Best Microphones For Singing Live: 5 Star Microphones

From spoken word performance to rapping, to best microphones for singing live, and to shouting, choosing the correct vocal mics as an artist is significant as there is numerous option available might possibly work with every vocal style. Contingent upon your venue or style, you might need to choose a mic that complements your voice or the style of music in your scene impeccably. For hip hop – Best Mic for Hip Hop Vocals.

On the off chance that you are a user of the mythical SM58 and are hoping to overhaul or in case, you’re searching for your first mic that supplements your voice in a way that is better than the norm, at that point this guide can assist you with settling on the correct decision.

To keep the guide centered, we prioritized rating mics that are useful for live music vocals, instead of ones that are fit for speaking conferences or making declarations over PA systems and best microphones for singing live. All things considered, while all the mics beneath are incredible for vocals, some of them are likewise practical for use with other sound sources like best microphones for singing live, speakers, and some of them are additionally appropriate for studio use like Best Mic For Home Studio.

This guide is about wired mics (albeit some can be adjusted for remote use), the best microphones for singing live is listed in this guide. For wireless mics read the article – Best Wireless Microphone System.

Worried about cost – Read article “How much does microphones cost in 2021“?

In the event that you’re hoping to purchase the best microphones for singing live, at that point don’t be put off by all the technical jargon – simply discover one in your price range that is exceptionally appraised, similar to the ones beneath. Over the long haul as you acquire the experience you’ll begin to comprehend mouthpieces much better and down the track, you’ll have the option to purchase better mics with certainty.

In case you’re as yet uncertain which is the best microphones for singing live to get, post an inquiry in the comments below and portray the kind of music you sing, and different instruments you may need to mic, and we may have the option to assist you with some customized advice.

You’ve practiced and practiced, you’ve sharpened your abilities as a vocalist, and now it’s an ideal opportunity to take your gifts to the stage! Yet, how would you intensify such a remarkable voice for everybody to hear? By utilizing a quality amplifier, obviously. There are a huge number of alternatives for reproducing dazzling vocals for your live performances, and we’re here to assist you with finding the best sound for your dollar. Obviously, on the off chance that you are searching for a recording microphone, you will require something else.

Things to Consider when Buying Best Microphones for Singing Live:

On/Off Switch

This might seem like a trivial issue, but it isn’t. In general, you do not want handheld microphones with switches that can be easily accidentally turned off. Many live audio engineers don’t like on/off switches because it’s really difficult to troubleshoot a mic drop out in the middle of a performance and frustrating when you track it down to the singer turning it off.

This may appear to be a trifling issue, however, it isn’t. When all is said in done, you don’t need handheld microphones with switches that can be effectively incidentally turned off. Numerous live sound specialists don’t care for on/off switches since it’s truly hard to investigate a mic drop out in the middle of a performance and disappointing when you track it down to the artist turning it off.

Dynamic vs. Condenser

There are two fundamental kinds of microphones to consider for live vocals—dynamic and condenser. As a rule, dynamic mics are best in live circumstances, since they will in general be less touchy than their condenser counterparts. Lower sensitivity makes dynamics less inclined to feedback and bleed. Notwithstanding, there are numerous sound experts who like to utilize specially-designed condenser mics to get the best of both worlds. We’ve included what we feel are the smartest choices for anybody searching for an incredible mouthpiece at a reasonable value, regardless of whether it is a dynamic or a condenser plan.

Polar Pattern

This is which direction(s) a mouthpiece assimilates sound from. For singing live you by and large just need best microphones for singing live that accept sound from directly in front while smothering sound that returns from the back or the sides – this is to diminish issues with feedback originating from your stage screens or front of house speakers.

Frequency Response

Every mouthpiece has its own personal attributes regarding which frequencies it underlines or de-emphasizes. An ideal mouthpiece has a flat response over the entire range of frequencies it reacts to, any way that is just found in very good quality mics. All things considered, some mics have their own personal particular recurrence reactions which give them mark sound artists have come to truly adore in specific styles of music – the SM58’s exemplary stone singer sound is an incredible model.

Top 5 Best Microphones for Singing Live:

Image Product Features Price
Best Microphone for Live Vocals India

Shure SM58-LC

Shure SM58-LC
  • Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern 
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Best Budget Microphone for Live Vocals

Shure BETA 58A

Shure BETA 58A
  • Uniform supercardioid pattern 
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount system 
  • Minimally effected by varying load impedance
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Best Sennheiser Microphone for Live Performance

Sennheiser E835

Sennheiser E835
  • Minimal Proximity effect
  • Cardioid pick-up pattern
  • Frequency response 40-16,000 Hz, Impedence 350 Ohms
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Best Microphone for Live Performance

Audix Dynamic Microphone

Audix Dynamic Microphone
  • For live vocals
  • Transformer less design
  • low impedance allows interference free performance
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Best Wireless Microphone for Live Vocals

Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B
  • Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum
  • Internal “air suspension” shock isolation 
  • Highly effective pop filter 
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1. Shure SM58-LC: Best Microphone for Live Vocals India

Best microphones for singing live

The business standard, and in light of current circumstances. Enter any respectable unrecorded music scene around the globe and you’re subject to see in any event a small bunch—if not a locker full—of amazing Shure SM58 mics. They’re a workhorse solution for practically any application where you have to make somebody’s voice louder, and they will probably work immaculately long after you’re dead!

The SM58 is a dynamic microphone highlighting a cardioid polar example (which means it “hears” sound from basically one side and rejects sound from the other). For live purposes, this assists in taking out feedback issues when matched with uproarious stage screens. The SM58’s pattern gauges uniformly over the recurrence range, considering a reliable and unsurprising sound, regardless of who is holding the mic.

The ’58 spearheaded an incorporated pop filter that subdues those feared plosives (bursts of air from making “p” and “b” sounds). This mesh metal sphere is likewise made to assimilate the energy from an effect, helping concrete the SM58 as one of the strongest microphones ever designed. There are even videos of users rolling over an SM58 with a truck to no avail!

  • Cardioid dynamic mic
  • Industry-standard
  • Extremely durable
  • The pricing could have been better

Verdict: The SM58 needs no introduction. For less than $100, it’s hard to find a flaw and is outright the best microphones for singing live.

2. Shure BETA 58A: Best Budget Microphone for Live Vocals

Best microphones for singing live

While the SM58 is the best microphones for singing live on the planet, the architects at Shure are unconvinced of the plan’s flawlessness. Enter the Beta 58A.

It looks and feels simply like a blue adaptation of its more established buddy the SM58, yet the Beta 58A has many design improvements that can truly help a vocal slice through. The Beta 58A sports a super-cardioid polar pattern, dismissing more sound from the sides just as the back. This has numerous advantages, including expanding the amount of addition you can apply before the microphone feeds back.

The Beta 58A (alongside the remainder of Shure’s Beta line) is made of top-notch components that satisfy the historical standards Shure is known for. This best microphones for singing live includes a similar tough exterior design of the more affordable SM58 yet brings its electronic design into more a brilliant sounding territory and hence, its one of the best microphones for singing live.

  • Super cardioid dynamic mic
  • Clear, detailed midrange
  • Expanded input dismissal
  • The microphone range could have been better

Verdict: The Beta 58A is a great mic in its own right. In the event that your vocal needs some additional brilliance, the Beta 58A may be for you.

3. Sennheiser E835: Best Sennheiser Microphone for Live Performance

Best microphones for singing live

If the SM58 is Coke, at that point the Sennheiser e835 may be Pepsi. While they’re surely unique mics, the e835 could be subbed without an excessive amount of complaining.

Other than the exterior design, the main distinction you’d notice is the e835 has high-frequency support worked in, which for certain entertainers is a favorable position over its partners. This can permit you to utilize less EQ at the blender if the lift is normally complimenting.

Also, the e835 has a unique internal shock mounting system which is unique in this list of the best microphones for singing live that extraordinarily diminishes taking care of commotion, perfect for vocalists who hold the mic as opposed to setting on a stand. These best microphones for singing live is ought to outlive you and presumably your nieces and nephews.

  • Cardioid dynamic mic
  • Amazingly strong
  • Built-in high-frequency boost for extra clarity
  • Not as good as industrial standard

Verdict: If you’ve attempted the SM58 and you need to attempt an alternate kind of mic, try the e835 out as it is one of the best microphones for singing live.

4. Audix Dynamic Microphone: Best Microphone for Live Performance

Best microphones for singing live

The Audix OM series of microphones are a staple decision for some touring sound specialists. Like Shure, they offer varying levels of expert mics all at an entirely sensible cost.

The OM-3 is a powerful vocal mic with a hyper-cardioid polar pattern, dismissing much more solid from the sides than its rivals. This has made it a common favorite among performers who need to hear themselves uproarious in the stage screens.

Regularly dynamic microphones experience the ill effects of a muddiness in the lower midrange, which can make it sound less clear with regards to a full band. The OM-3 has a natural low-mid attenuation, removing a ton of the issue directly at the source.

  • The hyper-cardioid dynamic mic
  • Great rejection from back and sides for extra isolation
  • Built-in low-mid attenuation to help fight muddy mixes
  • Not very durable

Verdict: The OM-3 is one of the best microphones for singing live. Some vocalists need to hear themselves really loud and the OM-3’s hyper-cardioid pattern can help provide the necessary gain without feedback. In case you’re continually approaching the sound person for a greater amount of your voice on the screen, possibly the OM-3 is for you! What’s more, at $129, it’s a serious option in contrast to the SM58 and others in its value range.

5. Shure SM7B: Best Wireless Microphone for Live Vocals

Best microphones for singing live

Unlike different microphones on this list which are dynamic mics, the Shure SM7B uses an electret condenser design. This kind of mic is ordinarily more qualified to a recording studio environment than the stage because of its increased sensitivity, however, Shure has created something that overcomes any issues between the two.

The SM7B has a super-cardioid pattern, giving it all the perks of a dynamic mic which makes it the best microphones for singing live while providing the detail of a condenser. It requires 48v phantom power to work, yet most mixers will give the required voltage the straightforward press of a button. These additional features come at a cost when contrasted and the different mics we’ve listed, yet in case you’re hoping to expand the nature of your live vocal sound, the SM7B is an incredible decision.

The condenser microphone for live vocals is your lookout then this microphone right here is your unsolicitated answer to all your queries.

  • Super cardioid condenser mic
  • Enhanced rejection from sides and back
  • Clear, detailed sound
  • Requires 48v phantom power

Not able to decide which is the Best microphones for singing live you should buy? Read this Guide to Buy the DJ Audio Guide: How to Choose the Best Audio Setup.


There is truly extraordinary news for you in case you’re hoping to purchase the best microphones for singing live at a decent cost. There are a lot of alternatives, and you truly can’t turn out badly with any of these. The SM58, Beta 58A, e835, OM-3, and SM7B are largely the best microphones for singing live and more than equipped for making your voice sound extraordinary as regularly as you need them to. Stone cold broke and need a strong mic? Attempt the Behringer XM8500.

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The best beginner microphone for singing depends on the factors that you feel are most relevant to you. This is your choice and you have the onus to choose the best.

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