Best fog juice: The 6 Perfect Partners for Your Fog Machine

Best fog juice: The 6 Perfect Partners for Your Fog Machine

If you seek the absolute best result from your fog machine then it is also necessary to find the Best Fog Machines fluid.

It is an easy factor to overlook for an individual as buying the best fog juice isn’t on the top priority list of any fog machine user.

This is the trick that everyone misses as using a high-quality, professional fog fluid can definitely make all the difference in the world.

There is a variety of best fog juice available in the market ranging from, best haze fluid, Chauvet fog fluid, high-density fog fluid, Froggy’s Fog, high-density fog juice, and much more.

If you want to have the most awesome fog effect that you can imagine. Then, check out this article wherein we will be providing you the top 6 best fog juice which works wonders on fog machines.

Top 6 Best Fog Juice:

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall


  • Generates a thin mist of haze
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MAX Bubble Juice Fluid

Froggys Fog 10x the Bubbles from Standard Machines

Froggys Fog 10x the Bubbles from Standard Machines
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
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Best High Color Bubble Juice

Froggys Fog Strong, Long-Lasting Fog Juice

Froggys Fog Strong, Long-Lasting Fog Juice
  • This fluid is long-lasting in nature
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Best Water Based Fog Fluid

Code 6 Platinum Water Based

Code 6 Platinum Water Based
  • Best rated among its competitors
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Premium Quality Fog Juice

Code 6 Platinum Water Based

Code 6 Platinum Water Based
  • Remains clean, odorless, and dry
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Best Value for Money

Backwood Bay Fog Fluid

Backwood Bay Fog Fluid
  • Versatile, non-toxic formula
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1.) CHAUVET HURRICANE HFG Haze Machine Fluid- Best Overall

Best fog juice

This is a new and improved haze fluid that will generate a thin mist, which will result in a stunning effect.

Chauvet fluids are a common name when you think of haze fluid and they provide exceptional results working alongside Chauvet snow, bubble, and fog machines.

There is a chance of irreparable damage caused to your machine if you use inferior products just to save some bucks.

This is why you should play safe by trusting known brands like Chauvet fluids.

This fluid is water-based and is compatible with other products. The added advantage is it won’t stain or leave a residue. The best uses for this liquid are for weddings, parties, and any type of festive occasion.

  • Premium quality and consistency
  • Generates a thin mist of haze
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, and unscented
  • Does not stain or leave residue
  • Best used in water-based haze machine
  • Bit costlier than the others in the list
  • Not good for thick mist generation

2.) Froggys Fog 10x the Bubbles from Standard Machines – MAX Bubble Juice Fluid

fog machine

This is formulated specifically to be used in, bubble machines, non-toxic, non-staining, high-flying bubbles.

These bubble fluids are not only tested but also designed to give you good output from bubble machines.

You can rest assured that these fog fluid are extremely environment friendly which means their emissions are not harmful in any shape or form.

This should be the top priority for us given that we should not ideally damage the environment when you have the option of not doing so.

These fluids are crafted to make 10times the bubbles compared to other fluid that is available in the market. This fluid works like a charm and is very useful for parties, outdoors, or an area where you will need a lot of bubbles. Read Best Outdoor Fog Machine

You need not worry about a little wind; these bubbles always stick together. The strong nature of bubbles equals greater float times and consequently more fun.

This fluid’s formulas always work in any bubble application. This fluid is non-staining and non-toxic and has high compatibility with most of the bubble making machines irrespective of their size.

  • It helps generate 10 times the bubble from a standard machine
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • It is versatile in nature
  • It does not leave behind a stain
  • It is long-lasting in nature
  • The bubble generated can be uneven sometimes
  • The fluid is on the costlier side

3.) Froggys Fog Strong, Long-Lasting Fog Juice- Best High Color Bubble Juice

high density fog juice

This fog fluid is long-lasting, strong, brilliant, and iridescent. This fluid helps you get an incredible amount of bubbles.

These are specially formulated to be used in high-flying bubbles and bubble machines.

These fog fluids are non-staining as well as non-toxic. Froggy’s Fog bubble fluids are tried and tested to give you the optimal performance from your fog machines.

The versatility of these fog fluid is its biggest strength as it is compatible with both fog machines and bubble machines.

Hence, buying this fluid will solve two problems in one single swoop which is a big relief for you otherwise might have to conduct research for both the Best low lying fog machine fluids and a bubbling fluid.

This versatility is what makes this fluid stand out in the market.

  • Versatility as it can be used in both a fog machine and a bubble machine
  • Non-staining and non-toxic
  • This fluid is long-lasting in nature
  • This fluid needs utmost protection meaning they require special care and attention

4.) Code 6 Platinum Water-Based- Best Water Based Fog Fluid

slow fog machine

These offering from Code 6 Platinum are of the “Extreme High Density” nature which creates an extremely high-density fog juice, white, airborne fog with a very thick index of refraction combined with a slower evaporation rate.

This fluid is well suited for scenic obscuring and strobes “white-out”. This product from Code 6 is the perfect choice for complete loss of visual reference.

This is the only option you have when you desire “fog-out” or “white-out” conditions.

This Code 6 Platinum fluid is completely non-toxic and non-stainable which means it will not leave behind stain marks everywhere. There will also be no residue that will be left behind wherever the fog goes and settle.

You can rest assured that these fog fluid are extremely environment friendly which means their emissions are not harmful in any shape or form.

This should be the top priority for us given that we should not ideally damage the environment when you have the option of not doing so.

These fog fluids also boast of a higher rating in the reviews which are given by common people who have already used this product.

This also means that this product is tried and tested in the real world and you completely trust this fog fluid to deliver on the nights during which this is supposed to deliver.

  • Best rated among its competitors
  • Gets the job done in an environment-friendly manner
  • It is the offering from a reputable brand
  • The fog fluid is not long-lasting when you want to store it for a longer period of times

5.) Froggys Fog-Techno Fog- Premium Quality Fog Juice

strong fog machine

This strong fog machine fluid is water-based which is specifically designed to generate or create, medium hangs time fog, medium density.

This fog fluid is fiercely supported by an affordable and great looking fog. Be in no illusion this is the undisputed choice for DJ’s when they are working in clubs and designers alike.

Techno Fog is the best cost-effective solution for airborne fog effects and is the best in this category.

This goes on perfectly for DJs, for general lighting enhancement, bowling alleys, laser tags, concerts, skating rinks, and. This can also be used in any water based strong fog machine 400W or higher.

This fog fluid uses the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals which you can be assured are completely environment-friendly and they produce amazing results.

This characteristic is what makes this fog fluid stand out from in the congested market of fog fluids and this is why we so highly rate them.

  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Remains clean, odorless, and dry
  • It never leaves behind residue or contaminates the atmosphere
  • This is a bit costlier than the other alternative available in the market

6.) Backwood Bay Fog Fluid- Best Value for Money

spirit fog juice

This fog fluid offers extremely long hang time in the air ultimately resulting in less fluid consumption and also decreasing daily wear and tear of your machine.

The lighting Designers first choice is this fog fluid because of its amazing high efficiency. This fog fluid lasts extremely long and is hands down the most popular formula in the series.

The hang time is two to three times longer than our Techno Fog. This solution gives us a perfect fog environment while being clean, dry, and odorless.

These will not only be easy on the lights and equipment but it will be more economical owing much to the amazing ability of long hang time.

In ideal situations, you can easily expect the fog produced to remain unaffected by air-conditioning and extraction. This fog fluid might be expected to last more than an hour.

This is quite essential as all auto-timer programmed foggers must be adjusted to lower output, and put on the shorter duration and longer delays in repeat firing, this will most definitely avoid atmospheric saturation.

  • Extremely long-lasting fluid
  • Versatile, non-toxic formula
  • Manufactured by one of the industry leaders
  • There better value for money deals available in the market

Does the type of fog fluid really matter?

The strong fog machine fluid being used by you makes a huge difference. This is owing to the fact that it often gets overlooked.

No matter how capable your fog machine is, it will only perform when it has the right fluid for assistance.

The noteworthy news is that even the best fluid is reasonably priced which will not burn a hole in your pocket. The naive assumption newbies make is that any fluid will fit into any strong fog machine.

They are under the assumption that the quality of the fog machine is what drives the output of the fog machines.

Granted you require investing in a high-quality machine, you need to power it with the right fuel otherwise its potential will remain untapped and you will not get your money’s worth.

You can relate this to the fact that luxury sports car owners use premium fuel to power their cars. This optimizes performance greatly; moreover, in certain cases, the usage of lower-quality fuel can harm your engine.

You could damage your fog machine:

The manufacturers of fog fluids design these fluids to go hand-in-hand with their specific product.

The usage of the wrong type of fluid can put pressure on specific components of the machine-like exit nozzle, heat exchanger, and pump.

The fog fluids are designed in such a manner that it vaporizes at a defined temperature range. If the machine can’t meet the specific temperature and in cases where it exceeds, this can serious repercussions on its mechanisms.

Harmful byproducts can be produced.

The fog machines are environment friendly, but only when used in the correct manner. The lack of effort put into research as you were content with using the fog fluid provided, can create health risks.

The fog machines are meant to be fun, not dangerous. So, it is your responsibility to keep it that way. The high-quality fog fluids have chemicals that are entirely safe, but only if you use it properly.

For instance, if the machine’s heating element forks out temperatures that aren’t compatible with the chemical levels in the fluid, then the emission of harmful fumes like formaldehyde takes place.

As a party host, the last thing you want is choking people on the dance floor. This disaster is avoidable by the simple usage of a trustworthy product, and by adopting the right fog fluid suited to the machine.

The desired fog-effect will not come to fruition:

The fog fluid matters as by simply using the correct fog fluid you can get the desired output which your fog machine is capable of.

You have to keep in mind that by putting low-lying best fog juice in a standard fogger tank it will not start producing low-lying fog.

This will put unwanted pressure on your fogger and you are definitely not getting low lying fog for your troubles.

The important point to remember is that each and every fog machine was designed to achieve a specific effect and it will not create multiple effects according to your convenience.

Do not commit the mistake of trying to alter the fogger’s performance by swapping the fluid type. The end results won’t be what you intend on getting.

To achieve the desired results, try using a fog machine that will perform based on your desires, and then use the correct fluid.

Using cheap fog fluid stinks:

The low-quality best fog juice might work just fine but you are guaranteed that it will smell terrible. This is why you should not settle and always look to get the best fog juice for yourself.

There can be no worse situation where people leave the dance floor as the smell is awful.

There is a sensitive feeling among the people regarding inhaling fog. This is an area where you need not be frugal and spend a few more bucks on getting a high-quality fog fluid which won’t turn people off due to the bad smell.

The reason behind these products not smelling bad is that it uses better quality ingredients that are odorless and friendly to those with respiratory issues.

In fact, if you do some research best fog juice can smell good when they are vaporized.

People should have good memories, not fog residue.

You should be very careful as the fog machine leave a sticky or slick residue on almost everything within reach. You might save some bucks opting for low-quality fluid, but these will leave behind nasty film wherever they go.

Moreover, if you use the wrong fluid for your fogger, the actual fog emitted will be overly wet (this happens when the heating element is unable to reach the required temperature required for vaporizing the fluid).

This is where you want to make sure that you end up pairing the right fluid with the correct machines. To summarize it is never worth investing in low-quality fluid.

This always ends up piling up the unwanted strain on your fog machine, leading to nasty smells, residue formation, and the absolute worst it releases dangerous byproducts into the air.

Similarly, using the wrong fog fluid might actually damage your extra thick fog machine.

Factors to be kept in mind while choosing a fluid for our fog machine:

The good news is that there is not a huge price difference between low-quality fog fluid and best fog fluid. It will not burn a hole in your pocket if you opt to go for a high-quality product. See what the manufacturer recommends.

There are a lot of products that have custom-made fluid formulas.

This might sound overly simple but try to go for the fog fluid which is manufactured by the company of your extra thick fog machine as there will be no compatibility issues

Fog Machine Fluid: FAQ

Time till I can store the best fog juice?

The most prudent answer would be checking the label or manufacturer’s website. The time period depends on product to product as all the best fog juice is not the same.

Still, some general tips would be to store in a cool dry place. After finishing using the machine, you should remember to pour all excess fluid from the tank back into the container. Kindly ensure that it tightly sealed.

Can I just make my own best fog juice?

While we certainly won’t recommend it as it may be fun to go all mad-scientist, the sad truth is fog fluid companies have the chemical balance dialed in.

These ingredients used by them are FDA approved and it is balanced correctly, this also means that their formulas are optimized for few specific machines.

Granted there is a flurry of DIY best fog juice videos and articles out there but if we recommend you to steer clear, it is better to shell out $20 for a quality fluid, rather than taking your chances and putting your lives at risk.

Is it possible to add fog scent to fog fluid?

Yes, you can, and if you ask us the best fog scent comes from Foggy’s Fog. They definitely have a wide variety of almost thirty scents to choose from. As usual Froggy’s Fog uses pharmaceutical ingredients.

You should restrain yourself from putting essential oils in the thick fog machines. You should invest in a high-quality diffuser tailor-made for essential oils. This is the safest route.

DIY Fog Machine?

Just the thought or idea of creating your own DIY machine is quite popular. If you are serious about creating a thick fog machine that works at par with that of a professional super fog machine, it is certainly easier said than done.

We would recommend you invest in a super fog machine which will work well. A simple solution which doesn’t require electronics, use dry ice and water.

Make sure to always wear gloves while handling dry ice to protect your skin, eyes, hands.

How long does the best fog juice last?

The time period of spirit fog juice can be increased by storing it in a cool, dry place. The exact time period ultimately is dependent on the fluid formula and brand.

You should consider consulting the manufacturer or bottle label for the nitty-gritty details regarding information on how long your best fog juice lasts.

Will haze fluid work in a fog machine?

No, we certainly don’t recommend it. Haze fluid is formulated for a hazer. In a similar fashion, the slow fog machine is designed to vaporize fog fluid.

Alternating both the fluid might end up causing permanent damage to either of the machines which let’s be honest nobody wants.

Is fog fluid safe?

The reputable brands are safe, yes, but the same can’t be said about the low-quality fog fluids.

If you have wondered what are the constituents of the ingredients they vary, usually it is a combination of trimethylene glycol, distilled water, pharmaceutical-grade, and propylene glycol.

The most commonly used components inside the fog fluid are non-irritating to the eyes and are non-toxic for the respiratory system, and odorless.

With all being said, safety is the utmost priority. A few safety tips are while using the best fog juice make sure to keep it away from your eyes and mouth. Store in a dry place and keep away from the reach of children and pets.

Then, keep in mind and make sure that your slow fog machine tank is adequately filled in order to avoid damage to the spirit fog juice.

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