a guide on each bit of DJ gear you have to get moving forward.

DJ gear setup guidelines:

Before we get into Cheap DJ equipment for beginners, we’d prefer to feature a couple of components we need you to remember while assembling a DJ setup.

We’ll clarify in detail what each “kind of gear” is short; in any case, we should investigate what sort of DJ setup you need to construct.

These days, Cheap DJ equipment for beginners is in demand. The fundamental inquiry we’d initially prefer to pose is: do you need a conventional and “classic” analog setup with two turntables, one mixer, and additional accessories as your work station?

We’re talking old-school DJs scratching with two records and an in-between you to fade in and out of your mashups and scribbling. This is certainly viewed as “uncommon” these days.

Then again, Cheap DJ equipment for beginners is the headway of technology and computers, we have what we call ‘digital DJ setups’.

In case you’re in the total early phases of DJ’ing, we energetically suggest taking a look at this Cheap DJ equipment for beginners.

We would now be able to control what turntables and a mixer used to give in one piece of gear, some software, and a PCMac. Read Best Turntable Under 500

This is certainly the most mainstream course for a DJ beginner at the present time and one that we securely suggest the most — not on the grounds that it’s fundamentally our own inclination, yet truth be told, it’s an ideal opportunity to be genuine.

In case you’re simply beginning DJ’ing in this decade, you need to go with what the group is doing, particularly in case you will put time into learning this amazing hobby (and profession).

Try not to misunderstand us, ‘hybrid’ setups, which incorporate both a turntable, maybe a mixer, and a couple of DJ controllers are likely your smartest choice inevitably. Read Best DJ Controllers Under 300

It’ll cost some more cash and involve you have more gear in your station, however, it’ll give you both analog and digital ‘feel’ and capabilities, permitting you to consider every contingency simultaneously to ensure you’re covered.

We’ll surrender it to you with regards to what direction you want and which gear you’d prefer to start collecting (we highlight all prospects in this guide).

Who knows, you can generally begin with a DJ controller, some software, and a laptop for DJ’s or PC and add-on some analog gear later down the road, or vice versa.

The different types of Cheap DJ equipment for beginners:


Record players have been around for quite a long time. At the point when we think about the word ‘turntable’, basically, we all know about the picture that springs up into our psyche.

Without the Best DJ Turntables, a DJ isn’t a DJ. So, it used to be very odd on the off chance that someone viewed themselves as a ‘DJ’ and didn’t have records and a turntable in their setup.

These days with the far and wide and advancement of the DJ game, not really. We’ve seen mainstream EDM DJ’s have in a real sense just a laptop (not certain how we feel about it — anyway, we’ll let them do them)! Others anyway still have a turntable or two in their collection.


A mixer is the focal point of an analog DJ setup. They’re utilized for not just transitions between one tune to another for a smooth and seamless ‘mix’ or ‘mashup’, yet can likewise be utilized for many ‘changes’ with regards to your sounds and tracks.

For one, you can incorporate the ‘slider’ to scratch appropriately, however, numerous others can utilize it to control volume levels, panning, FX, tone, and the sky is the limit from there.

You likewise plug your Best DJ Headphones into these (alongside your speakers in case you’re performing) to see what’s coming up straightaway.


Enter the domain of a (somewhat) new idea in the fledgling DJ gear world — Best DJ controllers Under 500.

Presently having at the top of the priority list what turntables and a mixer are, picture something that combines all of this into one and also allows you to control further features, customization, and settings using a computer with software?

DJ controllers do only this. In fact, a MIDI controller for DJ’s, pioneer DJ controllers are astounding, across the board (the majority of them) bits of Cheap DJ equipment for beginners that have carried us into the computerized age today.

DJ Software:

This is the foundation of a digital and hybrid setup.

When you connect your controllers to your PC (regularly through USB), your software will permit you to mix, edit, copy, cut, paste, include FX, mashup, change the rhythm, organize files and playlists, scratch utilizing MP3’s, and even assign sounds to your controller in the event that it has MIDI functionality.

Without feasible DJ software, it’ll not just trick your capacities as a DJ with all of the gear you have yet in addition make your workflow more troublesome with regards to getting into a rhythm.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall

Denon DJ MC4000

Denon DJ MC4000
  • Stylish and well-built
Check On Amazon
Best DJ equipment for beginners 2020

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX
  • Great effects controls
Check On Amazon
Best Value For Money

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller
  • Very well equipped
Check On Amazon
Best Performance

Hercules DJ Control Jog Vision Controller

Hercules DJ Control Jog Vision Controller
  • Light guide and video tutorials will teach you to mix
Check On Amazon

1.) Denon DJ MC4000- Best Overall

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners

Some stressed when inMusic took over Denon DJ, however, this controller shows the company has perceived the DJ equipment cheap market Denon DJ was strong in and built on the strengths of past controllers.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners in this list this is an all-around fabricated, professional device that ticks all the boxes for mobile work yet additionally has enough features for all-out beat mixing, club-style, the MC4000 essentially has everything.

It recognizes that software DJs only really need extra inputs for backup, so it gives such a facility the Aux through, and it likewise recognizes that mobile DJs need great and abundant mic inputs, the two mic channels provided here giving scope for, say, a wired mic (for DJ use), and a remote mic (for “best man”/”father of the lady of the hour” obligations at a wedding, for instance, or for a “meandering MC” at a rave!).

These things are jokes aside are very significant, in light of the fact that mobile DJs regularly need to carry a small mixer with them to have the option to include mics, backup sources, and so forth to the underspecified controller.

However, the MC4000 all alone would be adequate for such gigs, which means all you’d require would be your PA system and this to complete a compact, trustworthy, reliable pro-set-up for paid events.

In this way, it’s solid on practical, everyday features, while deliberately precluding the sort of controllers stuff that its target market isn’t generally keen on… and the MC4000 likewise it comes in at a truly moderate price point.

With everything taken into account, or mobile /working DJs needing something portable, proficient, and trustworthy that does the basics exceedingly well, the Denon DJ MC4000 is a sure-fire victor.

  • Stylish and well-built
  • Includes a full Traktor Pro license
  • Can work on mobile or desktop
  • Not the least expensive

2.) Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX- Best DJ equipment for beginners 2020

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners

There is a tremendous interest in simple, entry-level DJ gear, and the Mixtrack models from Numark have generally had a large chunk of that market.

This most recent manifestation of the Mixtrack Platinum is a commendable replacement to the past model, improving in numerous territories.

The FX is considerably more fun than the “standard” Serato FX-format; the jog wheels and pitch faders are astounding the layout has been improved; and pads and looping are additionally improved over the predecessor, with Fader Cuts being particularly fun.

Simply remember that it is restricted, not least by the product. It isn’t four-channel without Serato DJ Pro, the pads do not exactly on most controllers, and the deliberate ” less is more ” focus of the effects implementation will grate with some.

  • Packs in a lot of features for a good price
  • Great effects controls
  • Control for four decks
  • Two-deck only

3.) Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller- Best Value For Money

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners under this list this is the best controller. It’s the most “grown-up” looking design to date for this model, being nicely spaced out, and feels exceptionally normal being used, particularly with those exquisite long pitch controls.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners functions admirably with the supplied software (remember, the provided software is Serato DJ Intro, so you’ll have to pay generally $100 for a move up to the full version of Serato DJ on the off chance that you need the additional features).

For essential DJing, it manages the work fine.

DJ equipment under this list the under-featured FX sections and bulky auto-looping aside, it’s a decent decision for a first controller for two-deck control of Serato DJ, and has all you require to learn; it surely profits by looking pretty like the Numark NV, which is a significantly more costly and pro-featured controller.

While also available in a “Mixtrack 3” rendition less than the built-in audio interface, this is the one to go for. For the price, it’s a steal.

  • Compact but well-equipped
  • Crams in jog wheels, pads, and more
  • No channel faders
  • Fiddly to use

4.) Hercules DJ Control Jog Vision Controller- Best Performance

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners

For Hercules and its DJ equipment list with a price, this is a decent controller. It has the best jog wheels Hercules has ever put on a controller What’s more, it packs an awful lot of features including some unexpected extras.

The main genuine constraint I can see is that it basically can’t control four decks of Serato by any means, so it’s not for you in the event that you need in excess of two deck control. Aside from that, my “not very great” points concern ease of use and design.

I would have liked to see better pitch controls, a more standard performance pad layout with looping pushed down to that part of the controller permitting the FX to be mapped all the more obviously, and per channel and gains

The former it could be argued is compensated for by the Air FX, the last isn’t so difficult to work around with the system they’ve implemented, however once more, I discover it unnecessarily confounded.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners under this list this controller has a decent sound interface onboard though so it sounds incredible, and would be fine for public performance due to the aux through (for backup) and the booth out.

Also, it positively feels costlier than it is, exclusively due to those phenomenal jog wheels. So like most things Hercules that we’ve enjoyed, it’s curious, it’s quirky, but on final analysis, it’s really fair.

It should progress nicely, particularly among fanatics of the brand, of which there are many.

  • Light guide and video tutorials will teach you to mix
  • Beat align and track assistant help newbie DJs
  • Looks a little toy-like
  • No integration with big-name DJ software



Cheap DJ equipment for beginners might be of no use to seasoned veterans but is useful for those who are embarking on their professional DJ journey.

In Cheap DJ equipment for beginners lists, the devices are those devices a novice in this field should consider. Best DJ Setup is all priced as such it will be easily affordable.

Cheap DJ equipment for beginners listed in this guide are all value for money and you won’t be disappointed to invest in any of them. Please feel free to ask any queries that you might have.

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