Best DJ Backpacks – The most trusted partner in your magical journey

Best DJ Backpacks – The Most Trusted Partner in Your Magical Journey

Backpacks have turned into a necessity these days and more so for a DJ because they are on a constant move on a daily basis and hence, they need a backpack on which they can rely upon and also ensure the protection of their beloved costly equipment.

The protection the backpacks provide should also be complemented with enough storage space for a DJ to house his equipment.

Backpacks exert less strain on your body than other bags due to the fact that it doesn’t put weight on only one side of your body.

A backpack does not only give you the feeling of being more adventurous and is more convenient to carry around rather than any other form of a bag.

These backpacks should be spacious enough to house your DJ controller or mixer, cables, cords, headphones, and even a laptop. These backpacks are a part of DJ must-have accessories.

They should also make unpacking the gear conveniently and get on with your performance.

These backpacks should also look stylish and trendy as DJs are perceived to be cool individuals in the society and whatever they use or carry should enhance their cool persona in the eyes of the public.

These backpacks should also be durable and robust because as a DJ you need not want to worry about your backpack getting daily wear and tear and need a replacement within months.

There are several factors that influence the purchase decision of a DJ as someone might be more focused on space or style or versatility.

Keeping all these in mind we have come up with a list of best custom DJ backpacks that covers all these aspects or criteria which a DJ considers before finally splashing the cash on buying a new backpack especially custom made for DJs.

The DJ backpacks should also give its user versatility in its use because it’s not necessary that its user will use it only during DJ events.

Because a DJ would like his backpack to be multi-purpose so that he doesn’t have to invest in a regular daily use backpack and he can use his DJ backpack for regular daily use for traveling.

This is why we came up with the list of 7 best DJ backpacks currently available in the market.

The products’ main Unique Selling Proposition is also mentioned alongside the name of the product to give you an idea of what that product is best known for and why it has an individual identity than the rest of the products mentioned in this list.

Why are DJ backpacks popular with DJ’s?

While DJs are all about playing music but to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness of their equipment they need a backpack which not only will ensure that every one of their equipment fits in but they are well protected as well.

These DJ backpacks are specially customized to suit the needs of a DJ and according to the equipment they use the space of the backpacks is allotted.

A regular backpack would not suffice for a job, hence, the reason DJ’s should be very shrewd in their pursuit of a backpack which will suit their needs.

Every individual style and requirements are different from each other this is why we are providing you a list of 7 best DJ backpacks that covers all the criteria that you might have as a DJ.

7 Best DJ backpacks 2021

Image Product Features Price
Best for space and versatility

Magma Riot DJ Backpack

Magma Riot DJ Backpack


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Best all-rounder

Thule Crossover Backpack

Thule Crossover Backpack

Bottom, zippered storage pocket

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Best for looks

Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite DJ backpack

Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite DJ backpack

Multiple pockets increase options

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Best In Class Build Quality

Pelican S115 Elite Sport Backpack

Pelican S115 Elite Sport Backpack

Best in class water protection

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Best for Comfort and Usage Diversity

SWISSGEAR 1186 Bungee Backpack

SWISSGEAR 1186 Bungee Backpack

Padded shoulder straps for shoulder comfort

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Best backpack to house MIDI controllers

Gator Club Series DJ Backpack

Gator Club Series DJ Backpack

3 exterior double pockets for adapters

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Best value for money

Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2)

Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2)

Custom made for certain key DJ equipment

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1.) Magma Riot DJ Backpack – Best for space and versatility

best dj backpacks

At first look, you might think this DJ backpack looks a little too heavy. Its rectangular outlook doesn’t make it the prettiest on this top 10 list, but the features more than makeup for its fashion flaws.

The Magma Riot Backpack XL is a high end, with extreme rugged built quality for heavy traveling. You can fit a lot of digital gear along with a laptop and its accessories into this backpack.

This comes with the option of a completely customizable interior system; you can set it up accordingly to fit your gear perfectly.

This heavyweight is constructed entirely from hardwearing PVC Tarpaulin.

It is completely waterproof in its outer shell and all the zippers available in the backpack which ensures the much-needed safety of your expensive gear in the worst of weather that nature can possibly throw at your way.

The riot DJ backpack ii safety is more prevalent in this as there are rubber corner protectors and rubber feet and there is a separate fully padded laptop-compartment up to 17’.

There are two big front pockets with mesh pouches which make for the perfect organization of small accessories like earphones, sunglasses, etc.

The padded back panel comes with an airflow system, ergonomic backpack straps, and chest straps.

There is also top and side carrying handles with detachable trolley sling and this makes this backpack hand luggage compatible.

The advanced feature of “Zip-Around-Expansion-System” translates to that the main compartment’s capacity can actually be doubled; this makes the backpack into the most versatile of all the backpacks listed in this list.


This magma riot DJ backpack is a very versatile backpack as its highlighting feature of “Zip-Around-Expansion-System” increases the space which is accessible to the user.

Not only that all the electrical equipment safety is also taken care of with waterproofing not only available on the outer shell but around the zippers as well which makes sure water doesn’t spoil your equipment.

  • Mammoth packing space
  • Protection is top-notch
  • Versatility
  • Not the best looking backpack

2.) Thule Crossover Backpack – Best all-rounder

best dj backpacks

This one is one of the best DJ backpacks. This is a durable backpack that comes with dedicated electronic protection, a spacious room in its compartments, and a very easy to organize style of setup.

The padded, zippered compartment dedicated to a laptop can easily house a 15” laptop. The amazing, “Crushproof SafeZone” compartment is customized to store sunglasses and fragile gear including a dedicated phone pocket.

This SafeZone compartment can be locked to the backpack or completely removed altogether to garner extra space in the backpack.

The additional pocket comes with compression straps which helps in getting additional external storage for a jacket or a newspaper that you might fancy carrying around during your travels.

All thanks to the perforated EVA shoulder straps covered with mesh and padded backchannel ensures airflow channels.

The backpack is also water-resistant as the fabrics and zippers used both combine to make a lightweight, protective backpack.

There is also an organization compartment that keeps cords and other accessories near the hand but out of the way. There are also multiple grab-and-go handles which makes it very flexible during traveling or transport.

The manufacturers have also provided two side mesh side pockets where you can carry water bottles or accessories depending on an individual’s needs.

This offering for Thule is well received by the audience and the majority of people have used it for a long duration of time and have little to no complaint against these backpacks which means the “word of mouth” is absolutely brilliant for this backpack.

This goes to show that this backpack is proven in the real world and won’t let you down under any circumstances.


This backpack is a great offering from Thule and amongst the best DJ backpacks as special thought and care have been put forward by the manufacturers while designing this backpack as each and every compartment serves a particular purpose and even some changes can be made to further increase the space which is already spacious in the first place.

  • Very spacious
  • Water-resistant
  • Very attractive to look at
  • Could have been more well built

3.) Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite DJ backpack- Best For Looks

best dj backpacks

A DJ backpack jetpack is one of the most attractive looking backpacks with its orange color interior complementing its black colored shell brilliantly.

This backpack takes traveling convenience to a whole new level. This backpack gives you an experience of first-class storage for all your tech and everyday carry essentials.

This backpack is solid, robust, light, and very well designed, the triple black color is classy, and the compartments make it super easy to transport your gear without having to pile it all up in one spot.

The Glove Box which features an overhead clip for headphones or sunglasses as these are fragile objects and need special care while keeping in a backpack.

Then, you have the dual locker doors to easily access the bottom sections. The shelves are removable and hence can be removed when required to increase the space of the backpack.

The thick air mesh backpack straps ensure there is no pressure being exerted on your shoulders. There is a cheeky quick access passport pocket which gives you access to your passport while you are at an airport and in a hurry.

The size of these backpacks allows it to easily fit in under the airplane seat. Then, the large back pocket can be unzipped to slip over luggage handles.

Moreover, the freestanding, fully-padded construction is added to the backpack for the protection of your gear.

This backpack also comes with a waterproof feature that ensures the safety of all the costly equipment kept in this backpack and this is very essential as you should have mental peace that your gear is safe during rainy times.


This backpack is the most attractive looking backpack in our best DJ backpack list. This backpack offers a specially dedicated clip to keep your earphones and sunglasses as these are fragile objects.

It is lightweight yet strong and robust build quality makes it very durable and the backpack will last for a very long duration time.

A small passport dedicated pocket which easily accessible is a very nice touch by the manufacturers which goes to show that even the minutest of details have been clearly thought through while deigning this backpack.

  • Multiple pockets increase options
  • Extra clip to store eyewear or headphone
  • Robust and strong build quality
  • Does not provide the best in class waterproof materials

4.) Pelican S115 Elite Sport Backpack – Best in class build quality

best dj backpacks

Pelican makes some of the most durable and hardcore cases on the planet. They’re serious about keeping your gear safe and protected.

This backpack from Pelican is no different. With a 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon from over 200 people, this riot backpack has been tried and tested in the real world.

Pelican has added a built-in watertight and crushproof case to keep your laptop or DJ controller backpack as safe as can be. Its IP67 tested which means it kept the contents inside the case completely bone dry.

The big-sized padded divider compartment can easily house multiple bodies like lenses, flash, etc. The side pockets keep charging cords and accessories organized properly.

The fragile accessories are taken care of by three air mesh lid organizer pockets. The chest clip and removable hip belt add to the versatility of the backpack on the way it can be used during traveling.

The floating ergonomic shoulder strap design ensures a ventilated back panel. The case portion is only watertight to 1 meter for 30 min also known as the O-Ring gasket sealed case.

The backpack is not watertight. The innovative quick-clip side straps allow attachment of full-sized tripods to the backpacks which gives you more space inside the backpack to use.

The build quality of this backpack is absolutely best in class and no compromises have been made by the manufacturers while designing this beast of a backpack they can easily handle the daily wear and tear of traveling and this provides the backpack an added edge over its competitors.


This Pelican DJ backpack is very robust and tough and you never have to worry about the breakage of your equipment inside this backpack.

The big-sized padded divider compartment can easily house multiple bodies like lenses, flash, etc. Its IP67 tested backpack ensures that it keeps water out of your equipment.

The fragile accessories are taken care of by three air mesh lid organizer pockets. The innovative quick-clip side straps allow attachment of full-sized tripods to the backpack.

  • Robust and excellent built quality
  • Best in class water protection
  • Good reviews from its users
  • Bit on the costlier side compared to others

5.) SWISSGEAR 1186 Bungee Backpack – Best for comfort and usage diversity

best dj backpacks

This backpack is rich in heritage as Swissgear is an old trusted brand that will never let you down on your daily commute in the life of a DJ.

The Swissgear 1186 Special Edition Laptop Backpack is manufactured from durable polyester fabric and features ample carrying capacity inside & out thanks to a large capacity main compartment with an especially dedicated padded laptop pocket, alongside a front bungee cord system featuring on the outside.

The three-compartment backpack has contoured padded shoulder straps and an airflow back system for superior support and wearing comfort.

The other additional features include an organizer compartment with a padded tablet pocket, side water bottle pockets, a headphone port, a D-ring to attach gear to, and robust material built into the front panel.

The ergonomically contoured strap comes with padded breathable fabric which ensures maximum comfort for your shoulder.

The shoulders are not the only well thought of by the manufacturers as the padded, airflow back panel with mesh fabric provides for superior back ventilation and support.

There are additional separate compartments for storing additional items along with side water bottle space provided to ensure hydration on the go.

The organizer compartment comes with a padded tablet pocket, a removable key/fob clip, and multiple divider pockets for pens, mobile phones, ID cards, and memory sticks.

The D-ring buckle and bungee cord system can be used to attach gear to the backpacks which further increases the storage capacity of the backpack.

It is water-resistant but no official waterproofing rating is provided to this backpack but the zippers do indeed come with rubber protection which makes it water-resistant.


This backpack is a SwissGear offering which is a very trusted and vintage brand. The shoulders and back are given special care as the air mesh padded straps ensure you don’t feel jaded while traveling with this backpack.

The backpack can not only be used by DJ’s but you can use it to fulfill your daily traveling needs a there is enough compartment provided in the backpack which ensures not only you can fit in your DJ equipment but also clothes when you are traveling and are on a constant move.

  • Versatility as it can be used a regular backpack
  • Padded shoulder straps for shoulder comfort
  • Presence of sufficient pockets
  • A bit too heavy

6.) Gator Club Series DJ Backpack- Best backpack to house MIDI controllers

best dj backpacks

This full-size backpack is designed to hold laptop-based DJ MIDI controllers up to 27” in width, laptop & headphones.

The interiors of this backpack are made of orange padded liner for better visibility in dark clubs and rooms.

The adjustable foam padding is provided for a secure fit, these are well complimented with a large exterior zippered pocket on the front of the bag for full-size DJ headphones.

This backpack also comes with hideaway backpack straps and the exterior is made with rugged nylon exterior with ultra-thick backpack straps.

The g-club series backpack is the ideal backpack for the daily commute of DJ controllers, mini-synths, pedalboards, and other gear.

The backpack is the perfect fit for the Pioneer DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2, and mini-synths such as the Roland GAIA SH-1, Dave Smith mopho x4, Dave Smith Pro 2, Electron analog keys, and the Waldorf Bloomfield.

This backpack features a generously large padded compartment perfect for laptop and device storage as well as 2 outer zippered pockets for cables and other accessories.

The g-club series also sports a rugged nylon exterior and a thick padded interior and ultra-thick padded hide-away backpack straps.

The backpack has unorthodox looks and is the biggest backpack featuring in our list and provides for the maximum storage space for bigger equipment which is used by DJs.

This Gator offering fulfills one of the unique proposition and has been custom made by the manufacturer for the devices which are mentioned above, which makes it the perfect choice if anyone of you owns the above-mentioned devices this also makes your purchase decision very easy.


Gator offers a wide range of products and this backpack is one of the best in that bunch. This backpack is also equipped with a heavy-duty shoulder strap and reinforced side carry handles.

The interior also features the g-club control Bright orange liner for better visibility in dim environments. The Gator Cases is known for manufacturing innovative products designed to protect.

This backpack comes with water-resistant material and zippers which keeps water out of the backpack and keeps the equipment’s inside safe.

  • Very good backpack if you want to carry big length wire
  • Strong zippers
  • 3 exterior double pockets for adapters
  • Unorthodox looks

7.) Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2)- Best value for money

best dj backpacks

This backpack is a DJ’s dream for a ballistic nylon backpack that keeps holds of a myriad of equipment in style and provides safety and security.

If you’re a journeyman DJ who needs to move from gig to gig quickly and securely, then this backpack is the one and true answer to all your questions.

This beauty not only holds your basic music gear but also has dedicated compartments for a laptop, headphones, and Best DJ laptop stand.
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The backpack has many padded pockets for controllers, microphones, hard drives, cables. The front and side pockets and an expandable top pouch can be used to expand more space and hold even more gear.

This backpack is all padded in the right places assuring your valuable gear can be transported and arrives intact. It also comes with bottom feet for stability when placed down on the ground.

This is furthermore complemented by a padded back for traveling comfort, adjustable shoulder straps, and a top carry handle for quick grab moments.

The 5 exterior pockets allow you to organize your DJ equipment so it’s always easy to find. This is constructed from water-resistant nylon which makes the backpack very useful during rainy days.

The manufacturers have designed the backpack in such a way that the large side and front pockets are easily accessible.

The backpack is furthermore accented by Odyssey’s stylish Redline DJ emblem to add more ecstasy to the buyer experience.

This backpack is a wildcard in our best DJ backpacks list as this provides a value proposition which no other backpack can provide namely the custom made a design for a certain set of equipment.


This backpack provides fully padded gear protection to ensure the safety of the gear it is housing. The interior dividers allow for organized packing which helps to unpack and find the small gear easily.

The backpack is very attractive to look at and will definitely add an “oomph” factor to your personality.

This backpack can accommodate a standard-sized laptop which is a rare feature in this price point. This backpack provides the best value for money deal in this best DJ backpack list.

  • Custom made for certain key DJ equipment
  • Looks pretty attractive
  • Can accommodate up to a standard-sized laptop
  • Could have come with different color variants



Factors to be kept in mind while buying a DJ backpack:


We should not choose a backpack that already weighs a lot because after adding the equipment the backpack might get too heavy and which might also lead to the backpack getting damaged or giving your shoulders strain.


The budget is the first and foremost thing that has to be kept in mind while deciding which backpack to opt based on your budget.

If you are tight on your budget then you need to look for a backpack that will provide you value for money deals.

Inside frame:

You should look for backpacks that have a basic and light frame so that they don’t feel rigid while usage and can also maintain their shape while not being used.

The frame can be stiff and large if you want to load heavy equipment in the backpack.


Good lightweight backpacks are often made out of two main types of materials. Fiber, which is lighter but much more expensive, and nylon which is heavier but cheaper. Both are great choices as both the materials are very durable and functional.


You are the best person to know how much volume you want to carry inside your backpack and you can easily make the purchase based on the capacity of the backpack.


A DJ backpack on amazon should always look fancy and stylish to complement the personality of that of a DJ, so, you should always for a fancy option to opt for to add more flair.


It is very hard to tell if your preferred backpack fits you before you get the chance to pack it full of your gear. But one thing is for sure that the backpack should feel comfortable.



All in all, we can say that a DJ backpack is a necessity nowadays and we need to have a reliable backpack that will not only have sufficient storage space for carrying all the equipment but will be more of a one-time investment as backpacks are not bought on a daily basis.

This is why longevity should also be kept in mind while opting for a backpack. A backpack has more compartments to work with when compared to other bags like a suitcase.

This definitely helps in better organization of the stuff and also provides you with various options for how you want to organize your stuff.

You also worry less about spoilage in the case of a backpack as it is more rugged and strong. The idea of a backpack being heavy is completely false and a good backpack always helps balance the weight perfectly on your shoulders and back making it more flexible during the journey.

These backpacks can house your DJ controller or mixer, cords, headphones, and even a laptop in one easy to manage portable bag.

The decision to opt for a particular DJ backpack will matter on different factors such as the price, brand, utility requirement, available space, looks, water-resistant, etc.

These factors will vary from person to person as different people have different personalities, tastes, choices, preferences regarding the color of the backpack, or the brand.

This is why you should prioritize the factor which is more relevant and holds more significance to you or if there is a particular feature that you definitely want in the backpack base on all the rest requirements around that one important feature that is an absolute must for you.

For e.g., If you are absolutely determined to have a backpack which can hold a 17” laptop because you own one and will be definitely carrying with you to all the events that you will be performing at.

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