Best Shortwave Radio – 6 Glorious Options

The best shortwave radio was created in the early part of the 1900s and established the foundation for wireless communication as far as we might be concerned today. Innovation has made some amazing progress from that point forward, however shortwave radios are similarly as valuable now as they were back when they were first imagined.

The best shortwave radio serves an assortment of functions. You can utilize the gadget to tune in to AM/FM radio broadcasts and to get emergency as worldwide broadcasts. You can utilize it as ham radio, as well! This convenient gadget can do these things, and destroy them in remote locations, making them the ideal method of communication when you’re in a region where cell signals are weak or non-existent. In case you’re going outdoors, arranging a hunting trip, or going to be in any area where you need a dependable method to remain connected, the best shortwave radio is certainly an advantageous investment.

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In case you’re searching for shortwave radio, there’s no uncertainty that you will need to choose the most ideal gadget. There’s an unending array of alternatives to browse, so attempting to limit the choices can be somewhat troublesome. To help you, we’ve assembled a list of the best six best shortwave radio accessible:

Top 6 Best Shortwave Radio

Image Product Features Price
Best Shortwave Radio Transmitter

Eton Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave

Eton Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave
  • A single-sideband and PLL tuner which assists with AM and FM quality.
  • Store up to 500 stations
  • 4xAA batteries.
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Best Grundig Shortwave Radio

Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Sony ICF-SW7600GR
  • Synchronous Detection Circuitry.
  • SSB Reception with 1 kHz step tuning 
  • Great nostalgic value
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Best Vintage Shortwave Radio

C Crane CC Skywave

C Crane CC Skywave
  • Portable Weather/Airband Travel Clock Radio With Alarm.
  • 400 Memory Presets
  • Runs approx. 60-70 hrs
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Best Shortwave Radio for Preppers


  • Built-in high-performance drivers and built-in bass
  • Supporting TFcard, storage station
  • Fit in the pocket
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Best Shortwave Radio 2020

Tecsun PL880:

Tecsun PL880:
  • Enhanced adjustment for frequency and sensitivity
  • Broad filtering array
  • Highly portable device 
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Best Shortwave Radio in Australia

Sangean ATS-909X

Sangean ATS-909X
  • SSB tuning up to 40 Hz
  • 5 tuning methods: direct frequency, auto scan, manual, memory recall, and rotary tuning
  • 3 alarms: wake to the radio, humane wake system, and buzz
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1. Eton Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave : Best Shortwave Radio Transmitter

best shortwave radio

The Eton Elite Radio is an alternative at the other end of the quality spectrum, for what it’s worth unmistakably more refined, very much fabricated, and costly than other best shortwave radio on the list. One of the absolute first things you will see with this radio is that it has a brown-colored leather case wrap which makes it look up-to-date as well as protects it on your excursions. This best shortwave radio is especially useful for ventures likewise on account of its power source – 4xAA batteries.

This radio taps in the AM band from 520 to 1710 kHz with 10k increments toggles. For FM stations, you can browse 87.5 to 108 MHz in similar additions. For short-range stations, it can tune in anything somewhere in the range of 3.15 and 21.950 MHz. It can likewise store up to 500 stations which is a component relatively few radios can gloat with. Concerning signal quality, this radio again dominates over the remainder of the contenders with its single-sideband and PLL tuner which assists with AM and FM quality.

A couple of weaknesses here are that there are no Aircraft and weather bands on the Traveler variant (just on the Executive Satellit). In any case, this best shortwave radio is viable with external antennas and can get signals in the longwave band (150-285 kHz). The cost is another colossal disadvantage that drives a ton of potential clients away from less expensive similarly useful models.

  • Comes with a hand-stitched leather case
  • Can receive signals in the AM/FM/SW/LW bands
  • 500 memory slots
  • No aircraft band

2. Sony ICF-SW7600GR : Best Grundig Shortwave Radio

Best Shortwave Radio

On the off chance that you need to relive the glory days of the best shortwave radio during the 70s, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR works effectively of converging more than twenty years of work with modern enhancements. This dual conversion portable receiver is furnished with an incorporated 12-band tuner and has up to 100 stations presets. It will allow you to tune into clear FM, MW/AM, SW, and LW groups. It’s likewise outfitted with Synchronous Detection Circuitry, which lessens fading and “beat” frequency interference.

The ICF-SW7600GR runs on AC power or AA batteries and accompanies a waveguide, a carrying case, and a compact antenna.

  • 5 tuning methods: direct, manual, scan, memory, and preset
  • “My Memory” tuning (100 station memory presets)
  • Has a world clock and a built-in timer
  • Lacks advance memory functions

3. C Crane CC Skywave: Best Vintage Shortwave Radio

Best Shortwave Radio

Next up on our list of the best shortwave radio is the C. Crane CC Skywave SSB. It’s lightweight and smaller, so it’s not difficult to ship, and the intuitive layout and array of features make it amazingly simple to utilize. Furthermore, it’s reasonably priced, which is certainly a special reward.

This best shortwave radio flaunts an aggregate of five distinct bandwidths, including shortwave, mediumwave, and air bands. It additionally gets incredible AM/FM reception. It tends to be utilized as a weather radio as well, on account of the climate and airband, so you can get the most recent climate forecast whenever you need to.

The LCD screen shines orange and it unmistakably shows readings in all types of lighting and from all angles. The screen shows frequency or time, and you can select to set it is possible that one as a default. This best shortwave radio can likewise be utilized as a morning timer and a clock. You can tune in to transmissions on the built-in speaker or plugin a couple of earbuds (which are incorporated). Power choices include rechargeable batteries, two AA batteries, or an AC adapter.

  • Offers an array of tuning options
  • The backlit LCD screen is easy to read
  • Comes with an array of accessories
  • A few users said that it was difficult to operate

4. XHDATA D-328: Best Shortwave Radio for Preppers

Best Shortwave Radio

The XHDATA is an entry-level HF handset ideal for genuine specialists and novices alike. It uses an RF Direct Sampling System that permits the gadget to digitize RF and decrease noise. It includes a Fast Fourier Transform scope system, which permits you to move to your planned signal while tuning in to the recipient sound. It additionally has a 100-watt transmitter with 101 channels and 5 distinct modes.

Besides a very much planned interface that makes it simple to utilize, the XHDATA likewise accompanies a huge 4.3″ touchscreen shading show and ergonomic handles and fastens. It is stuffed with features that will amuse even prepared radio devotees.

  • Configurable settings for a personalized listening experience
  • Has SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, and FM modes
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • Comes with default settings

5. Tecsun PL880: Best Shortwave Radio 2020

Best Shortwave Radio

Tecsun is a pioneer in the best shortwave radio industry, so you can be certain that you are getting a superior quality item with their PL880 Portable Digital PLL Dual Conversion Shortwave Radio with SSB. This gadget is a redesign of their PL660, which is one of their most famous radios. While the PL880 is pricier than the past model, it is significantly more impressive and offers a clear reception.

The Tecsun PL880 can get frequencies on four unique groups, including LW, SW, AM, and FM. The gadget can get signals on all groups effortlessly and offers super-fresh transmission. There is a broadband filtering array, which incorporates four AM alternatives and one SSB choice. This shortwave radio can likewise work as a morning timer, complete with a sleep timer, which can be set as long as 120 minutes.

The orange backlit screen displays band names, frequencies, time, and the excess battery life; you can select to kill the backlight to save battery power if you’d prefer to. Fueled by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this unit offers fair battery life; besides, it comes total with a battery and an underlying charger.

It features both fine-and coarse-tuning knobs, so tuning is quite simple and direct. This gadget can store an amazing 3050 stations, which can all be in a split second got to with the press of a catch. A telescopic antenna can draw a huge measure of signals, as well, so you’ll experience no difficulty connecting with the ideal station.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport
  • Features a built-in alarm clock and sleep timer
  • Offers full range coverage, including shortwave, longwave, single sideband, and AM/FM frequencies
  • This shortwave radio wasn’t as durable as one would hope it would be

6. Sangean ATS-909X: Best Shortwave Radio in Australia

Best Shortwave Radio

The Sangean ATS-909X BK AM/FM/LW/SW World Band Receiver is a high-level shortwave radio that offers a wide exhibit of improved features and is inconceivably simple to utilize. The performance of this gadget is extraordinary and it complete with all of the necessary accessories, just as a couple of rewards. Also, since it’s made by Sangrean, the creators of a wide choice of great handheld two-way radios, emergency radios, worksite radios, and different other solid and advanced items, you can be certain that it is particularly very well made.

This shortwave radio features 406 memory preset stations with an auto-tuning system auto sweep. Extra tuning techniques include direct frequency, manual, memory recall, rotary, and fine-tuning. This gadget looks for the most grounded signal station, so you can have certainty realizing that you’ll get the best transmission.

There’s an earphone jack, as well, so you can either tune in to transmissions employing the speaker or fitting the included earbuds. The backlit display screen is not difficult to peruse in a wide range of lighting. It likewise accompanies a variety of accessories, including an AC adapter, an SW antenna, and a carrying case. Other valuable features include a built-in battery charger, a sign battery strength pointer, and a switch AC adapter. There are three alarm choices, as well, just as a customizable sleep timer.

  • High-quality radio with excellent FM tuner
  • Large LCD with LED backlight for better visibility
  • Comes with earbuds
  • The built-in antenna has limited capacity

Shortwave versus Ham Radio

While regularly exchanged by a few, shortwave radio and ham radio are as different as night and day. In case you’re simply beginning your exploration of radio gadgets, here are some of the critical differences between shortwave and ham radios that you need to remember.

Most importantly, a ham radio, or an amateur radio, is essentially a gadget that permits you to talk and to tune in to others inside your town, across the globe, and even into space. A ham radio broadcast can be set up basically anyplace, from your home to the field. Basic information on radio technology and its operating principles are vital.

Dissimilar to ham radio, the shortwave radio can just get shortwave groups. This permits you to tune in to news and music, among other content, from anyplace on the planet. Notwithstanding, you can’t speak with or broadcast to other shortwave radios.

Shortwave versus Longwave Radio

Shortwave and longwave allude to the wavelength and frequency of a radio range. A longwave radio has a frequency range between 30 kHz and 279 kHz, with a wavelength of in excess of 1500 meters. The shortwave radio, then, has a recurrence range between 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz and covers a frequency of 10 to 85 meters.

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The best shortwave radio is not what it used to be once. The ever-evolving technology has taken the toll on the best shortwave radio. But, manufacturers still produce the best shortwave radio for those people who like to relive the old times. There are still few areas where the best shortwave radio comes in handy.

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