Best Turntable For Scratching – 5 Of The Best

Regardless of whether you’re a learner who is beginning his career in turning with scratchers or you’re a star scratcher searching for another pair of decks for your set-up, we’ve recorded our top picks for turntables in this article. We have come up with the list of Best Turntable for Scratching.

With practically all DJs utilizing some sort of artificial intelligence these days, regardless of whether DJing from USB drives or laptops, you could be excused for believing that, in 2021, the turntable is basically dead. In any case, history discloses to us that extraordinary things don’t go completely away, and numerous DJs actually use Best Turntable For Scratching, regardless of whether to play records or to control DJ software through DVS (advanced vinyl). Best Turntable for Scratching is a must-have for every budding DJ.

Regardless of whether for scratching, for sentiments, since you truly like to learn as such, or in light of the fact that you incline yourself towards an “old school” DJ, you might be on the lookout for a couple of Best Turntable For Scratching in 2021. This Best Turntable for Scratching list will give you all the necessary information that you need. For hell’s sake, you may even be on the lookout for simply a solitary turntable, regardless of whether for ripping music or simply adding a touch of turntablism to your sets or music creations. To Take Your Scratching Skills to the Next Level Browse Best DJ Turntables.

Whatever your reasons, in this article we list our five top picks for Best Turntable for Scratching to buy in the year 2021. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur needing extraordinary worth, a genuine specialist, or a genius, everyone is welcome to our website to have a look around. As we all speak the language of DJs. We have three Pioneer turntables in our Best Turntable for Scratching list.

Top 5 Best Turntable For Scratching:

Image Product Features Price
Best Value for Money

Pioneer PLX-500-K

Pioneer PLX-500-K
  • Warm Analogue Sound
  • Vibration Restrain
  • All necessary items included
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Most Powerful Turntable

Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller

Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller
  • Serato compatible
  • 4-channel
  • DJ controller option
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Best Budget Turntable for Scratching

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2
  • High torque direct-drive motor allows controlled playback
  • Large jog wheel with slips mode
  • USB connectivity for digital conversions
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Best Scratch Turntable 2020


  • True quartz locked
  • Optimal acoustic isolation capabilities
  • Optimal acoustic isolation capabilities
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Best Turntable for Scratching Reddit

Reloop Upper Torque Hybrid

Reloop Upper Torque Hybrid
  • Programmable user-defined scales
  • Various performance modes
  • Platter play mode for speed control
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1. Pioneer PLX-500-K: Best Value for Money

Best Turntable for Scratching

This is not the last time that a Pioneer Best Turntable For Scratching will feature in this list since it’s difficult to overlook the best. This unit offers exact sound playback and limited vibration because of the immediate drive engine. The pack incorporates a USB link, Pioneer DJ cartridge, and pointer, dust cover, slip tangle, and 45 connectors for 7″ records, which means you are totally set up with each component you might require for an enjoyable meeting with music. Discovering items you never knew existed?

  • Standard layout easy to use and handle
  • Superb audio controls
  • Most value for money in this price
  • The build quality could have better

2. Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller: Most Powerful Turntable

Best Turntable for Scratching

An extraordinary convenient alternative for individuals who need a CDJ+DJM arrangement. The incredible Best Turntable For Scratching experts at Pioneer has planned this unit with a jog wheel display that displays track information, including BPM, invalidating the requirement for a laptop. Intended for the club, the buttons and keys offer a multi-shaded showcase with Beat FX execution through the larger pads. The overhauled Magvel Fader takes into consideration greater security and control with multiple input and output for compatibility with a range of systems.

  • Good build quality compared to competitors
  • The perfect partner for Serato users
  • Funky looks
  • User interface

3. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2: Best Budget Turntable for Scratching

Best Turntable for Scratching

Pioneer Best Turntable For Scratching proceed with their inclination for simple to-move models with this unit that offers dedicated panels, a powerful controller, and an aluminum run wheel for a genuinely proficient touch. Slip mode allows you to control your live performance with the capacity to mute or edit specific loops, reverse, or scratch. Easy to connect with a PC by a USB cable, this low price point gets you a quality Pioneer deck that can go with you all over.

  • High torque motor ensures precise audio playback
  • Excellent vibration damping structure
  • USB connectivity
  • Heavyweight makes it hard to carry around

4. Denon DJ VL12 PRIME: Best Scratch Turntable 2020

Best Turntable for Scratching

The Denon DJ VL12 Prime Best Turntable For Scratchingoffers probably the most superior turntablist technology available today. Ideal for uproarious, bass-weighty conditions, this immediate drive Pro DJ Turntable is visually stunning and customizable to your DJ branding preference.

The VL12’s platter light ring can be set to various tones, adjustable brightness, and a ‘lights-out’ mode. There is additionally a simple grip/brake for immediate and subtle changes in accordance with your vinyl mix, and a highest ‘most noteworthy in the business’ torque for a definitive mixing, scratching, and cutting experience.

  • Good-looking with a modern touch
  • Excellent features for both professionals and beginners
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Low-quality pre-amp

5. Reloop Upper Torque Hybrid: Best Turntable for Scratching Reddit

Best Turntable for Scratching

An incredible unit for speed, pitch bending, and tone control, the extraordinary platter play mode, from Reloop Best Turntable For Scratching, permits you to connect this turntable with two mixers at the same time.

The Reloop RP-8000 MK2 Best Turntable For Scratching is ideal for the requests of current DJing, intended for a consistent integration with Serato DJ Pro with seven diverse performance modes. You can handle the platter’s rotation speed to make an authentic musical performance with this unit that is the ideal balance of a turntable and a musical instrument.

  • Minimalist modern design
  • User-friendly features
  • Portability and Affordability
  • May require an external amplifier

Belt-drive or Direct-drive for Scratching?

Direct drive is constantly picked by DJs for scratching as you simply need that responsiveness and force in case you’re hoping to coordinate your beats and make anything worthwhile. In case you’re simply purchasing a Best Turntable For Scratching to tune in to music then it doesn’t generally make a difference.

On the off chance that you’ve ever perused anything about turntables, you notice that there are belt-drive and direct-drive engines and most likely wondered what’s the difference.

Indeed, the thing that matters is that the direct-drive engine is put straightforwardly under the platter of a turntable, giving you much better torque and responsiveness, yet additionally making more vibrations that influence the sound output. Belt-drive is an off-centered motor with a belt connecting it to the platter and effectively spinning the record.

Would I be Able to Scratch on an Digital turntable?

Obviously, innovation has ensured that. You don’t really require a vinyl record any longer, and there are digital turntables for almost around 20 years now.

Yet, numerous individuals don’t care for the vibe and the sound of scratching on digital turntables – definitive flawlessness and everybody’s fantasy is to scratch that vinyl and make that delightful sound.

Step by Step Instructions for Beginners on How to Scratch on Best Turntable for Scratching

In case you’re simply beginning in the scratching scene, you can turn out to be simply overwhelmed with various styles and procedures of scratching. This list will tell you the basics very nicely clarified, on which you can later expand on and improve.

  • Try and practice as regularly as much as you can under any circumstances
  • Become more acquainted with everything you need to know about your turntable and what each button and slider does
  • Try not to force the record with all your power – it’s awful for the drive and furthermore terrible for the record too
  • Attempt and build your record collections, similar to the ones you use consistently will, in the end, get  too scratched for playing
  • Find new practice and guidance on the web and see what the best DJ’s are doing while they scratch so you can get to that level ultimately.

Would You be Able to Scratch on Any Turntable?

Indeed, before DJ’s and scratching existed, they didn’t have turntables made only for scratching. So indeed, you can scratch on whatever has a needle and a platter basically. In any case, there are some gigantic differences in the sound output.

As we referenced before, in case you’re hoping to get into scratching, it’s worth spending some money in some low-end scratching turntable as it’s a lot simpler to improve the sound from them than from any old turntable you have sitting at home.

There are motor differences, there are various choices you can have with scratching turntables that you won’t have with any normal one.

How Would You Set Up the Best Turntable for Scratching?

Whenever you get your hands on a new Best Turntable For Scratching it would be requiring some tweaks here and there. It would also need some assembling to be done. At the same time, it would also require some care and in the positioning and setting up department. . These are the means you’ll need to follow.

  • Discover someplace level and as isolated from knocks and vibrations as you can to set up your turntable Your turntable’s isolation will just actually be in the same class as the floor they’re on, as well; DJ’s can recall once having decks set up on the flimsy floor of the first-floor loft on the main street, and their decks hopped each time a transport trundled past,
  • Insert the platter into the base unit The platter almost always comes separate from the base unit, and they’re likely could be bundling intended to secure the platter and the spindle area. Remove everything prior to slotting it into a place.
  • Collect your cartridge, stylus, and headshell Fiddly wires should be driven into place, screws fixed, angles got right – adhere to the directions. A few sorts of assembly have the headshell and cartridge into a similar unit, which makes things simpler.
  • Balance the tonearm With any stylus protector removed from the needle, turn the counterweight until when you let go of the tonearm, the tonearm is at zero degrees, similar to a flat see-saw. In the event that the headshell assembly is touching the platter excessively low, dial the weight back; on the off chance that it is high in the air, add weight.
  • Apply the right weight for your stylus/cartridge set-up When you’ve done the previous stage, you can rotate the dial on the counterweight to show that setting as “0 grams”. Presently by turning the counterweight to add weight, you can add what the instructions state you need (commonly a few grams). Set the anti-stake to a similar value.
  • Test Play a record or a piece of DVS vinyl, and check the needle sticks in the groove OK, and is resistant to bouncing when you thump it. Attempt scratching. You normally may need to apply a touch more weight than what the guidelines recommend.

Factors to Consider before Buying Best Turntable for Scratching?

Before you make up your mind which turntables to go for. It’s worth looking into certain points regarding what makes a good turntable, the factors that you should avoid. Explore Best Turntable Under 500 for budgeted Best Turntable. Keeping it short there are three universal pieces of advice that we want to give you that you should definitely take on board. That three advice are as follows:

  • Buy direct drive not belt driveBelt drive as I had said in the crate above, is horrible for DJs to play on. They have a spongy feeling, difficult to cue and scratch on, and feel 10th rate contrasted with direct drive. The only possible advantage of learning on belt-drive turntables is that when you move up to the direct drive, it’ll all become a lot easier. Keep away from belt drive turntables no matter what.
  • The higher the torque, the better Torque depicts how much force the engine kicks out. Higher force implies quicker startups and more resistance from the motor when you attempt to back it off with your hands – the two of which are beneficial things.
  • Weight mattersand heavier is better The biggest adversary of turntables is vibration, which causes a wide range of issues: degradation in sound quality, skipping, and at times horrendous bass feedback from the speakers to the turntable body back to the stylus and around over and over.

Not able to decide which is the best turntable for scratching you should buy? Read this Guide to Buy the Best DJ Gears: A Guide to Best DJ Setup.


I hope everyone will make up their minds which is the Best Turntable for Scratching.

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