Best DJ Lights in 2021 – To Rock the In-House Celebrations

Best DJ Lights in 2021 – To Rock the In-House Celebrations

Whether you are a professional DJ or just the one organizing a house party, a grand function, just a wedding, or any such special occasion, DJ lights are a must.

These lights just make everyone fall in love with the atmosphere.
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But obviously, you cannot take a random set of DJ lights to every function or party, otherwise, it will ruin it. There are different types of lights on different occasions.

DJ lights are those multi-colored lights that have patterns such as strobe lights, disco balls, or even just simple headlights, etc.

DJ lights will lit any environment and in order to lift people’s moods, a piece of good music, some smoky atmosphere, and a perfect DJ are all you need.

There is a wide range of DJ lights from various brands, that would fit your preferences. But purchasing a perfect DJ light without any research and comparison might be a difficult task.

If you are searching for a perfect set of DJ lights without any specific requirement, then this article is for you.

Here we have mentioned the 9 best DJ lights, their qualities, and their pros and cons.

Features of Best DJ lights

1.) Multi-working modes

There are multiple working modes of the DJ lights like flash speed control, flash rotating speed control, different lighting modes like auto and distinguished flash modes.

These types of multi-functional lights are perfect for home parties, weddings, DJ nights, celebrations, and Karaoke performance.

2.) Plug and Play

The DJ Lights with this kind of feature doesn’t need to be installed. They can be directly controlled by remote and come with a long cord.

Just plug in the cord and remote control, hang it anywhere and in any corner. You can also attach the lights to the ceiling, hang them on the wall, or may just keep it on the table.

3.) Sound-activated modes

Most of the DJ lights have this kind of feature with which they can change the colors of light as per the rhythm of the music and also controls the rotation of the light, i.e. the sound-activated mode.

They have this feature that changes the color of the lighting and the intensity of the lights according to the beats of the music. Moreover, this feature also controls the rotation speed of lights. It depends on the users to choose whether they want to fasten or slow down the speed.

4.) Changeable colors

The laser lights generally come in three colors, i.e., red, green, blue and other colors also, these all display a very colorful, and a joyful, lighting effect in the party. So, there are two types of modes, one is a single color DJ lighting and the other one is the mixing mode of colors of DJ lighting.

5.) Remote control

Most of the DJ lights come with full function remote control. This feature allows you to control and activate all the modes of the DJ lighting with a single click of a button, from a distance.

9 Best DJ lights in 2021

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall



Power Supply : 100 to 240 VAC
Weight : 9.8 lb (4.5 kg)

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Best in Moonflower

ADJ Products Stage (STINGER)

ADJ Products Stage (STINGER)

Power Supply : 100 ~ 240 V
Weight : 11 lbs. / 5kg

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Best Indoor DJ Light

U’King Mini DJ Lights

U’King Mini DJ Lights

Power Supply : 110V-220V
Weight : 3.34kg / 7.36lb

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Best Value For Money

DragonX4 Bar LED

DragonX4 Bar LED

Strobe Rate : 0-20 Hz

Weight : 23.1 pounds/10 kg

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Best All-in-one Package



Power Supply : 100 to 240 V
Weight : 25.6 lb (11.6 kg)

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Best Portable Device



Power Supply : 100 to 240 V
Weight : 3.8 lb (1.7 kg)

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Best Under Budget

U`King Moving Head Stage Light

U`King Moving Head Stage Light

Power Supply : 110-220V
Weight : 4.74 ponds/ 2 kg

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Best Dual RGB



Weight : 3.8 pounds/ 1.7 kg

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Best Pocket-Friendly Deal

LUNSY 36LED Stage Lights

LUNSY 36LED Stage Lights

Power Supply : 100-240V
Weight : 7.19 pounds/ 3.2 kg

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1.) CHAUVET SWARM 5FX – Best Overall

best dj lights

This is one of the best, Chauvet new DJ lightning. This comes with an awesome package of DJ lights consisting of LEDs, strobes, and a laser. It has an amazing 3-in-1 LED light, comprising of a red, green, blue, and a white rotating derby, it looks like a sunray coming through the window.

It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor parties, i.e., a wedding party, a house party or a frat party. It has a red, and green laser light built in the center of the light and is surrounded by the white strobe LEDs.

It has added two colors of lasers in the center because of them thousands of laser beams emerge on the walls and it looks perfect when a fog accompanies these laser beams. This is one of the best lasers with strobe and the best DJ light. It has an all-in-one lighting effect with seven sound active settings.

It also has automated or sound-activated, or Master/Slave mode or DMX mode, color, and program controls. It has a combination of effects, giving an awesome display, along with covering a large area.  You can place it on a speaker stand or on high truss.

The most exciting feature is it comes with a sound-sensitive knob, i.e. the lights blink and dance according to the beat of the music. It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor parties, i.e., a wedding party, a house party, or a frat party.

  • Has a very bright laser.
  • Comes with a lot of programming options with a simple menu.
  • Sturdy and easy to move.
  • Covers large areas while displaying.
  • Sound-sensitive lights.
  • The strobe is a bit lighter.
  • A bit expensive.

2.) ADJ Products Stage (STINGER) – Best in Moonflower

The American company designed this Stinger DJ light, in such a way that it displays colored “Moonflower” effects, which fills the dance floor with colors, movements, and amazing patterns. It is one of the best DJ lights for the dance floor. The laser beams project the light with razor-sharp beams and the strobe lights give the feels of a night club in any room, this light would be placed.

The structure of this DJ light comprises of a 3-in-1 light with six LEDs, eight white LEDs, and a red, and a green laser in the middle. Just by looking at the structure, only one could tell what a beautiful moonflower like the pattern it will project when switched on.

It also comes with a “stepper” motors inside the unit, which contributes to is long-living. This DJ light projects rapid movements of the light beams for energetic and fast music, but at the same time, it can slow down accordingly and scan the dance floor smoothly for softer and slower songs.

So, it would not portray jerky movements while wedding dance is going on. It allows your full control over it as it has an in-built microphone or also via DMX (10 channels). It is light in weight (11 pounds only) and portable.

  • Many options for effects and patterns.
  • It comes with a set of fifteen preset colors.
  • The LEDs are long-lasting.
  • It does not heat up much.
  • A bit expensive when you need more units.

3.) U’King Mini DJ Lights- Best Indoor DJ Light

best dj lights

U’King company is quite known for its own product as it deals with bikes, flashlights, laser lights, fog machines, DJ lights, spotlights, and pretty much. It has 4 beam RGBY Laser effect light that presents 100 beautiful patterns along with 300 graphics and effect both of these make the good performance of the lights.

Also, the laser uses DPSS, which is a diode-pumped solid-state laser. Above everything, it has a long life hence making it durable with the most productive product. The LED functions in such a way that it has an on-off switching effect and in sound active mode, the panel’s LED represents the sound activated.

This is designed and developed in such a way that it stops and switches off after 8 seconds once the music comes to an end. This unit also has Master/Slave functionality as it closes down when no DMX512 is working or its signal is set to active. This also all have set all slaves units in auto mode and in sound active mode without consoles.

It is basically designed to work indoors only and hence it is very delicate and hence needs to be taken care of particularly from the direct eye contact, dust, moisture, water, and shock to avoid any damage.

This unit has 7 channels to regulate the DMX and it must be a bit noisy due to the use of a stepping motor. It comes packed with proper care through the use of foam and plastic bags to avoid any damage and comes up with a long power cable and a user manual.

  • It has 100 patterns and more than 300 graphics and effects.
  • It has an auto mode facility.
  • Its build quality is quite high.
  • The user needs to keep on checking and ensure it properly working by switching it off again and again.
  • The noise production can be disturbing.

4.) DragonX4 Bar LED – Best Value For Money

DragonX4 has come with a great DJ light package. It is one of the best professional DJ lights. Dragon X4 BAr comes with a stand which makes it easy to set or install. It works best for any indoor, restaurants, or club lightings. This provides connectivity with any mobile phone. Hence making it more preferable and convenient.

It already has more than 10 built-in programs for various effects. It is included in our best DJ lights list for its outstanding performance. It has a 108W portable sound-activated foot switch color mixing and 0-20Hz strobe rate.

  • It comes with a lot of equipment.
  • It is portable i.e. Easy to transport and set up.
  • It comes with a built-in more than 10 programmed scenes.
  • Easy connectivity with mobile phones.
  • Doesn’t work best for larger spaces.
  • A bit expensive.

5.) CHAUVET DJ GIGBAR2- Best all-in-one package

best dj lights

Chauvet is a very renowned brand when it comes to the best DJ lights. This product by Chauvet is a 4-in-1 light in which there are a bar and a pair of LED Derby, LED pars, a laser, and strobe effect is mounted. There is an added color mixing for a better experience.

It works best for any room, outdoor events, clubs, or restaurants. The minimum height of the tripod is 4.8 ft which can be increased up to 8.3 ft. The product comes with a wireless footswitch and easy-to-go mode.

It has tremendous built-in sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show. It can power link multiple units like running cables and extension cords.

  • It is a 4-in-1 system.
  • It comes with a multiple linkage unit.
  • It has a wireless footswitch.
  • Nothing so far.

6.) CHAUVET DJ KINTA FX- Best Portable Device

Here comes another product from Chauvet. It is a compact machine that comes with a Laser, Kinta, and SMD Strobe. The LED Kinta effect projects thousands of sharp multicolor beams and the SMD strobe produces attractive effects.

Also, one can easily control the lights unit from DMX, Master/Slave, IRC-6, or the digital display. Time can be saved easily by power linking multiple units. It has a red and green laser light that projects thousands of beams creating a beautiful effect. It works best at a small gathering or home events.

  • It comes with a multiple linking unit.
  • It is lightweight.
  • A very portable and easy to handle device.
  • It doesn’t come with a remote.
  • It comes with minimal features.

7.) U`King Moving Head Stage Light- Best Under Budget

best dj lights

It is one of the best DJ lights which involves a lot of movement. We can also say these are the moving DJ lights. It is a light-weight and portable machine. It also has a high-quality “stepper” motors for accurate fast and slow movements.

The projecting angle is 540 degrees pan and 270 degrees tilt which can be controlled along with the moving speed of the head easily. It comes with a multiple control system.

Since the lights are bright, it works best for indoors, bars, dance halls or clubs, etc.

  • The flash rate of the strobe is 10 times per second.
  • It has a dimming effect of 0-100% dimmer, from dark to light.
  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • Nothing so far.

8.) CHAUVET DJ Scorpion – Best Dual RGB

These are the best professional DJ lights from Chauvet. Also, they are the best for outdoor or large space venues or occasions. It comes with thousands of lasers of the color red, green, and blue, with 32 built-in patterns, which gives you an excellent effect.

And also have five control modes to choose, those are, Master/Slave, autorun, and sound active. It is fully programmable best DJ lights. It has various features such as rotation, zoom, pan, deformation, wave, and full-color mode.

This DJ light is light in weight and also portable, so you can carry this Scorpion RGB lase to anywhere and throw a clarity and a great light show. Also, if you want to present a “sky” effect, then this is capable of it.

It is sound sensitive light or one can say it has a voice-activated sensor, so the lights will change according to the type, rhythm, and beats of the music. It projects fat beams, which you can refer to as a laser sky, instead of small, tiny beams This is an affordable and high-quality laser and everyone will fall in love with the effects.

  • Consists of three colors of lasers, i.e. red, green, and blue.
  • Has amazing metallic housing.
  • Light in weight, portable, and durable.
  • It has a bright projection.
  • Does not come with a remote.

9.) LUNSY 36LED Stage Lights- Best Pocket -Friendly Deal

best dj lights

These DJ lights have 36 long-lasting LEDs to brighten up both indoor and outdoor parties in the case of jazz parties. It has a remote control feature that uses the DMX controller to make events, wedding parties, and festivals more joyous.

It also uses the aluminum shell casting to prevent any damages. This shell on the outer part act as a shield to protect the entire circuit from the pollution that is dust and moisture which results in the lifespan of the lights.

This is one of the best pocket- friendly lights. This pack feature consists of 4 Par light, 8 mounting brackets, 4 remotes, and a user manual. This user manual is the complete guide on how the user can use it for multiple operations. It has two handle brackets that can be used to mount on and to set up the lights as quickly as possible.

Through the steel cover multiple light effects like the rate at which the color keeps on changing, color jumping, static effect, and strobe effect to make the lighting more good and refreshing. This DJ light set consists of a Master/Slave unit and Mini Par that features 36 RGB LEDs that can glow in different colors.

  • This LED is elegant as it has 36 RGB LED beads hexagonal-shaped DJ light.
  • It has the property of remote control.
  • It comes up with the light effects and beam angles.
  • Troublesome to handle and to port.
  • The understanding of the work through the remote control can be cumbersome.


Factors to consider to buy the best DJ lights:

Just simply reading about the products is not useful until and unless one considers a set of factors to keep in mind while buying. So following are the factors which one should keep in mind, according to their priorities or requirements:

1.) Assess Lightning needs

Before buying a DJ light, you should decide the purpose of buying it, and then you will be able to select the right type of DJ lights. Like;

  • Whether you want a bright light or a dim light?
  • The occasion for which you want the light is going to be held in a larger area, or a smaller area?
  • What kind of ambiance do you want to create? such as a soothing one, an exciting one, a solemn one, a mysterious one, or a dramatic one.
  • Will the place at which the event is going to take place, is an indoor one, an outdoor one, or both?
  • Is there any AC outlet present there?
  • How many general outlets and amperes available at the venues?

One must have an answer to the above questions and such. It will make it easy for you to buy accordingly and fulfill your needs.

2.) The type of light

There are many forms, patterns, and types of DJ lights available such as conventional light fixtures, LEDs, etc. The modern light fixture form of light heats up the filament by sending an electric current through it.

But the best DJ lights are in the form of LEDs that consume too little power while operating and are available in sizes that range from 5mm to 10mm. The more the number of mm the brighter the light will be.

So, one needs to know the exact specifications of the LED lights in the DJ light to understand the power when illuminated. The LEDs generally come in three colors, i.e. in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors.

3.) Varied Lighting effects

There are numerous and thousands of light effects, available in LED lights such as beam effects, flower or moonflower effects, centerpiece effects, lights that produce flashes like strobe effect, gobos, lights with a narrow beam like lasers, and many more.

It all depends on the event and lighting requirements. There are many effects that are created with just two lights.

The above-mentioned ones are just the common ones. But while buying keep in mind, that you buy the light with the light effects you want to have in your event.

4.) Convenience

If you travel to various places and conduct events, concerts, etc. then obviously you would prefer a DJ light that is light in weight and portable. So, look for the weight of the DJ light while buying that whether it uses a 3 DMX pin or a 5 DMX pin? Is it heavy? Will it require more than one person to setup? etc.

So, look for the best DJ light according to your preference for portability and compact design.

5.) Durability

After spending a good amount on buying a DJ light, then who would ever want that the unit gets damaged after just one month or just stops working.

Obviously, everyone would want their DJ lights unit to be long-lasting.

Hence, there are some factors that affect the durability such as the build of the light and the casing used. Most of the DJ lights have a metal casing that protects the light and the circuitry from getting damaged easily from external elements.

Also, if it is an aluminum shell then also it is a nice one because aluminum is a strong material and lightweight as well.

6.) Ease of use

Buying the best DJ lights is not sufficient. It should come with the proper tools in order to install the lights.

If the DJ lights come with handles or other tools that can provide support in hanging the DJ lights to the walls, ceilings, or can be placed safely on the table or flat floor, to avoid or prevent it from getting damaged.

So, the lights must be easy to install and use. The above guide will help you a lot in buying the perfect DJ light for you.

It is very important to consider the factors mentioned above and then proceed to buy the best DJ lights for yourself, by keeping those factors in mind.



In the end, DJ lights have always been a part of every celebration, festive events because of these lights our memories of these moments become quite colorful and memorable.

Hence, making the correct choice in the choosing of the best DJ lights proves to be very important in order to ensure the safe and secure enjoyment of the events, for this the list of above-mentioned DJ lights will definitely be of help to decide properly and help you buy the perfect DJ lights for the occasion.

The good DJ light not only displays how with different color fusions and patterns the gatherings or any public events can be liveable, cherished, and magnificent.

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