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Searching for the Best DMX Controller? Programming your light fixtures with automated modes is simple, however, that doesn’t generally give you the control you need. For custom shows with proficient results, you need the Best DMX Controller. DMX is the business standard with regards to light programming and control, so it works with practically any brand or fixture.

You can capitalize on your gear’s DMX capacities with the Best DMX Controller. With the Best DMX Controller board, you can get to all the various properties of your light fixtures from one spot, giving you ultimate customization, creativity, and organization. For Entry Level Controller, Read article Best DJ Controller.

While DMX is probably the best device for DJs, it can likewise be confounding when you first start learning it. Fortunately, Best DMX Controller range in complexity. To help you find the Best DMX Controller for your expertise level, we’ve assembled the best items available from heavy duty lighting controllers to basic 3-switch handhelds. The privilege Best DMX Controller will grow your capabilities, giving you elevated performance and professional skill.

Strap your seat belt and have a look at our list of the Best DMX Controller which are listed below:

Top 5 Best DMX Controller:

Image Product Features Price
Best DMX Controller for Moving Heads

CHAUVET DJ Obey 70 Universal DMX-512

CHAUVET DJ Obey 70 Universal DMX-512
  • Stores 240 scenes and 6 sets of chases
  • Intuitive, user-friendly design
  • Proficient control in a straightforward, lightweight
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Best DMX Controller Software

Enttec DMX USB DMXIS 70570

Enttec DMX USB DMXIS 70570
  • Dependable DMX signal and an entire 512 channel
  • Compatible with a Mac OS or Windows PC
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
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Best DMX Controller for Mobile DJ


  • Entire 512 channels
  • Furnished with MIDI, 3-pin XLR, and 5-pin DIN inputs and outputs
  • It has 4,200 programmable scenes and 48 programmable chases
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Best DMX Lighting Controller

Rockville ROCKFORCE 384

Rockville ROCKFORCE 384
  • It has 240 scenes and 6 chases
  • Best to use in dark clubs or parties
  • MIDI compatible
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Best DMX Controller that is Highest Rated in Amazon

ADJ Products OPERATOR-384

ADJ Products OPERATOR-384
  • Up to 240 scenes and 12 chases
  • It conveys proficient lighting with little exertion
  • Very lightweight
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1. CHAUVET DJ Obey 70 Universal DMX-512: Best DMX Controller for Moving Heads

Best DMX Controller

The Chauvet Obey 70 offers proficient control in a straightforward, lightweight, reasonable design. This Chauvet DMX controller can store 240 scenes and 6 sets of chases, which is an extraordinary worth when you think about other costs of Best DMX Controller. Notwithstanding customized programs, you can generally control an individual fixture on the fly or explore the built-in automated programs. Chauvet makes this simple with an intuitive, user-friendly design.

The Chauvet Obey 70 is outstanding amongst other Best DMX Controller since it consolidates a compact design with organized, clearly labeled controls that will give you an expert show with no confusion. Regardless of whether you’re searching for full control or simple automatic programs, this DMX controller will convey proficient results and hoist your lighting design.

  • User-friendly simplicity
  • A lot of scene/chase storage
  • Affordable
  • Only 384 channels

2. Enttec DMX USB DMXIS 70570: Best DMX Controller Software

Best DMX Controller

The Enttec DMXIS 70570 is interesting on the grounds that it changes your PC into a light control board. This Enttec DMX controller is compatible with a Mac OS or Windows PC, and it works by converting USB output into DMX signals. When you download the DMX program on your laptop or PC, you can connect the Enttec DMXIS 70570 through the USB port. At that point, you run a cable from the Enttec controller to your light fixture. With this straightforward design, you will immediately get comfortable with the setup and functions of your DJ lighting controller. On the off chance that you work and travel with your laptop as of now, this could be the Best DMX Controller for you.

The Enttec DMXIS 70570 controller offers a dependable DMX signal and an entire 512 channel universe all from your laptop. It’s ideal for somebody who ventures regularly particularly in the event that you as of now travel with other huge hardware since it’s little and lightweight. This DMX lighting controller dispenses with the requirement for a bigger control board while as yet offering great synchronization for magnificent light shows.

  • User-friendly
  • Control lights from computer
  • Ideal for travel
  • Compatible only with specific computers

3. ADJ Products CH DMX DIMMING: Best DMX Controller for Mobile DJ

Best DMX Controller

We’ve positioned the American DJ Scene Setter-48 the best overall lighting board since it’s an exceptionally advanced and adaptable DMX controller. With this lighting board, it’s anything but difficult to synchronize your lights, sound, and haze machines since it has 4,200 programmable scenes and 48 programmable chases. By setting a scene, you can save and recall a program you’ve done previously. At that point, by joining scenes together, you can make a chase.

You can set and navigate your projects effectively with the LED display. The memory capacity of the American DJ Scene Setter-48 makes it the Best DMX Controller for moving heads, beams, lasers, haze machines, and so much more. This Best DMX Controller was made for making complex shows.

This ADJ lighting controller has an entire 512 channels. Likewise, it’s furnished with MIDI, 3-pin XLR, and 5-pin DIN inputs and outputs, which implies it’s compatible with most DJ hardware. It’s built to last with a rugged design and, generally, this is the Best DMX Controller for making proficient shows with ultimate creative opportunity.

  • Thousands of programmable scenes/chases
  • Versatile
  • High controlling capacity
  • Too advanced for beginners

4. Rockville ROCKFORCE 384: Best DMX Lighting Controller

Best DMX Controller

On the off chance that you flourish in the dark club scene, the Rockville Rockforce 384 with a built-in light could be the Best DMX Controller for you. The built-in light makes your job simpler in dimly lit scenes like clubs and parties, adding to its rugged design will bear the harsh demands of gig life.

This 384 channel Best DMX Controller can review 240 scenes and 6 chases, all planned to your inclination. Also, Rockville planned this DMX controller to accommodate DJs of any experience level. For added effortlessness, you can undoubtedly choose the program of one light and allocate it to another, so your show is easily synchronized. Or then again, with reversible DMX channels, you can program certain lights to respond opposite to different lights in a chase. The Rockville Rockforce 384 is also MIDI compatible, so there’s a lot of opportunity for exploration and experimentation with this DMX controller.

  • User-friendly
  • Unique programs
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Best for beginners

5. ADJ Products OPERATOR-384: Best DMX Controller that is Highest Rated in Amazon

Best DMX Controller

The ADJ DMX Operator-384 is the Best DMX Controller in case you’re searching for something that is obviously organized and labeled, making it simple to explore up to 240 scenes and 12 chases. With this support, you get a ton of scenes at this cost point, in addition to ADJ deliberately designed this DMX controller to be instinctive and accessible. This DMX controller conveys proficient lighting with little exertion.

The ADJ DMX Operator-384 makes it simple to control a few features all the while with the joystick or a easy click of a button. You can without much of a stretch change and control your show on the fly, which gives you space for improvised creativity. You can confide in the ADJ DMX Operator to consolidate user friendly instruments with proficient outcomes.

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable with great value
  • MIDI compatible
  • Best for small stage setups

What is DMX?

DMX means “digital multiplex,” and it functions as a communication system among you and your gear. Most brands produce DMX-compatible equipment, so it’s critical to comprehend DMX on the grounds that it’s the business standard with regards to lighting and stage hardware.

Most light fixtures contain their own built-in DMX system, so once you pick a program (for example sound-active), they can work all alone. Or then again, you can decide on a DMX controller, which permits you to organize and synchronize every fixture from one master control board. Figuring out how to function through DMX can be overpowering from the start, however with time, research, and experience, you’ll acknowledge how it improves and organizes your light design.

What is a DMX controller?

Most light fixtures include a built-in DMX system so it can work alone or sync with other fixtures, yet a DMX controller is an enormous panel that permits you to deal with the entirety of your fixtures from one spot. A DMX controller gives you more opportunity to redo your show in an accessible and organized way.

Key DMX Terms

  • Channel: A channel controls one aspect of a fixture. For instance, channel 1 may control color, channel 2 may control pan, channel 3 may control tilt, etc. Various fixtures require an alternate measure of channels.
  • Universe: A universe is 512 channels of output. One universe can function through one cable, however, past 512 channels, you’ll need to set up a second cable and start a second universe. It’s ideal to keep away from maximizing your universe so you have a solid signal to every one of your fixtures.
  • Address: Every fixture has a location or address–in your DMX universe. The location of a fixture is the channel on which that fixture begins. For instance, the address of your first fixture will be channel 1, and if the first fixture utilizes 3 channels, the address of the second fixture will be channel 4.
  • Scene and Chase: A scene is a pre-set program that you make and save on your DMX controller. In the wake of setting every individual channel in a scene, you can save it and recall it whenever. A chase, at that point, is numerous scenes put together, traveling through them in sequential order. Imagine: if a scene is a picture, a chase resembles putting numerous photos to make a moving animation.

Troubleshooting Common DMX Problems

  • Check modes and addresses: Continuously twofold check your work. Numerous issues can be fixed by eliminating human mistakes, which includes checking that all of your fixtures are accurately programmed and addressed.
  • Isolate variables: On the off chance that you’ve twofold-checked all the modes and addresses of your fixtures, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to test your hardware until you discover the source of your concern. To test your light fixtures and cables, take a stab at running a simple chase so you can see which segment of your daisy chain is off.
  • Eliminate the problem source: When you identify the problem fixture or trouble spot, remove the lights and cables and check whether that disposes of the issue. At that point, plug your problem hardware directly into your Best DMX Controller individually for testing. Ideally, this will uncover the source of your concern.
  • Check your Best DMX Controller: On the off chance that you identify a pain point yet the issue continues once you remove the fixtures and cables, the issue may lie in your Best DMX Controller. Check every one of your modes and addresses once more, and if all that is by all accounts altogether, take a stab at moving your universe to different output in your console. Or on the other hand, utilize an alternate Best DMX Controller to test your lights.

How much to spend on a Best DMX Controller?

Eventually, this relies upon what you need, and you generally get what you pay for. You can discover quality hardware with less controls at low costs, which is helpful for little shows or simple lights.

Then again, in case you’re comfortable with DMX and you need a controller for bigger gigs, it’s ideal to put resources into proficient hardware that is adaptable and sturdy. You can never turn out badly insofar as you put resources into quality hardware that matches your requirements and experience level.

Not able to decide which is the best DMX Controller you should buy? Read this Guide to Buy the Best DJ Gears: A Guide to Best DJ Setup.


When you become acquainted with DMX, it can turn into a lifesaver. DMX makes perfect and smooth synchronizations simple, particularly since it’s a universal tool across brands.

In addition, with the Best DMX Controller, you gain extreme power and organization for proficient quality light shows. They simplify complex systems so you can get to any fixture in a show with a couple of buttons. Add Joy to Music – Browse Best DJ Controllers under 500.

You can discover the Best DMX Controller for individuals of any skill level, so the Best DMX Controller will be the one that fits your abilities and needs. Each console we’ve suggested will convey the basics and then some, so you can limit your choices and discover a console with the best programs and features for you.

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