Best Fog Machines : Give your event the extra “Wow” Factor


Best Fog Machines : Give your event the extra “Wow” Factor

The best fog machines will help create the right atmosphere needed for the party. If you think hard enough then there is a reason why fog machines are the success stories for every party.

Nobody hates the mood they create, most importantly when the night is at its peak. Fog machines have made a big difference and impact in the entertainment industry.
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They are machines that produce artificial smoke. The dramatic mood they help create is amazing. Smoke machines have other uses as well, and can also be used throughout the year.

If Halloween is near and dear to your heart, then you definitely need one fog machine. This is why possessing one of the best fog machines doubles the fun.

The availability of different sizes could work to your advantage. If space is a factor for you, you can get a compact one for your home.

This tells us about the unlimited utility of the fog machines which they can deliver to us on a daily basis. These best fog machines can also be used by Military officers for training and they can even be used in industrial operations as well.

Parties are the most likely place to find a fog machine. They are a wonderful option if you want your event to be unforgettable. The two types of fog machines in existence are Dry ice and Fluid fog machines.

There is nothing more relevant than a fogging machine when it comes to adding that “oomph” factor to an event.

This can be used to highlight the bright lightings, spooky Halloween effect, kick off the event, or provide the stage atmosphere. Selecting the best out of a diverse choice can be quite challenging.

This is where we step in and make your job easier. We’ve reviewed a host of fog machines and have come out with the top 7 best fog machines.

We will help you to navigate through the various great options available in the market, we’ve organized things into categories to make the decision easier for you. We’re happy to help you choose the best smoke machine.


Top 7 Best Fog Machines 2021

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall

Rockville R1200L

Rockville R1200L

Tank Capacity : 1.2 L
Warm Up Time: 4-5 min
Output : 12000 cubic feet per minute

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Best Budget Low-Lying Fogger

ADJ Mister Kool II

ADJ Mister Kool II

Tank Capacity : 1 L
Warm Up Time: 3 min
Output : 3000 cubic feet per minute

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Best Geyser Effect



Tank Capacity : 5 L
Warm Up Time: 8 min
Output : 21000 cubic feet per minute

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Best for DJ/Party

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000

Warm Up Time: 2 min
Output : 10000 cubic feet per minute

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Best Vertical Fog Machine

ADJ Products Fog Fury 12X3W

ADJ Products Fog Fury 12X3W

Tank Capacity : 2.5 L
Warm Up Time: 9 min
Output : 25-30 feet vertically

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Best for compatibility



Consumption: 28 ml/min

Warm Up Time: 2 min

Output : 18000 cubic feet per minute


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Best value for money

AW 1500W LED Machine

AW 1500W LED Machine

Tank Capacity : 2.5 L
Warm Up Time: 10 min
Output : 20000 cubic feet per minute

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1.) Rockville R1200L – Best Overall

This fog machine, in our eyes, provides you the best overall value and has all the bases covered. If you want to find a major flaw in this machine, then best of luck with that because we simply couldn’t find one.

The startup time for this haze machine is around 4-5 minutes which is the fastest in the market for a similarly priced unit. The Wired remote controls the timing, manual fogging, and continuous fogging.

Depending on your preference you can choose a solid color or go to color changing mode. The amount of fog this smoke machine produces is enough to fill up large venues within minutes. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.

The unique sound-activated mode will have the lights go to the beat of the music. You can create your own pyro look with the RGB color which adds that extras zip to the event.

It is DMX controllable- 7 channels. We can control lighting and fog through the menu. The fluid consumption is around 10 fluid ounces per hour and a non-leak seal. It has a 1.2L tank capacity.

The compact and small size enables high portability for this haze machine and makes it very convenient to carry around to the various venues and the bag which is provided is very robust and it ensures that you don’t have to worry about the fog machine getting damaged.

  • Exceptional levels of fog
  • Includes customizable LED lights and a timer remote
  • Lights are sound activated and will flash along with the beat of songs playing in the background
  • Option to use fog only
  • This smoke machine emits thick fog capable of staying in the air for a long period of time
  • The remote requires you to keep pushing the fog button to get smoke, which can be managed

2.) ADJ (Mister Kool II)- Best Budget Low-Lying Fogger

This fog machine is one of the most affordable and portable solutions to create low-lying fog. The low lying fog machine can be easily used over a dance floor to add a bit of extra spice to the event, it can also be used to give a theatrical feel to the atmosphere, to make it more intense.

It works on ice cubes and standard water-based fog fluid. It also includes timer remote control. It can use both normal and dry ice.

For such a small machine the output will blow your mind as it manages to keep the fog low to the ground very well. The ice to some surprise lasts very long.

Its predecessor ADJ Mister Kool which was released over a decade ago and was one of the best-selling products to date for low lying fog machine.

The major upgrades come in the form of the 700W heater which is upgraded from the 400W heater on its predecessor. It takes less than 3 minutes for this haze machine to start up.

The fluid reservoir is also upgraded to last long as it can create continuous fog for 8 minutes. The included wired remote comes with a 12′ cable.

This gives you the liberty to operate the machine in manual, continuous, or time-controlled mode. In timer mode, two potentiometers enable you to set the duration and interval of fogging.

The drainage system is the highlight in this machine as it contains a valve, plastic hose, and plastic water-collection bag which makes it super convenient to get rid of all the melted ice.

The lightweight smoke machine is easy to retain and move as there are an integrated carry handle and robust metal construction.

This ground fog machine serves its purpose quite beautifully and this is what makes it stand out in this ground fog machine market.

  • Thick ground laying fog
  • It doesn’t give out toxic gases as it uses water-based fog fluid
  • Ideal for an outdoor fog effect
  • Robust metal construction
  • Great color variants
  • The 3 minutes’ warm-up time may be considered too long for some people
  • The power cord is short

3.) ADJ FURY 3000 – Best Geyser Effect

This machine is named appropriately as the fury, as this indeed brings the fury of smoke whenever it’s put to action. You’ll be amazed at the output of such an easy to use and self-managing device.

The Fog Fury ensures the best quality fog for your dance floor. The Fog Fury is a fog machine, which you’ll be able to easily integrate onto your entire entertainment or production work easily and it is manageable via ADJ brand DMX controller.

This haze machine, with its high output, may make your whole production foggy, but your choice has never been clearer, this Fog Fury 3000 Fog Machine can take your events to a whole new level of awesome.

One of the best fog machines, this beast is a 1500W wireless DMX fog machine. The special heating element design prevents it from clogging. This smoke machine produces 21,000 Cubic feet of fog per minute.

It rocks an advanced LED heating indicator system with Red indicating heating whereas Green means ready and Flashing LED means the fog machine is running low on fluids.

The three-button digital LCD display is complemented with three operational modes Manual, Timer mode, DMX.

Apart from all this the portability is the key factor in this one as it is very portable and handling the device is very hassle-free and it makes the job easier for its operator.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent output
  • Inexpensive
  • It is a quiet machine
  • This fog machine needs more wattage.
  • The recycling time is poor.

4.) CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000 – Best for DJ/Party

The Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact water-based fog machine combining dense fog output and portability. It is operatable from a distance using both the wired or wireless remote.

This fog machine is one of the best fog machines available to be purchased from the market. After the starting heat up period, the Hurricane 1000 is ready to deliver fog on demand.

A manual fog button enables swift control at your fingertips and the LED-illuminated tank ensures operation and safety indicating heater status and fluid levels.

The smoke machine has a lightning-fast heat-up time for fast setup and residue-free water-based fog output. This little wonder outputs a capable 10,000 CFM of dense water-based fog (FJU/HDF) after a short 2-minute warm-up time.

And at less than six pounds, the Hurricane 1000 adds very little to your haul-in and rigging weight. To ensure fast operation on demand, this machine has outfitted the Hurricane with a manual fog button.

This haze machine puts out a lot of Fog for a small machine and it has a new timer with a 30-second option and an adjustable fog output.

This machine can be used extensively both in indoor and outdoor conditions and this flexibility is what separates it from the other in this price bracket or segment.

The makers have done a wonderful job designing and building this machine with all the intricate and fine details kept in mind and the safety of the users given utmost priority.

This Chauvet fog machine is a delight to own and will never let you down.

  • Emits thick bursts of fog at high volume
  • 2 minutes warm uptime
  • LED-illuminated fluid tank
  • High-efficiency heating element
  • Wired and wireless remote control
  • Might overwhelm small venues
  • Not the quietest

5.) ADJ Products Fog Fury 12X3W – Best Vertical Fog Machine

This water-based fog machine is a high velocity vertical fogging machine. It is capable of 25ft. of fog dispersion, 12 X 3W RGB LED’s just sweetens the deal just more. This also has reservoir inversion.

This also contains 3 operational modes namely manual, remote control, and DMX. The fluid capacity is as large as 3 L coupled with a 4 button LCD display.

The Fluid indicator level indicates how much fluids currently the device has and it gives a warning signal whenever it about to run out of fluids.

With evolving technology in ADJ’s heater technology, the Fog Fury Jett generates a dry even blast of fog ranging between 25 feet to 30 feet in the air.

This vertical fogging machine comes with a special heating element design that utilizes an oil type transmission in and out effectively throughout the pipeline to prevent clogging.

This fog machine is also equipped with a high-performance Italian pump system for optimum output.

The Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology is in place to ensure optimum heat levels with the relatively shorter warm-up time between fog blasts.

The Fog Fury Jett provides the flexibility and option to the users of using it vertically as well as horizontally whichever way he likes to use it.

The reservoir tank may be mounted in the front or rear of the unit so the machine may be pointed up or down. The wireless remote comes bundled with the Fog Fury Jett.

For a CO2 style effect catchy effect, you have the option of using ADJ’s F4L QD, quick dissipating fog fluid.

  • Shoots fog up to 25 feet
  • Mountable so you can aim fog in any direction Fast warm-up time
  • Thermo-sensor to ensure safe operation
  • RGB LEDs illuminate fog as it blasts
  • Efficient pump system to prevent clogging
  • Not ideal for small venues

6.) CHAUVET DJ H1200 – Best for compatibility

This Chauvet fog machine Hurricane 1200 is a powerful and portable fog machine that brings any light show to life with a thick fog output.

The fog machine includes a timer remote control which controls the output of fog precisely for a great performance. After the starting heat up period, the Hurricane is ever ready to deliver fog on demand.

A manual fog button ensures buttery smooth control which is available to you at your fingertips and the LED-illuminated tank ensures operation and safety indicating heater status and fluid levels.

A state of the art advanced fluid sensor has the option of automatic shut-off which provides vital protection to the pump from overheating.

This fogging machine has ultra-fast heat up time for a quick setup and residue-free water-based fog output. This gives you a diverse array of options when it comes to the density of the fog outputs.

The most impressive feature about this smoke machine is how efficient its dispersal is and this is what helps it to rank among the best fog machines available in the market.

The fog which is generated is thick, yet no additional fans or cooling equipment will be required to spread it. This fogging machine is the best at what it does as this will surely transform every event into a memorable event due to its smoking capabilities.

  • An incredible amount of fog within a short period
  • Robust and durability
  • Power-efficient
  • The heat-up time could have been better

7.) AW 1500W LED Machine – Best value for money

This smoke machine comes with LED lights that are efficient in creating special stage effects that add massive value to the atmosphere.

There are wired and the wireless remote controller provided with this fog machine and this comes in very handy as this opens up new convenient ways through which it can be controlled.

This fog machine also comes bundled with LED lights which adds a dynamic range of colors that enhances the experience of the event.

This smoke machine is ideal for disco, small party, DJ event of small proportion. The warm-up time for this device is around 10 minutes which might seem long but the wait is worth the wait because as soon as the device is ready to start working this absolutely mesmerizes everyone with its brilliant performance.

The tank capacity of 2.5L which more than sufficient to make it last longer before it needs refilling again and this adds that extra “X” factor to the device which makes it worth the price being paid for the device.

The outdistance of 13ft is quite wonderful considering the price being paid for this machine and henceforth making a great value for money deal.

The machine while not being offered from the ace brands present in the market but it definitely works towards building its own value in front of its target audience.

  • Value for money
  • Powerful performer
  • LED lights have a variety of options available
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Emits thick bursts of fog in a small interval of time
  • Slow warmup time
  • A less reputable brand offering

If you are confused by seeing such a variety of smoke machines available to you to choose from and you are still undecided which is the best fit for you. Worry not, we will tell you about the various criteria using which you can easily come to the conclusion which is the best fit for you.


How to choose the best fog machine?

1.) Size of the smoke machine:

Fog machines or smoke machines are available in different sizes. In order to know how to choose the best fog machines, analyze what you need the machine for, then choose a size that will meet those needs.

If you are going to be stealthy about it, you definitely need a smaller size. It will be easier to hide from everyone.

If you need it for a bigger venue, then go for the more powerful fog machine which can deliver the amount of smoke that you will be needing to make the atmosphere electric.

2.) Fog output and range:

Some smoke machines produce much more fog than others. Others can only cover a 2-meter distance while some cover 8 meters.

You need to alert on these features, then the fog machine to be efficient for you.

Also, you have to keep in mind the density of smoke which you will be requiring as just the right amount of smoke is very necessary otherwise the smoke trick can easily backfire.

3.) Portability:

If you are on a constant move with the machine, opt for lightweight machines. This is significant as you don’t want it to become a burden. If it’s too heavy, you will always need extra gear to help carry it.

This is why the transportability and the size becomes a very important factor to be considered when opting for a fog machine.

It is always advisable to opt for a compact and lightweight best fog machine.

4.) Noise levels:

Fog machines make noise while operating. The distinguishing factor is that some are too noisy and produce irritable sound.

In this scenario, you should make sure to get one that you can easily manage.

The noise levels should not end up being a distraction for everyone so it is pretty necessary to find the perfect fog machine whose decibel levels won’t affect your atmosphere.

5.) Durability

Your purchase needs to be made keeping in mind you will be requiring it for the long run. A durable smoke machine is always determined by its built quality and the materials used to make it.

You need to opt for one which will provide you great service alongside minimal heat dissipation. The built quality needs to be robust so that you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement soon.

Fog machines can change the mood of the events in an instant. The tank capacity to choose from is always determined by how you plan to use the machine.

If you aren’t a regular user, then a small one would be a suitable option. Although getting the best products from the overcrowded market is a back-breaking task, but it is one that you wouldn’t regret.


Adding dye or food coloring to fog fluid will produce colored fog.

How do fog machines work?

That’s a very intriguing question which pops in our mind. The mechanism behind the fog machine is very easy to understand. Understanding this could make your mind very clear to choose the best fog machine for you.

Firstly, it’s important to keep in mind that water-based fog machines are the most common for consumers. The “fog fluid”, which is usually a mixture of extremely pure glycol and water, is in a tank, which is then pushed through a heat exchanger by a high-pressure pump.
The exchanger ensures a high enough temperature to ensure the fluid vaporizes, also known as flashing”.
Meanwhile, the liquid quickly expands, which is what pushes the vapor through the machine’s nozzle.

As soon as the vapor mixes with the colder air outside, it immediately produces the opaque aerosol called the “fog”.

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