Best Haze Machines : Create a stunning ambiance

Best Haze Machines : Create a Stunning Ambiance

Haze machines are often used to create an amazing atmosphere or set mood lighting for parties and events.

Best Haze machines are commonly used at music performances or concerts, theatrical performances, at churches, dance parties etc.

This machine is used to create ambience during Halloween and at house parties. It uses a fan to disperse the vaporized liquid hence creating a thin layer of atmosphere throughout the room.

These machines produce an effect that takes lightings, be it LED, DJ lights, lasers, disco lights to an extraordinary level and create spectacular special effects.

In short, if you want to highlight the lighting effects in an event, haze is a fun and easy way to do so. Haze machines are designed to produce obtrusive, homogenous clouds suspended in the air that makes light beam visible and create a pale, soft diffusion.

The level of haze that a machine produces can vary, but typically, the haze is a subtle effect that you can only see through lighting effects.

Advantages of using best haze machines

1.) Hang-in time:

Haze has a light and pale effect as compared to fog which is dense and opaque.

But haze has a greater hang in time than conventional theatrical fog which means that while conventional fog will hang in the air for several minutes, a haze effect filling the same volume of space can last upwards of an hour or more, depending on the size of the place and the amount of ventilation.

2.) Room size & health issues:

Haze is an excellent option for indoor applications or small venues because it causes only a light diffusion effect.

Using fog machines in a small closed place can often trigger cough, breathing trouble, or even uneasy feeling among the people present in the event because of its dense smoke.

Also, room size will help you determine how much haze to use. Larger spaces obviously require a more powerful machine with a higher output.

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You can refer to the list below for the specifications of some of the best haze machines available in the market to fit your requirements.

Note: But in case of events in large open places, a fog machine is preferable for creating a dramatic smoky effect because haze is not as dense as fog.

3.) Photography:

Haze machines play an important role in photography. Hazers create an ideal atmosphere for taking stunning pictures or for shooting films because of its faint smoky effect.

It makes the scene, person and surrounding clearly visible and also enhance the atmosphere and lights in an extraordinary way.

On the other hand, fog machines produce thicker clouds which sometimes obstruct things from the view leading to foggy photos. But a haze machine creates an ideal atmosphere for taking good pictures.

4.) Smoke alarms:

Haze machines play an important role in photography. Hazers create an ideal atmosphere for taking stunning pictures or for shooting films because of its faint smoky effect.

It makes the scene, person and surrounding clearly visible and also enhance the atmosphere and lights in an extraordinary way.

On the other hand, fog machines produce thicker clouds which sometimes obstruct things from the view leading to foggy photos. But a haze machine creates an ideal atmosphere for taking good pictures.

Haze Machine Rental

Many people consider taking haze machine rental which is obviously a very good option. But this can become expensive at times.

Nowadays with the evolution of the industry, many high-quality, budget-friendly hazers are available in the market. So, now you have the option to own a good quality hazer within a very reasonable price.

What’s more? Most of these hazers are compact and comes with cases for easy storage.

When you have a haze machine of your own, there’s no headache of getting it on rent every time you want to host any party or event and also there wouldn’t be any hurry to return the equipment to your rental company!

Looking for a haze machine to enhance your party atmosphere and highlight your lighting effects?

Here we are with the reviews of the best haze machines.

Top 9 Best Haze Machines

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall

Antari ANF350 Fog Machine

Antari ANF350 Fog Machine

Power : 800 W

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Best Value For Money

ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 2000

ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 2000

Power : 1100 W

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Best Indoor Fog Machine

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D

Weight : 10 pounds

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Best Within Budget



Weight : 7.2 pounds

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Best Value

Rockville R1200L Fog Machine

Rockville R1200L Fog Machine

Quantity: 1200 L

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Best Outdoor Haze Machine

Rockville ROCKHAZE 700 CFM DMX Haze Machine

Rockville ROCKHAZE 700 CFM DMX Haze Machine

Power : 400 Watts

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Best Indoor Machine

Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer

Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer

Warm Up Time : 60 seconds

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Best for Portability

Martin Lighting JEM Compact Hazer

Martin Lighting JEM Compact Hazer

Weight : 18.8 pounds

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Best Performance

HazeBase Base Hazer Pro

HazeBase Base Hazer Pro

Power : 1200 Watt

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1.) Antari Fog Machine (ANF350)- Best Overall

best haze machines

One of the latest creations in Fazer development is Antari Fog Machine (ANF 350). It is a very light and compact machine and hence can be transported and set up anywhere.

It produces more than 7 hours of non-stop hazing at maximum output and has a warm-up time of 4.5 minutes approximately. This 800W machine has a new DMX feature that offers user intelligent control in an energy-saving way.

It comes with 2 DMX channels, IEC(Power) and XLR-3-pin DMX connectors. On receiving a DMX signal the machine powers up and starts heating up automatically.

The air pump technology not only enables the machine to generate dry haze but also provides its heater with a self-cleaning function. It automatically begins the self-cleaning process when the signal is off.

The ANF 350 comes with a larger tube which reduces the risk of heater clogging. This machine uses Antari FLG Heavy Fog Fluid which helps to produce a light hazy smoke which is perfect for creating a thin atmosphere in any room.

It has a tank capacity of 1.3lts and an extremely low fluid consumption of 3ml/min. The Antari Fog Machine (ANF 350) can be best used at bars, discotheques, clubs as it produces a very thin mist creating amazing lighting effects and a perfect ambiance for people to enjoy.

  • Nice thin consistent haze 
  • Leaves no residue on floors and carpets
  • Can be set up anywhere
  • Automatic self-cleaning.
  • Low fluid consumption
  • May set up a fire alarm
  • Bit loud due to the compressor

2.) ADJ Fog Machine FURY 2000 – Best Value For Money

best haze machines

The Fog Fury 2000 is a portable machine that produces 7000 cubic feet per minute(cfm) of fog. It is lightweight and easy to use the machine with a warm-up time of 8 minutes.

It is a 1100W professional fog machine which has a high-performance pump and to maintain optimum temperature it has an Electronic Thermo Sensing Technology along with many controllable and automatic features.

It does not take any warm-up time in between fog blasts. The machine is suitable for discotheque, dance floors or productions and even large events or stage performances as it adds visibility to your lights and lasers that make an exceedingly more dynamic and vibrant atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy.

This machine has an automatic circuit cut-off to protect the pump if the fog fluid tank runs dry. It includes an LED heating indicator system in the tank.

The Fog FURY 2000 uses ADJ brand Premium Best Fog Juice which gives a high output and takes your event to a whole new level of illumination. The special heating element design of this machine uses an oil-type transmission pipeline to minimize the possibility of clogging.

It comes with an external flog fluid tank of 2.5lts and has a fluid consumption of 42ml/min. The accessories that can be used with this machine are FF23TR: Timer Remote or FF23WR: Wireless Remote.

  • Massive fog output
  • Built-in safety measures
  • Easy to mount
  • Good tank capacity
  • Options for controlling fog volume, duration, and interval
  • Might give loud mechanical/vibrational noise
  • The liquid is fast dissipating

3.) Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 2D – Best Indoor Fog Machine

best haze machines

Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 2D machine is a water-based haze machine that creates a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show. It produces an output of 1200 cubic feet per meter.

With an initial warm-up time of 5 minutes, this machine produces a continuous output. It is a 530W haze machine has a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease.

It comes with 2 DMX channels and 3-pin-XLR DMX connectors. This machine has an adjustable blower output speed and nozzle to get the haze where you need it.

Its low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid and shuts off the heater when the fluid is too low.

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 2D is suitable for small events and house parties as it generates a thin light mist giving a stunning effect and perfect party vibes to the guests.

This machine comes with a fluid tank capacity of 2.5lts and has a fluid consumption of 8.2ml/min. HC-T remote is included with this machine.

  • Solid DMX 
  • Control over the amount of haze fluid to be consumed
  • In-built safety measures
  • Short hang time

4.) Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX – Best Within Budget

best haze machines

Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze is a compact and lightweight hazer that creates a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show.

It is a water-based haze machine with a built-in volume knob which offers smooth, stand-alone operation. This 300W haze machine with a built-in digital display which quickly and easily sets DMX functions.

It comes with 1 DMX channel and 3-pin-XLR DMX connector. The haze output speed can be adjusted in stand-alone mode using the digital display for which no controller is required.

With a heat-up time of 2mins, this machine comes with a tank capacity of 1.5lts and has a fluid consumption of 4ml/min.

The built-in sensor of this machine helps to prolong this hazers life as the pump stops automatically when the fluid level is low.

It has a silent-running fan which allows the unit to be used in any environment and the machine can be placed in any location due to its small footprints.

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX is suitable for creating an amazing atmosphere in small concerts or events with less crowd. 

  • Thin consistent haze 
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to handle
  • Built-in safety measures
  • Does not come with remote control.

5.) Rockville R1200L Smoke Machine – Best Value 

best haze machines

Rockville R1200L is one of the Best Fog Machines with incredible built-in completely customizable LED lights that give off an effect of colored fog coming out of the machine.

It is a water-based fog machine compatible with any standard fog fluid. This 440W portable fog machine produces 12,000 cubic feet of fog per minute and comes with a manual fog button.

It has a warm-up time of 4-5 minutes and gives an extremely high output which is enough to fill up large venues within minutes. One of the most unique things about this product is that it comes with both wired and wireless remotes.

Using these remotes, you can control the colour of the 6RGB LED lights and the speed of the lights. In addition, you can use only the light or only the fog individually or both together as per your requirements.

This machine also has a sound-activated mode which makes the lights go along with the beats of the music. It comes with 7 channels of DMX control and has a tank capacity of 1.2ltrs with an average fluid consumption of 0.3lt/hour.

The Rockville R1200L fog machine is strong enough for both indoor and outdoor uses and is suitable for DJ use, bars, karaoke parties, large open events, concerts etc.

The thick fog produced by the machine is capable of staying in the air for a long time.

  • Consistent thick fog
  • Miniature size, convenient to handle
  • More hang-time
  • Built-in LED gives the effect of coloured fog
  • Wired remote has to be plugged in to use the wireless one

6.) Rockville RockHaze 700 CFM DMX- Best Outdoor Haze Machine

best haze machines

Rockville RockHaze is a water-based DJ/Club hazer machine that comes with 2 remotes. It is compact and light-weight and produces an output of 700 cubic feet of haze per minute.

It is a 400W haze machine that gives a high output that is powerful enough to fill up large venues quickly and has a heat-up time of 2.2 minutes.

Of the two included remotes, the wired remote controls time intervals, haze output thickness, fan speed and haze output power.

The wireless remote has a long-range and is capable of controlling manual hazing, auto hazing mode, increase and decrease haze output.

This machine comes with built-in digital display for easy access to set DMX channels and comes with 2 channel DMX controls 3-pin XLR DMX connections.

It also includes other operational modes namely manual, auto and timer. The Rockville RockHaze Machine has a tank capacity of 1.2lts with a fluid consumption rate of 0.6lt/hr and has the capability to create a stunning haze effect enough to spread evenly in large places to enhance light shows.

  • Compact, lightweight
  • Low warm uptime
  • Consistent and high haze output
  • Short hang time

7.) Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer- Best Indoor Machine

best haze machines

Unique 2.1 is a water-based haze machine that can continuously create a thick or thin hazy atmosphere. It has a warm-up time of 1 minute and is ready for operation almost immediately after switching on the machine.

This unit can fill small and big rooms or halls with a constant haze and creates the right atmosphere and excellently supporting lighting effects but it is not preferable for outdoor uses. Read Best Outdoor Fog Machine

The pimp and the fan of the machine can be adjusted separately and the density of the haze output can be controlled.

With the option of the internal timer, you can adjust the haze timing as per your requirement. The output can be adjusted via the machine’s control panel, an optional remote or DMX controller.

It has a built-in digital timer and programmable Haze Density Control System (HDCS). The non-linear pump regulation of this machine makes sure that the pump can be adjusted much better at lower steps.

Also due to the fact, that the pump and the fan can be dampened, the sound of Unique 2.1 can be absorbed tremendously.

Hence, this machine is perfect for any fields of operation where any sound is undesirable. It has a tank capacity of 2lts and can give continuous output up to 50 hours.

  • Minimal fluid consumption 
  • Minimal warm uptime
  • Haze output can be controlled as per requirement.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

8.) Martin Lighting JEM Compact Hazor- Best for Portability

best haze machines

JEM Compact Hazor Pro is a robust yet small and lightweight, versatile haze machine. It produces an output of 3800 cubic meters per hour.

It is a professional 1042W haze machine that has an ultra-fast warm-up time of 1 minute and its dense particles and haze is created using a water-based fluid.

The Advanced Pump Technology (APT) of this machine gives a high and continuous output effect. Hence, it has the ability to produce exceptional atmospheric haze effects in a short period of time.

It is ideal for concerts, events, theatres, TV studios, clubs, cruised ships, theme parks and more.

It has an on-board digital control panel and other controlling options like DMX with 3 channel DMX controls, digital remote control (optional) and master/ client link mode.

This machine comes with Optical density timer control system with a shutdown cycle to prevent clogging. It has a 2.5lts fluid reservoir and can last up to 20 hours on full output.

The JEM Compact Hazor Pro is perfect for outdoor events such as open concerts and fests as it gives a high haze output and creates a vibrant atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy. It can also be used for indoor events.

  • Gives high output for very long hours
  • Low warm uptime
  • Portable and can be set-up anywhere
  • Hangtime is short

9.) HazeBase Base Hazer Pro- Best Performance

best haze machines

This Base Hazor Pro can create effects from the finest mist to densest haze and is designed for versatility, efficiency, and reliability.

This machine is portable and can be utilized for worldwide tours. This 1200W machine has a warm-up time of 1 minute and comes with a built-in cleaning cycle every time the unit is shut down to ensure that it is stored correctly after every operation.

This machine runs on Haze Base Pro fluid which is a pharmaceutical graded, extremely efficient water-based fluid. With a tank capacity of 5ltrs, it can run for 135 hours.

This machine can be controlled via variable stand-alone operations with built-in timer and DMX operations.

When the DMX signal is switched off, the unit will be switched to the post-run mode automatically after 15 seconds for cooling down.

Its internal pumps are fitted with shock absorption technology. It can fill small rooms to large arenas and theatres with a constant haze that helps to create the right ambience.

Also, this haze machine is perfectly suitable for outdoor concerts and events in large open venues as it produces clean and even haze for very long hours.

  • Low fluid consumption
  • Flexible for outlet funnel
  • Only 60 seconds warm uptime
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Low noise level
  • Heavy unit
  • May activate smoke detectors

Important features to be kept in mind while buying a haze machine:


The wattage of the haze machine should be considered while making a purchase. Haze machines range from 300W to 1200W.

Larger the unit and its wattage, the more efficient haze it is capable of producing. 300-500W machines are perfect for giving amazing effects in small rooms and venues with less crowd gathering.

Machines above 500W are efficient enough to fill up large rooms and halls with a good amount of haze. Machines having a wattage of 1000 or more give a very high output and are perfect for outdoor events.

Haze fluid:

The haze machine uses a haze fluid that creates all the effect. You should keep in mind to buy a compatible haze fluid recommended by the manufacturer for your unit for best effect.

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There is a possibility of your machine getting damaged if it runs out of fluid or if you use a non-compatible fluid. Using high quality, professional haze fluid makes all the difference!


It is recommended to get a machine which has an automatic self-cleaning property. It is very important to clean the haze machine after long continuous use for its best maintenance.

Having a machine with self-cleaning technology doesn’t give you the headache of cleaning it every time after prolonged use.


Haze machines have internal pumps and compressors which can create loud noises.

These loud noises aren’t desirable during any event as it may ruin the feel of the ambience and cause disturbance to the performers.

Since haze machines are required for events, concerts, etc. as such you should take care to purchase a haze machine with minimal noise.


If you are looking to organise events or programmes world-wide, you should opt for a machine that can be easily carried.

You should make sure that is machine is lightweight, compact, and comes with a protective case in order to protect from damage while being transported.

Tank capacity and fluid consumption rate:

Tank capacity and fluid consumption rate are two very important factors to be kept in mind while buying a haze machine.

A machine with more tank capacity and low fluid consumption rate will last for longer hours giving the best output and thus you don’t need to worry about the haze fluid dissipating quickly requiring frequent refills during long events.

Safety Measures-

1.) Keep away from the reach of children.

2.) Keep away from food, drinks and animal food.

3.) Haze fluid must be kept in the original container in a well-ventilated area away from fire hazards.

4.) During events and stage performances you should ensure sufficient distance between your audience and the haze machine as the smoke being expelled is the hottest at the point where it leaves the machine and it gradually cools off a few metres away.

This aspect should also be kept in mind of the persons handling the haze machine to prevent burns.

5.) Fire hazard protocols pertaining to specific haze machines should be scrupulously followed.



There are a large variety of haze machines available in the market but you need to look for the one that best suits with your accommodation and requirements.

Whether you are a DJ, club owner, party person, performer, or band owner haze machines add a lot to your setup and gives a creative effect.

The above list gives you detail about some of the best haze machines available in the market. Find the correct one for yourself and create stunning visual effects at a reasonable price.

We hope you find this article helpful and have a great experience with the purchase of the right type of haze machines matching your events whether it is indoors or outdoors.

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