Best Audio Mixer for Streaming: Top 5 Products

On the off chance that you are new to live to stream and are amidst choosing what sound gear to get, you can generally profit from an audio mixer for streaming in the setup.

It is the most direct and speedy method to connect the entirety of your sound gadgets for live streaming. Besides, it permits you to deal with the equipment effectively with first-class precision. Also, look for the Best DJ Mixer as an alternative.

We should have a look at the best audio mixer for streaming available in the market at the present time and begin with live streaming!

Top 5 Best Audio Mixer for Streaming:

Image Product Features Price
Best Overall Audio Mixer for Streaming


  • This Audio Mixer for Streaming has low-noise interference
  • This has the added advantage of being Wireless/Bluetooth
  • A massive 48V phantom power supply powers the device
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Best Audio Mixer Software for Streaming


  • There is 5-channel support in the mixer
  • The build quality of the mixer is very durable
  • The dynamic quality of the mixer is best in class
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Best Audio Mixer for Streaming

Pyle 6 Channel Mixer

Pyle 6 Channel Mixer
  • The 6-channels of input available in this mixer is a great distinct feature
  • This has the added advantage of being Wireless/Bluetooth
  • The dynamic range of the mixer is best in class
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Best USB Audio Mixer for Streaming

Behringer Xenyx X1222USB:

Behringer Xenyx X1222USB:
  • 8 inputs (2 XLR inputs, 4 line-level inputs) is an incredible range to have in the arsenal.
  • 48V Phantom power for XLR microphones powers the audio mixer for streaming magnificently
  • USB/Audio Interface built-in is an added feature that serves the purpose very well
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Best Software Audio Mixer for Live Streaming

Alto Professional ZMX122FX

Alto Professional ZMX122FX
  • 18V Phantom power for XLR microphones powers the mixer pretty well
  • 2-band EQ works like an absolute charm
  • Small and compact design makes it convenient to travel around with the mixer
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1. DJ Mixer PMXU88BT: Best Overall Audio Mixer for Streaming

Audio Mixer for Streaming

The expert Bluetooth DJ sound mixer for streaming is outfitted with extraordinary features, and it’s not difficult to use too. It has a 6-channel range and mixes sounds from MP3, mic, and Bluetooth combined gadgets.

You can without much of a stretch adjust volume, crossfader, and control of each channel. The audio mixer for streaming gives abundant power over the customization of channels.

It is viable with all wireless gadgets. This best sound mixer has an excellent inherent DSP audio effect processor.

It has up to 16 advanced impacts that can be applied over the recorded sound. These impacts will give the recorded sound more depth and dynamic reach.

It will likewise improve the sound quality and make a low-noise disturbance. This mixer for sound has 4-contributions for live streaming. It requires 48V phantom power to work.

  • As many as 16 DSP effects are available
  • Clear sound quality from the mixer
  • Channel customization is pretty slick
  • It is an expensive alternative compared to the rest

2. BEHRINGER, 12 XENYX 1202FX: Best Audio Mixer Software for Streaming

Audio Mixer for Streaming

The Behringer Xenyx sound mixer for streaming has a high caliber. It accompanies USB connectivity. The powerful quality permits you to record sound that is obvious from any undesirable noise.

Also, the Behringer Xenyx has a high headroom simple mixer. The 4-channel mixer requires phantom power for activity. The 3-band EQ makes the sound warm and dynamic.

The Behringer Xenyx adds more depth to the sound during recording meetings or live streaming. It is ideal for both experts and novices.

The Behringer Xenyx decoration mixer has implicit 16 presets. In case you’re searching for a mixer you can without much of a stretch customize, this is the one.

  • One of the most affordable on the list
  • The setup and the user interface is quite a user-friendly experience
  • The brand Behringer brand is known for super sturdy and quality products
  • The build quality of the mixer is not up to the mark

3. Pyle 6 Channel Mixer: Best Audio Mixer for Streaming

Audio Mixer for Streaming

The Pyle wireless DJ sound mixer for streaming is an expert sound mixer. It offers six channels, and you can mix MP3 sound on connected gadgets wirelessly.

You can enhance or decrease the volume of each channel with the assistance of volume control. This audio mixer for streaming has an aux input that is viable with cell phones.

It has a phono line that permits contribution through CD or MD player. The sound mixer works consummately with wireless gadgets too.

The audio mixer for streaming is outfitted with five sources of input. It makes great, inventive, and dynamic reach mixes.

A compact audio mixer with a built-in audio interface, if you’re looking for a fully-featured audio mixer for streaming with additional inputs to grow into, then look no further.

  • The clear sound quality is top-notch in the mixer
  • The voice adjustments are simply extraordinary
  • The remixing options are very easy to use
  • The pricing of the mixer could have been more competitivek

4. Behringer Xenyx X1222USB: Best USB Audio Mixer for Streaming

Audio Mixer for Streaming

The Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer comes with a handful of features that aim to separate itself from the rest of the competition. The first feature on this list is their 3-band EQ, designed to provide a warm and musical sound akin to the classic British rock and pop songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Next, there are 6 channels for connecting multiple devices like a 2 PC streaming setup, multiple gaming consoles or additional streaming hardware.

Lastly, the 2 mic preamps for multiple XLR microphones are state-of-the-art Xenyx preamps, designed to provide crystal clear audio reproduction and 130db (Decibels) of dynamic range; which is the difference between the loudest sound that can be recorded without distortion and the quietest sound that can be recorded without disappearing in the background.

Additionally, the two compressors onboard the Q802USB mixer allow for a super-easy, “one-knob” functionality and control. This feature alone makes it easy to balance out the loudest sounds and softer sounds to find the best balance of audio for your streaming setup. Along with its built-in USB/audio interface, the Q802USB mixer comes with all the features needed to turn your streaming setup into a high-performance studio and recording environment.

As the smallest, most compact audio mixer for streaming on the list, it is still packed with all of the features needed to successfully get professional quality audio up and running within five minutes.

  • LED control knob is a unique feature that not most of the mixer can boast of
  • 16 presets are an added advantage
  • It automatically removes unwanted noise which is a huge feature
  • The quality of the mixer is quite subpar compared to rest

5. Alto Professional ZMX122FX: Best Software Audio Mixer for Live Streaming

Audio Mixer for Streaming

The Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer only has five channels in comparison to the other mixers on the list, however, if you’re only using one XLR condenser microphone and need minimal inputs for the rest of your streaming equipment, then this is the choice for you. The price-to-performance ratio of this audio mixer for streaming is unparalleled, it is the most affordable audio mixer for streaming and remains amongst the bestseller list on Amazon.

That being said, there were some features cut for the sake of price and some features removed in order to keep the audio mixer as small and compact as possible. It supports 2-band EQ, only providing adjustments to bass and treble ranges and it also lacks a compressor. If compression of the audio signal is something that’s required for your live streaming setup, then perhaps choose a more expensive audio mixer or consider purchasing an external compressor in order to have the best possible audio.

All told, the Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer is quite impressive for the price and remains one of the most popular audio mixers on various online retailers.

  • The clear sound is quite unparalleled in this price bracket
  • 24-bit DSP effects is a unique feature to have
  • Onboard Alesis digital effects is only available in this device
  • The power cord is not durable

Not able to decide which Audio Mixer for Streaming you should buy? Read this Guide to Buy the DJ Audio Guide: How to Choose the Best Audio Setup.

Things to Consider before Buying Audio Mixer for Streaming:

At the point when you’re searching for an audio mixer for streaming, you will be astonished to see heaps of items accessible on the web. To ensure that you purchase the ideal one, keep in mind the following rules.

Mixer Types

Analog Mixers

They are the best sort of audio mixer for streaming. They have a basic interface. There are a lot of control knobs and dials.

This will allow you to tune and control the channels. It permits you to change and change the levels during live streaming.

In the event that you’re searching for systems that are best for streaming webcasts, at that point get simple mixers.

Digital Mixers

These mixers will permit you to make individual sound profiles and setups. They are the most ideal approach to ensure that all that you record is fresh and clear.

This sort of audio mixer for streaming. The Digital streaming mixer gives more command over channels through different applications.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, you can figure out how to utilize it in a brief period. Digital mixers are path simpler to use than simple mixers.


Direct channels are distinctive in each sound mixer. What number of channels do you need? It relies upon the kind of work you need to do with the audio mixer for streaming.

The mixers with more input channels will permit you to set different microphones and other sound gadgets.

Truly, you needn’t bother with more than a few diverts at a time in live streaming. Be that as it may, it is smarter to go for a system with more channels as it will give you sufficient space for inputs.

Ensure that you remember what your prerequisites are, and afterward contrast them and the features of the audio mixer for streaming you are taking a gander at.

You would prefer not to purchase an inaccurate mixer and waste your well-deserved cash, isn’t that so?


The best mixers are the ones that have more knobs for control when contrasted with others. Tuning knobs give a very proficient look to the mixer and permit you to tune channels.

An excellent, right mixer will allow you to control the channels gain, compression, and EQ. In the event that you are new to sound sources, it is alright to mess about until you locate the correct settings before you start the live stream recording.

You can without much of a stretch tune in to the output and change your settings according to your inclinations.


In case you’re searching for the best mixer for digital recordings or spilling from home, at that point you should purchase something conservative and lightweight.

It is smarter to avoid substantial and huge mixers. Ensure that you purchase a mixer that is tough yet lightweight.

Simplicity of Control

Sound sources and sound mixers are not quite the same as one another. Analog mixers are somewhat more mind boggling than Digital mixers. The principle distinction between both is that simple mixes are not difficult to utilize.

Analog mixers have more knobs, which is something to be thankful for, however, a few people favor sliders over knobs. This all relies upon your taste and simplicity.

For what reason Do You Need Audio Mixers for Streaming?

What frequently isolates one item from another comes down to features and cost. This is the same while talking about sound mixers for streaming, notwithstanding, there are a couple of utilization cases that will assist you with settling on an educated buying choice.

When itemizing features, how you’re anticipating utilizing a sound mixer will be vital. Do you have numerous XLR receivers and a few gaming comforts that require singular sound level changes? In the event that the appropriate response is no, at that point maybe you would be more qualified to a sound interface and one mouthpiece for a more unassuming live streaming setup.

Is it true that you are hoping to run a 2 PC streaming setup? Provided that this is true, at that point a sound mixer is ideal for you. The capacity to autonomously control sound levels from various sources gives a degree of control and uspower that most other equipment and programming alternatives can’t deliver.

Whenever you have concluded that a sound mixer accommodates your live streaming climate, the last thought is cost. For this situation, the market is sectioned by the number of information sources you are hoping to buy, more information sources and knobs accessible, and greater costs.

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