Best DJ Mixer : Best Products to Choose From

Best DJ Mixer : Best Products to Choose From

What is a DJ Mixer ?

As far as digital DJing it is a gadget that you can guide to the different key functions of your software, now and then they are explicitly made considering receptive software programs.

As should be obvious for the situation the pioneer DJ mixer we assessed that have been custom-made to use for the primary functions of the Serato DJ or the Native instruments AIs intended for use with their software Traktor.

The main functionality of the best DJ mixer will be its cross-fade capacities you need to have the option to slide in and out easily.

You should expect 3-band EQ as guaranteed, to select how much mid-low and high in the DJ mixer

Current gadgets can be entirely no-nonsense bits of hardware; the abilities are normally really differing as the best DJ mixer market has become a serious one.

Any MIDI controller can be planned to control whichever work you allocate so don’t get too caught up if your budget doesn’t consider all the fancy odds and ends of the better quality models.

Step by step instructions to pick the best DJ mixer

All things considered, we wish we could disclose to you the specific one to purchase, yet here at the best DJ guide, we like to give you a few alternatives since budgets and overall use can differ from individual to individual.

Your budget – A great deal of these can get somewhat expensive, yet on the off chance that you spend the money, you have yourself a workhorse for 5+ years.

The most costly isn’t really the best, be that as it may. The more you play, the more features you will get, however in the event that you aren’t anticipating utilizing a ton of features, the cash might be a complete waste and overkill.

Mixer type – Do you need just the best DJ mixer? Or then again maybe a blend with the best DJ controller?

As expressed beforehand, part of these days (the digital era) accompanies USB connectivity, MIDI, and other various DJ controller capabilities.

Look out for all that extra stuff they accompany and check whether you truly need them all things considered.

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Additional features – Besides the typical crossfader, volume control, earphone inputs, and such, a portion of these accompany extra features you may or not may not require. Low and high pass filters? A built-in audio interface? USB and MIDI connectivity?

What number of channels? The standard is two channels, as this is suggestemd for most DJ’s (you’ll have the option to control two sources of sound, so basically two turntables).

There are mixers out there that can uphold up to 16 channels just as microphones, however, that might be excessive, in spite of the fact that everything relies upon the level you’re at.

On the off chance that you choose to go with more than two regardless of whether you’re anticipating only two decks for the present, it won’t really hurt — who knows, possibly over the long haul you’ll be more advanced to utilize different channels.


9 Best DJ Mixer 2021

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall



Good balance of useful software

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Best DJ Mixer for Vinyl

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626

Great sturdy build quality

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Best for Professionals

Professional Audio Mixer

Professional Audio Mixer

Double decks with highly responsive foggers

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Best DJ mixer for entry-level DJ’s

Pioneer DJ Electric (DJM250MK2)

Pioneer DJ Electric (DJM250MK2)

Sound Color FX

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Most versatile DJ mixer

Numark M6 DJ Mixer

Numark M6 DJ Mixer

Extraordinary 4 Channel Alternative

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Best DJ mixer under $500

Allen & Heath XONE DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath XONE DJ Mixer

Includes an FX Loop Function

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Best Onboard effects

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

5 All-out Channels

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Most flexible DJ

Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Mixer

Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Mixer

Balanced with a Permit for the Rekordbox DJ Software

Check On Amazon
Best Serato experience

Pioneer DJ Mixer (DJM-S9)

Pioneer DJ Mixer (DJM-S9)

Completely Assignable

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1.) BEHRINGER NOX101- Best Overall

best DJ mixer

The BEHRINGER NOX101 is our best worth mixer since it offers a lot of usefulness at a deal cost.

The best DJ mixer chassis is produced using strong steel making it roadworthy and sturdy for DJ’s out and about.

The two channels have a 3 band EQ to alter frequencies progressively and the crossfader feels smooth and strong.

The low price makes it an ideal choice for new DJ’s and it would be a fantastic reinforcement best DJ mixer for a pro.

This is the best DJ mixer software for top-notch scratching if you are running on a budget and it’s anything but difficult to switch between sound sources.

The line inputs are switchable so you can utilize your CD player, mp3 player, and turntables and the sound quality is acceptable.

The 2 master outputs are RCA connectors and a ¼” sound system earphone output. At this value, it’s uncommon to get a decent quality bit of sound rigging that is solid.

The BEHRINGER NOX101 is a special case, despite the fact that it might be fundamental regarding features it’s an unshakable decision.

Any new DJ searching for a first mixer or more advanced user needing a second mixer should give the BEHRINGER NOX101 some genuine thought.

  • Good balance of useful software which comes bundled with the best DJ mixer
  • This best DJ mixer is very budget-friendly.
  • One of the most highly rated best DJ mixer currently available in the market
  • Not a great pick for those who want to use advanced features on the best DJ mixer

2.) Behringer Pro Mixer DX626- Best DJ Mixer for Vinyl

best DJ mixer

As the name would propose, this controller is explicitly intended to work with the great NI Traktor DJ software.

Initially, this may appear as though a costly choice contrasted with different best DJ mixer on our rundown however it incorporates a full form of Behringer Pro Mixer DX626.

This software is a digital vinyl system that is extensively like Serato DJ and it permits clients to timecode their CDs and vinyl for exact scratching.

The “Macro FX” system gives the DJ more than 30 excellent FX to use on the fly. This FX is anything but difficult to control by means of a devoted set of exact RGB knobs and buttons.

The chassis of the best DJ mixer is produced using aluminum and the three Innofaders are top-notch parts. The 24-cycle/48kHz soundcard is a set above numerous different best DJ mixer available and there is a lot of availability.

For DJs that need an independent unit to control their digital Behringer rig is an easy decision.

Local Instruments have incorporated a noteworthy heap of software and the steep learning curve is well worth the effort.

  • Great sturdy build quality which will last long
  • The product has been dominant over the best DJ mixer for a long period of time
  • This best DJ mixer comes with pre-paid software which will make it easy to make music
  • The best DJ mixer is a bit outdated as new advanced features loaded best DJ mixer are available

3.) Professional Audio Mixer- Best for Professionals

best DJ mixer

The Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console PMXU83BT is a refreshed second release, it has new hardware features.

It has a superior scope of I/O choices and incorporates a recently dedicated booth monitoring out switch.

It has 2 sign volume controls and a mic engage switch for easy muting.

All the Knobs are rubberized, you have increase and channel and primary volume, FX1 and 2, 3-EQ for each channel, and sign catches for each deck.

The explanation this is promoted as an 8 channel work desk is that it has a remix deck control dial, to get to the top remix openings.

It additionally has line faders and a brisk crossfader with a short cutting separation for sharp scratching, the bend can be changed in inclinations, to suit your style.

You can circle in and out or circle on circle physically or on auto bar circle length. Different controls are the tempo adjust, for beat-matching and syncing up the master deck to the next deck.

It likewise has a flux mode to bounce through the song loops, cue points, or scratches. The most evident update is the new aluminum jog wheels, they are enacted by pressing on, the sides nudge.

It accompanies a serial number for the most current rendition of PMXU83BT for plug and play, which gives clients more than 30 distinct effects which you can switch through and control by means of the decks.

It tends to be utilized as a completely assignable MIDI gadget, it can likewise be utilized with iOS gadgets for Apps, for example, the iOS DJ App.

  • The availability of free software
  • Double decks with highly responsive foggers
  • Fully assignable MIDI remote
  • iOS compatible
  • 8 channel best DJ mixer is not that popular and has a niche market

4.) Pioneer DJ Electric (DJM250MK2)- Best DJ mixer for entry-level DJ’s

best DJ mixer

Pioneer’s DJM series is presumably the most widely recognized range of DJ gear you’ll find in clubs around the world.

While a lot of DJs will uphold an inclination for Allen and Heath or Rane mixers in the DJ corner.

Pioneer’s universality isn’t without reason; the brand has years of experience designing quality, pro-level DJ gear, as this flagship mixer is and demonstration of what intrigues most about the DJM250MK2 is its wide scope of features.

From channel EQs and filters to the double USB ports and mic inputs, there’s not plenty of bases that aren’t secured here.

There’s likewise a broad scope of effects, including reverbs, flangers, beat rehashes, and the company’s distinctive ‘Sound Color FX’, which offer a scope of dynamic change and develop sounds.

There’s a send/return as well, for including external processors by means of sound or USB connectors.

  • There are a lot of effective options available to the user
  • The DJ mixer is high on flexibility which gives them a wide range of options
  • It plays nicely with industry-standard CD’s
  • The color FX can be quite tiring after persistent use

5.) Numark M6 DJ Mixer- Most versatile DJ mixer

best DJ mixer

This one makes for a grand, touch-sensitive, professional-level 4 channel/4 deck best DJ mixer. It is all around manufactured and bolsters all audio formats.

It has 2 splendid full-shading shows and gives a serious and instinctive, hands-on approach to manage your work process.

It takes into account easy live remixing, users can cut, revamp, and beat- jump with the 3 modes.

Basic hot cue, flux mode to shuffle the signals and keep up track position, twist notes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Or then again use freeze to take a preview from a running track to improve on the beat-pads for execution. There are 16 shading coded pads altogether.

It consistently incorporates with Traktor Pro 2 software, which it accompanies a free permit for, and furthermore with your iTunes library and auto-detect BPM to a serious extent of precision.

It makes for an extraordinary 4 channel alternative and again accompanies free software that in a split second guide for you.

  • 4 channel is very useful and handy
  • The 3 modes available is very useful
  • There is the presence of a seamless software experience
  • The price tag that this best DJ mixer comes with might turn you off

6.) Allen & Heath XONE DJ Mixer- Best DJ mixer under $500

best DJ mixer

The Xone:23C blends traditional mixing in with present-day digital DJing into one open, reasonable item.

The installed DSP joins their simple voltage control channel which offers user control over high and low pass filtering, frequency sweeps, and resonance control which goes from gentle setting to wild.

It likewise includes an FX loop function, to interface with outsider FX units or stacks which at that point get steered back to your best DJ mixer. The input/output options are shifted enough to permit great set-up flexibility.

There is a line in/phono stereo system channels for instruments and turntables. The XLR connections are proficient level quality.

The checking capacities are additionally first-class it has a devoted booth output with its own volume and a cue mix control in with level unmistakably displayed.

It has an OK sound card to manage an immediate association with DJing software and illuminated controls making it simpler to find in obscurity.

They likewise make an updated model now with a dedicated crossfader for scratch performance.

  • This low price alternative to those who are on tight budgets
  • This DJ mixer is perfect for novice DJ
  • This DJ mixer has great I/O decision making
  • The physical layout of the best DJ mixer could have been better and more well sorted

7.) Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000- Best Onboard effects

best DJ mixer

The DDM4000 is an expertly created, 5-channel advanced best DJ mixer with a beat synchronized sampler an exceptionally sought-after function that can be utilized as a beat-controlled looper.

It permits clients to test incoming sound and loop it to the BPM, when persistently looping you can trade disks and line up new tracks to mix back in.

Each channel has 3-way balance control, up to 12DB of lift, and a kill choice, each can be observed autonomously with earphones for mixing.

Channels 1 through 4 are crossfader-assignable the last channel is a devoted XLR microphone channel with a discussion highlight that guarantees your voice will be heard regardless of anything else in the mix.

It highlights double effects that consolidate BPM counting technology so you can apply BPM-synchronized effects, for example, Delay, Echo, Bitcrusher, or pitch move (to give some examples).

Obviously, it’s midi regulator capacities are the place its capacities truly open-up you can practically allocate each press button, fader, and EQ knob to change or trigger what you need by planning it to your picked software preference.

It makes for a decent in house sound interface since it can save pre-set preferences as far as the fader curve Fx settings, EQ, and kill frequencies, which can be saved to user accounts for instant future recall.

  • Free Mic channel with Talk work.
  • 5 all-out channels.
  • Great range on-board impacts.
  • Completely configurable to programming as a MIDI regulator.
  • The I/O prowess can be questioned as it doesn’t match up to its counterparts.


8.) Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Mixer- Most flexible DJ

best DJ mixer

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer has gotten a recent upgrade to incorporate a portion of the features found on the DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer.

This is a 2-channel DJ mixer with excellent 64-bit digital processing for digital and analog sources.

The mixer has a clean and professional layout that learners and seasoned DJ’s will naturally comprehend.

An uncompromising Magvel fader guarantees smooth EQ control and there is an isolator to drop a whole EQ band as needed.

This is an incredible mixer on the off chance that you need to include turntables into your mixer and control your vinyl.

There is 8 built-in FX, they are an echo, delay, trans, flange, roll, reverb, spiral, and pitch.

There is an autonomous send/return channel so you can utilize the built-in FX close by your preferred outboard FX units.

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer offers an extraordinary incentive for DJ’s.

There are a lot of associations, including an XLR and ¼ line in, a couple of earphone outputs, two USB ports, a mic, and AUX input, a master XLR and RCA output, three RCA connections, and a couple of phono/line level ports.

This mixer package is balanced with a permit for the Rekordbox DJ software to get you fully operational quickly.

  • Numerous customers have announced that this mixer has phenomenal sound quality.
  • This is an incredible method to get your hands on the greater part of the DJ
  • DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer at a more moderate cost.
  • There are plenty of connections making it a flexible piece of gadget
  • Outright beginners might want to attempt a basic unit first as using this one can be quite complicated.

9.) Pioneer DJ Mixer (DJM-S9)- Best Serato experience

best DJ mixer

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is our top-notch pick.

It’s particularly intended for the Serato DJ users and it flawlessly coordinates with that software as a MIDI controller by means of USB.

The controls are completely assignable, the 6 FX catches, cushions, and Magvel Pro crossfader can be designed to make your own custom controller setups.

Indeed, even the bend and opposite settings can be balanced alongside full admittance to authority over the operational burden.

Each DJ adores access to pads, they are a unique method to flavor up a set and the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 cushions control slicing, looping, rolling, and hot cues.

For further developed clients, the pads can be allocated to different Serato functions as a convenient remote trigger.

It’s anything but difficult to monitor the current status with the EL display, the colors can be balanced as an extra obvious sign to match Serato functions.

The “Beat FX” and “Pro FX” catches are an incredible method to get to the preset beat FX. In any case, there are additionally 2 extra memory banks for custom FX setups that can be easily accessed on the fly.

The ” Filter FX ” dial permits the DJ to dial in other FX, including noise, pitch, dub, and echo. This is a great 2 channel DJ mixer, we recognize no mutilation on the mic input and the clip display utilized for observing the pinnacle levels.

The Melodic App is additionally included and this product is an incredible method to improve finger drumming strategy.

  • Serato users report that this mixer coordinates consistently with their DJ software
  • The regulators are completely assignable to make custom controllers setups
  • The cushions are very much executed and they include a lot of significant worth
  • As a top-notch 2 channel mixer, this isn’t the cheapest entry point for beginners

What Is the Best DJ Mixer for Beginners?

In the event that you are new to mixing, it is most likely a smart thought to go for a software dedicated mixer, it will right away guide and give you hands-on control over your sound.

Apprentices may end up overpowered with the best DJ mixer with such a large number of onboard features. From those, we have inspected we recommend the Behringer.

What Is A Rotary DJ Mixer?

A rotary DJ mixer is a more conventional style mixer with dials. They went out of style when Laptop DJs started trying different things with beat pad cues.

They are making a famous rebound on the grounds that DJing is a hands-on job some lean toward dials for manual control.

On the off chance that you embrace the methods effectively you can pull off some extraordinary techniques with a rotary mixer, however, they are harder than some of the newer models with their advanced conveniences and independent nature.

Best DJ mixer : Buying Advice

Ins and outs

The most fundamental type of DJ mixer will present two input channels that can be mixed utilizing level controls and, by and large, a crossfader.

The subsequent sound will at that point be taken care of to the main output, just as an assignable ‘cue’ earphone output, which permits users to hear a track without it being mixed into the main mix.

Best DJ mixer offers more than this, however; at least four or more input channels are regular on better higher-end mixers, as are mic inputs, booth outputs, and effects loops.

Be that as it may, what number of intricate details do you really require while picking the best DJ mixer for you?

Comprehensively, more I/O implies greater flexibility and more future-proofing.

In case you’re a beginner DJ you may find that two channels are sufficient for the present, however, you may arrive at a point later on where you’d prefer to include a third or fourth deck so as to get more innovative.

Those hoping to play weddings and business functions will probably need mic input. DJs liable to play bigger clubs, on the other hand, will probably require a booth output. Also Read:- Best multitrack Recorder

Nonetheless, extra ins and outs don’t come for free, and in case you’re sure you won’t have any desire to accomplish more than mix records from two turntables or CDJs then a straightforward 2-channel best DJ mixer may well carry out the job.

This is especially the situation for scratch DJs and turntablists, who will in general lean toward the ‘ battle mixer’ design.

These will in general adhere to two channels yet heap on extra performance features and puts additional emphasis on quality faders and crossfaders.


Most best DJ mixer at any rate have some type of channel EQ and, by and large, a low/high-pass filter.

Best DJ mixer for the most part offers extra effects as well, for example, rhythmic delays or gates or things like phasers, reverbs, or even one-shot FX.

While none of these are carefully important to DJ with, the more tools you have available to you the more imaginative you can be, Digital compatibility.

In spite of electronic music being, from multiple points of view, at the front line of technological development, DJs will in general be somewhat stubborn.

As such, many wills in general evade the whole realm of ‘digital’ DJing for a conventional ‘two decks and a mixer’ setup.

There’s no overlooking the way that the march of progress is going towards the digital realm, however, so having some sort of similarity is certainly not an impractical notion.

In the best DJ mixer market, it ranges from USB ports permitting streaming of audio to/from a PC to full controller integration with DJ applications, for example, Serato, Traktor, and rekord box.

Numerous best DJ mixer is ‘DVS-ready’ as well, which means they’re set up to utilize one of the major digital vinyl systems integrated into the above software tools.

These permit users to control software decks utilizing ‘genuine‘ hardware, utilizing an arrangement of timecode vinyl or CDs.

This can be an incredible bridge for those that need an exemplary hands-on feel yet additionally the convenience of digital DJing.

What DJ Mixer Does Daft Punk Use?

Daft Punk has an enormous set-in the mood for performing live and their gear in an exceptionally summed up overview comprises of an assortment of keyboards and synthesizers, (for example, the MINIMOOG), pre-amp, vintage samplers, and EQ effects stacks and pedals just as a large number of software plugins.

Their live set-up generally changes from collection to collection.

They accomplish their remarkable sound ironically with some retro very much adored products.

One of their go-to mixers is the 8-year-old Behringer BCR2000 midi controller just as the Roland DJing 09 Drum Machine which is as notorious as the team and it helped launch early house and techno.


Pick your software first and ensure you have the best DJ equipment for running its requirements, when you have this source you can pick the best DJ mixer with it in mind.

Expert Tip

Pick your software first and ensure you have the best DJ equipment for running its requirements, when you have this source you can pick the best DJ mixer with it in mind.

Did you Know?

Daft Punk broadly utilized the eminent Neve 88R Mixing Console for a portion of their Random Access Memories Album.

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