Best DJ Lights Guide : Choose What Fits You

Best DJ Lights Guide : Choose What Fits You

Choosing the Best DJ lights can be a challenging task whether you are a professional mobile DJ or just a bloke looking for some fun lights for a house party.

Well-designed lighting effects can take a bland evening to outstanding and exhilarating. There is a wide variety of choices available in the market to choose from and it will fit into any budget, need, or mood that you want it to fit into.

These best DJ lights are easy to use, budget-friendly, and adds drama and excitement to any event. These can easily be used for nightclubs, stages, homes, bars, and weddings, etc. alongside your usual DJ performances.

To make the right choice as a buyer it necessary that you are aware of each and every minute detail of these DJ lights so that you can spend your money wisely.

So, now the question must arise within you “How to buy the best DJ lights?”.

best dj lights

There are 3 categories within which these DJ lights are divided into and we will slowly move towards understanding each one of them and also find out on what purpose that they can be used for better results.

As we all are aware that these best DJ lights are not “One size fits all” rather they cater to some specific moments when they are the most valuable and some moments that they don’t add the needed spice to the occasion.

1.) Laser lights:

To understand how and when to use laser lights it is very important to learn what exactly is a laser light.

The best laser lights function by projecting or emitting lines of bright lights that look absolutely fantastic when they are paired with a smoke machine.

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In the world of laser lights, they are available in two varieties, the first is a multi-point.

The multi-point laser work by splitting apart the laser beam into hundreds of tiny dots and then, entirely depending upon the laser model it can turn, twist spin and even change colors.

The second type of laser light makes the beams move so quickly that it can produce animations, pictures, and patterns. They can also pull off the favored “wave” effect throughout the air.

These laser lights are like the soul mates to the bubble machine & smoke machines as the smoke allows the intricate beams of light to become even more visible throughout the air and it creates brilliant light effects, all the while maintaining the pattern which is to be projected on the floor or the wall.

These are some of the cool features which make using these best laser lights an absolute must for any respectable mobile DJ rig.

DJ is mainly about playing music but lighting plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy. Laser lights are the perfect fit for creating sparkling light effects.

As such to set the proper ambiance and mood, DJs prefer laser lights over any other lights. Laser lights have nowadays become popular in clubs, bars, discos to pump up the ambiance and create a bright light show.


Factors you need to keep in mind while buying a laser light:

1.) Portability:

While buying a laser light make sure that it is lightweight and compact and comes in a sturdy carry case. This ensures easy and safe portability.

DJs and bands go to different places for performing and hence a portable best laser lights are of utmost importance to them.

Also, if you are using it for indoor purposes, you can place your laser light anywhere according to the party setup.

2.) Laser colors:

One of the attractions of lasers is their brilliant colors. While planning to buy a laser color is a key consideration. The disco laser projectors are available with many different laser options.

It can have a single color beam, mixed color versions, or full-color versions.

1.) Single color beams usually consist of only red or green laser sources

2.) The mixed color versions use two colors to create a new color effect altogether

3.) The full-color versions have three laser sources red, green, and blue.

You can choose any of these types as per your requirement but for producing the best effect for parties and DJs, full version laser lights are recommended.

3.) Battery:

The battery life is an important factor that you should consider while making a purchase. You wouldn’t obviously want your laser light to shut off in between events.

So, it is recommended to buy laser lights with long battery life enough to last your entire event. Also, make sure that it comes with a USB cable that will let you charge the battery through computers or power banks.

4.) Projection range:

The projection range of the laser is an important factor to be considered. It mainly depends upon the place, venue, and event in which the laser light is being used.

For a smaller venue and event with less crowd, the best laser lights having a lesser projection range may work fine. But for larger events and outdoor purposes laser with a larger projection range is a must.

The more the projection range, the longer the distance it will travel and hence give better effects.

5.) Safety Measure:

i)  You should never look directly into the laser beam.

ii) A laser should not remain unattended for a long period of time.

iii) A laser should never be directly pointed at someone’s eye.

iv) Shut the beam and turn off system shutters before shutting off the laser.

best laser lights

We have picked some of the Best laser lights for you by keeping all of the above-explained factors in mind. These lights are selected after a good research.

2.) Special Effects:

There are various special effects that can be used to make the party more enjoyable and fun. One such factor is the usage of Best Fog machines.

To understand how and when to use fog machines it is very important to learn what exactly is a fog machine.

The Best outdoor fog machines & Best Low Lying Fog Machine will help create the right atmosphere needed for the party. If you think hard enough then there is a reason why fog machines are the success stories for every party.

Nobody hates the mood they create, most importantly when the night is at its peak. They are machines that produce artificial smoke. The dramatic mood they help create is amazing.

They are a wonderful option if you want your event to be unforgettable.

There are two types of fog machines in existence which are

1.) Dry ice fog machines

2.) Fluid fog machines


Factors you need to keep in mind while buying a fog machine:

1.) Size of the smoke machine:

These fog machines are available to fit into anyone’s required size. You have to analyze and find out why you require the machine for after that choose a size that meets those needs.

If you want to be stealthy about it, you are then looking for a smaller size. This makes it easier to hide. Also Read:- How Do Fog Machine Work?

If your requirements are for a bigger venue, then ought to look for a more powerful fog machine that will deliver the amount of smoke that you need to make the atmosphere rocking.

2.) Fog output and range:

The Best Haze machines emit fog in larger quantities than others. While you will only cover a 2-meter distance with a small machine whereas the bigger ones will cover 8 meters.

You are required to be aware of these features, as you want Best Fog Juice & the fog machine to be efficient for you. Also Read:- How to Make Fog Juice at Home

Keep in mind the density of smoke that you are looking for should be appropriate otherwise the smoke trick can easily backfire.

3.) Portability:

If you are on the run, look for lightweight machines. This is super important otherwise this will be a burden for you.

Transportability is very important which you ought to consider while making a purchase decision regarding a fog machine. I would advise you to go for a compact and lightweight fog machine.

4.) Noise levels:

Fog machines are bound to make a lot of noise when they will be used. The differentiating factor comes down to the fact that some machine makes too much irritable sound.

In such cases, you need to make sure that you find one such machine which is easily manageable.

This noise should not be a distraction for your environment so it is required that the fog machine you opt for doesn’t affect your atmosphere.

5.) Durability Measure:

The buying decision is to be taken keeping an important thing in mind that you require it in the long run. The durability of a fog machine is always determined by evaluating the built quality and the materials being used in it.

You ought to look for a fog machine that will not only give you great service but minimal heat dissipation.

If you make the right choice you can get hold of a fog machine that is bound to change the mood of the events in an instant. The capacity of the tank always determined on the purpose of the fog machine.

If aren’t a regular user, a small fog machine would do the trick for you. Catching hold of the best products within an overcrowded market is a tough task, but get it right you will not regret it.

best fog machines

We have picked some of the best fog machines for you by keeping all of the above-explained factors in mind. These machines are selected after good research. 

3.) Strobe lights:

A strobe light is a device that is used to create or produce regular flashes of light. The Best Strobe Lights For Photography are designed for producing one thing…true lighting impact.

The brighter it gets the better it will look when it comes to strobe lights.

It can be an energetic rock show or a scary haunted house, strobe lights add an immaculate effect that is unique from every other kind of lighting this is the reason why you need to have these strobe lights in your arsenal.

Strobe lights are absolutely necessary if you’re DJ’ing in an EDM based event.

You have the option of using the Best Strobe Light For Party, or you can use lighting fixtures that provide you the option of adjustable shutter speed which can replicate the same effect.

The strobe lights add a great deal of energy to the climax of any song.


Factors you need to keep in mind while buying a strobe light:

1.) Portability:

The most important factor to be kept in mind while deciding upon a strobe light is the portability and flexibility of the device because you will have to carry it from one venue to another.

If it is bulky and heavy then you will have a tough time carrying it around, so ideally you want a lightweight strobe light.

2.) Lighting Effects:

You want to make sure that there is a wide variety of effects available at your disposal then you can adjust it automatically to the mood of the song.

The different effects will depend on the song whether it’s EDM music or party theme you can easily manipulate it using the DMX controller which is available with most of the strobe lights.

3.) Price:

You definitely don’t want to overspend on getting the best strobe lights so you have to be shrewd with your purchase decision and ensure that you get value for money deal.

The price range of this strobe varies depending on the brand, features, durability, projection range, etc. so you ought to make your decision wisely.

best strobe lights

We have picked some of the best strobe lights for you by keeping all of the above-explained factors in mind. These lights are selected after good research to make your choice easier.

Tips for Care and Maintenance of these best DJ lights:

1.) Ensure that this equipment is not dropped on the ground from a high location as these things can be fragile.

2.) Make sure that the voltage input is appropriate and not connected with a high voltage power source.

3.) Ensure that the Fog liquid is refilled whenever it gets finished and that the machine not used when the fog liquid is empty.

4.) Use the fog machine in the open area to avoid using it in small closed-door rooms.

These DJ lights can easily turn the mood around very easily as they are the showstopper of any parties or events. This equipment hypes up the crowd so fast that they can be game-changer.

Nowadays it’s more important than ever to own the best DJ lights available in the market. This guide will definitely help you in making a wise choice.

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