Best Laser Lights – Create a magical and blissful party atmosphere

Best Laser Lights

Lasers can add an extraordinary effect to your light show. Be it any party, production, events, or even if you a DJ, club owner, or looking to set up the perfect ambiance for your gaming room, there is no other alternative to laser lights.

Lasers create sharp light beams, highly focused over long distances. During concerts or events, laser lights along with a fog or a haze machines can create magical effects and an unforgettable experience for the crowd.

Best laser lights are also common at weddings and birthday parties. Nowadays you even get to see laser light shows in different tourist places. It also has a remarkable application in cruise ships, amusement parks, casinos, and sporting events.

Laser lights come in different colors, for example, blue, green, red, white, etc. and the RGB lasers available in the market in the present times have different colored laser sources fit into one single unit.

Lasers create the best effects in a dark environment and since their sharp beams can travel over long distances, the size of the venue never really matters.

Did you know?

The laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

How do the best laser lights work?

Laser light stimulates atoms or molecules to emit light at particular wavelengths and amplifies that light typically producing a very narrow beam of radiation.

The emission covers an extremely limited range of visible, infrared, or ultraviolet wavelengths.

For concerts and productions, the laser has always been the top choice because lasers are more powerful and operate at faster speeds than LEDs or any other lights.

Why are laser lights popular with DJs?

DJ is mainly about playing music but lighting plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy. Laser lights are the perfect fit for creating sparkling light effects.

As such to set the proper ambiance and mood, DJs prefer laser lights over any other lights.

Laser lights have nowadays become popular in clubs, bars, discos to pump up the ambiance and create a bright light show.

Are you looking for vibrant lights to induce excitement and happiness among the crowd at the gig?

The detailed specification of each of the selected laser lights with their pros and cons are given below for your easy reference.

You can go through this article quickly before making your choice.

6 Best Laser Lights in 2021

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall

Sumger Professional DMX512

Sumger Professional DMX512

Weight : 2.35 pounds
Dimensions : 7.6 x 5.8 x 4.6 inches

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Best Indoor Night Light

BlissLights Sky Lite-Laser Projector

BlissLights Sky Lite-Laser Projector

Weight : 0.72 kgs
Voltage : 120 V
Colors : Green, Blue

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Best Within Budget

Chims Mini Laser

Chims Mini Laser

Weight : 178 gm
Colors : Red, Green, Blue
Battery Time : 2 hrs.

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Best Compact Laser

Chims DJ Party Laser	 Weight : 0.4 kg Colors : Red,

Chims DJ Party Laser Weight : 0.4 kg Colors : Red,

Weight : 0.4 kg
Colors : Red, Green, Blue
Battery : 1 CR2

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Best for Travelling Purpose

SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser

SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser

Weight : 0.45 kg
Colors : Red, Green
Battery : 1 CR5

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Best For Indoor Parties

SUNY Laser Light

SUNY Laser Light

Weight : 0.52
Colors : Red + Green + Blue
Battery : 1 lithium-ion battery

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1.) Sumger Professional DMX512- Best Overall

best laser lights

The Sumger Professional DMX512 Laser light creates an effective illumination for stage shows and is capable of producing an incredible light effect.

It is a really good choice for DJs as it produces powerful light beams which are an important criterion for discos, bars, clubs, pubs, etc.

This laser machine is light sound activated which means that it has been designed to change its color and orientation based on sounds picked up by an internal microphone.

The light reacts to the sound around it keeping up with the bass beats of the DJ’s set.

It comes with Red, Blue, Greenlight colors and creates a beam effective light effect. This professional laser light has a remote-control system and comes with a DMX512 control feature.

By connecting the DMX controller control, the light effect can be totally controlled and you can boost up your party atmosphere or the ambiance of your event according to your requirements.

It has an intelligent temperature control cooling system. This unit has a wide range of applications. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor events like DTs, band performances, roller skating rinks, bars, clubs, KTV, wedding parties, festivals, family parties, birthday celebrations, stores, shopping malls to name a few.

It possesses high-quality safety standards and is fully certified by the FDA, FCC, CE, and RoHS.


This laser light comes with amazing DMX features, remote, and has a wide range of applications. This laser will definitely be an obvious choice if you are looking for the best laser lights in the market.

  • Lightweight and intricate design
  • Low noise with good DMX control
  • Needs minimum smoke for ultimate effect
  • After-sale service from the company is not up to the mark

2.) BlissLights Sky Lite-Laser Projector- Best Indoor Night Light

best laser lights

The BlissLight Sky lite is a star projector that can bring a galaxy inside your own room. The Sky Lite instantly projects a field of drifting blue stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud and can light up parties or revitalize your workspace in a unique way.

It uses direct laser diodes to project bold and vivid colors that cannot be matched by any other lasers.

The BlissLight Sky Lite is an instant game-changer for any room and creates a relaxing environment with soothing aurora effects.

It has simple button controls which make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, and start/stop its rotating motion.

Blue and green laser options are available. This laser light has high-quality durability and you can create a magical effect using this in your home. This is a laser light for the home.

It comes with a built-in 6 hours timer and its operating temperature ranges from 0-40 degrees Celsius. This unit is a perfect fit for game rooms, home theatres, or for creating a night light ambiance.

If you want to enjoy dining under the stars or create a relaxing spa environment, the BlissLight Sky Lite is one of the top picks.
It is a standout gift for adults and kids alike.


If you are looking to create an amazing night sky effect inside your house to decorate your kids’ room or set the mood lighting for a romantic dinner, then this laser machine will be definitely a great one for you.

  • Light-weight, sturdy, compact design
  • Doesn’t make any noise
  • Sets great mood lighting
  • Laser light comes in only one or two colors.

3.) Chims Mini Laser- Best Within Budget

best laser lights

Chims Mini Laser lights are compact and light design lasers that ensure easy installation. Its premium internal components and quality aviation aluminum casing guarantees a perfect performance.

The advanced aviation aluminum allows it to absorb the heat of the laser lamp effectively during operation and prolong the service life.

It is portable, cordless which makes it easier to carry around from place to place. It comes with built-in lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable with USB power sources.

This laser is light sound activated so its lights respond to the bass beat of the music.

This mini DJ laser light has 3 color sources namely red, blue, green combined with 30 different gobos.

It also includes three light changing modes that is, Auto mode, Sound activated intelligent mode, and flash mode. You can use any of these modes and according to your choice and requirement.

It has a built-in magnet and two iron tablets with a sticky surface giving you the flexibility to install the mini laser flashlight on any surface.

The Chims Mini Laser Light has a wide range of applications. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations, parties, shows, DJ, etc.

This laser is an obvious choice for birthday parties, family celebrations, discos, karaoke, camping, and similar outdoor parties, yoga studios, lounges, photography studios, etc.

It includes an intelligent cooling control system and is a high quality, versatile laser unit with verified certifications from FDA, FCC, CE, and RoHS.


If you are looking for a mini portable laser light with colorful beautiful patterns to set a magical mood for your indoor parties, then this machine can serve your purpose with great effect.

This laser light is also a great choice for use in outdoor camps or decorations.

  • Produce a nice, bright effect
  • Ultra-compact size, detailed intricate design
  • Easily portable and can be set up anywhere
  • Easy operation
  • Great for camps and house parties, fascinates kids
  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Not meant for large club settings

4.) Chims DJ Party Laser – Best Compact Laser

best laser lights

The Chims DJ Laser Light is a compact but powerful, high-quality device and comes with a remote.

Its’ convenient, lightweight design allows portability and easy installation. This product is assembled by high-quality laser diodes which are 4 in number (2 for Red,1 for Green, 1 for Blue), supplement with durable heat dissipation system using intelligent control fan, and sturdy metal shell.

It comes packed in a strong box which ensures safe transportation from place to place and also safe storage.

It has a sound-activated feature which means the lights of this laser projector can respond according to the music beats and sound. This makes it the best DJ laser lights.

This laser projector can form 96 combination images with 24 patterns and has an RGB laser source. All this together can enhance your light show to extraordinary levels. It also comes with a LED.

Its special characteristics include easily adjustable light speed, four laser sources with one LED source, and double system performance (that is, the auto mode and sound-activated mode can be used at the same time).

It comes with a flexible supporting structure that allows you to keep it on the floor or on any furniture or it can be mounted on a ceiling, wall, billboard, drink cabinet, etc. It works fine, either way, you just need to set it at the correct angle.

The Chims DJ Laser light is an indispensable part of any party. This is an obvious choice for Christmas, birthday parties, family parties, weddings, festivals, Halloween, bars, clubs, pubs, taprooms, dance floors, discos, karaoke, lounge, stage, photography studios, etc.

This laser light is a standout gift for anyone who is interested in DJing, productions, photography or is a party person.

It possesses high-quality safety standards and is fully certified by the FDA, FCC, CE, and RoHS. (Safe for humans and pets).


Chims DJ is a compact laser light and produces a bright powerful effect that can change the mood of your party.

If you are looking for a multipurpose portable laser, then we would recommend you to go with this product. It works great in big indoor parties or events and can fill up large places with bright lights.

  • Light-weight, portable, easy to operate
  • Remote gives total control
  • Produces powerful bright output
  • Comes in a sturdy packing box, hence easy to carry around
  • The speed of light can be adjusted
  • The strobe is a bit lighter.
  • A bit expensive.

5.) SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser- Best for Travelling Purpose

best laser lights

SUNY Mini Portable Cordless Laser Light is a projector laser widely used for outdoor travels, camps, discos, etc. This one of the top DJ party lights.

It is a small, light-weight portable device made up of Aerometal materials. This super-compact, powerful device has a 5000mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery for each light.

It comes with a charging cable and can be charged from a computer, power bank, or any device with a USB port. Hence this product is extremely handy and can be operated anywhere anytime.

This model’s laser source is red + green. It creates fantastic green aurora patterns with red stars and dots which adds an amazing effect to the light show.

It is designed with voice-activated mode or intelligent and you can easily switch between the two modes by pressing buttons.

This mini decor laser light comes with an intelligent temperature control fan. The cooling fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the laser lamp during operation and prolong the service life.

It has a warm-up time of 0-5 minutes. Apart from the various outdoor uses, SUNY Mini Laser Light is also used in DJs, bands, indoor house parties, birthday celebrations, malls, stores, etc.

They are fully certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS which ensures their safety and high quality.


This mini portable laser comes in handy when you want to set up a party atmosphere in your camps while traveling.

It creates an amazing green aurora effect that sets this laser light apart from all the others available in the market. If you are looking for mini portable laser light with a powerful effect, this would be definitely a great choice.

  • Super bright light for DJ events
  • Small, light-weight, portable
  • Long battery life
  • For sound-activated mode to work properly, the volume of music needs to be really high

6.) SUNY Laser Light- Best For Indoor Parties

best laser lights

SUNY Laser Lights is an amazing laser light system that lights up the party with a variety of magical and blissful patterns.

It has 3 laser sources Red, Green, Blue and comes with 128 colorful patterns and 20 gobos. This powerful laser light can effectively cover about 2500sq ft of space without any blurring or dim effects.

The small size exterior and lightweight design with a supporting stand allow you to install the DJ light anywhere you want.

Due to its flexible supporting stand, it can be placed on the table and the angle can be adjusted to project the laser to the ceiling or it can be mounted on the ceiling and the laser can be projected on the floor.

You can place it anywhere as per your requirement during a party or an event depending on the setup. This laser unit has powerful voice-activated sensors that capture the music and the light dances with the rhythm of the music.

The IR Remote control that comes with this party laser light can change the play mode, light color, rotation speed, and mic sensitivity. The shell of this laser projector device is made up of aluminum metal which greatly reduces the weight and improves durability.

It has an intelligent temperature control fan. The cooling fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the laser lamp during operation and prolong the service life.

The SUNY Laser Lights is a great pick for indoor and outdoor decorations, DJs, clubs, discos, bars, karaoke, etc. It is compatible for use in big spaces. It is a high-quality safety laser unit with verified certificates from FDA, FCC, CE, and RoHS.


With IR remote control and 128 combination patterns, this laser projector gives a great effect on indoor parties and events.
Moreover, you can install it anywhere you want and can fill up big venues with bright lights.

  • Bright powerful light enough to cover big rooms
  • On-board mic is responsive and sensitive
  • Portable, can be installed anywhere
  • Blue LED light gets very bright at times and wash out the laser beams


Factors to be considered before buying Best Laser Lights

1.) Laser colors:

One of the attractions of lasers is their brilliant colors. While planning to buy a laser color is a key consideration. The disco laser projectors are available with many different laser options. It can have a single color beam, mixed color versions, or full-color versions.

1) Single color beams usually consist of only red or green laser sources

2.) The mixed color versions use two colors to create a new color effect altogether

3.) The full-color versions have three laser sources red, green, and blue.

You can choose any of these types as per your requirement but for producing the best effect for parties and DJs, full version laser lights are recommended.

2.) Projection range:

The projection rate of the laser is an important factor to be considered. It mainly depends upon the place, venue, and event in which the laser light is being used.

For a smaller venue and event with less crowd, laser lights having a lesser projection range may work fine. But for larger events and outdoor purposes laser with a larger projection range is a must.

The more the projection range, the longer the distance it will travel and hence give better effects.

3.) Battery:

The battery life is an important factor that you should consider while making a purchase. You wouldn’t obviously want your laser light to shut off in between events.

So, it is recommended to buy laser lights with long battery life enough to last your entire event. Also, make sure that it comes with a USB cable that will let you charge the battery through computers or power banks.

4.) Portability:

While buying a laser light make sure that it is lightweight and compact and comes in a sturdy carry case. This ensures easy and safe portability.

DJs and bands go to different places for performing and hence a portable laser light is of utmost importance to them. Also, if you are using it for indoor purposes, you can place your laser light anywhere according to the party setup.

5.) Safety Measure:

1.) Never look directly into a laser beam, regardless

2.) A laser beam should never be pointed toward someone directly

3.) An operating laser system should not remain unattended for more than one hour at a time.

4.) Block the beam and close system shutters before turning off the laser.


Whether you are a DJ, party person, travel, or sports enthusiast, laser lights add a magical effect to your DJ laser light show.

There are a lot of laser lights available in the market at present but you need to choose the best for yourself according to your requirements without blowing a hole in the pocket.

Here we have given a list of the 6 best laser lights with their specifications. All of them are available on Amazon. Hope this article helps you find the best laser lights for yourself!

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