The turntable is where it all began, and is at the very core of a DJ setup. We have considered our favourite industry standard pieces of equipment and devised this list to fit your pocket.

Technics SL-1200G

Over the last 20 years Technic 1200’s have been the industry standard and a piece of gear that every turntable enthusiast has a deep yearn and respect for. The latest SL-1200G is a beautiful bit of kit, still remaining true to the design of the 1210’s. Walk into any respectful club across the world and you will see a pair of these at the forefront of the set up (probably with a pair of smiley faced slip mats).

Build Quality


This section of the review could be kept pretty short by saying something along the lines of – second to none, the best, number one, but in all honestly the testing and quality checks that these

turntables undergo are spectacular and borderline excessive. Owning a pair myself I know from first hand experience that the sound quality is perfect even after many a party and club appearances.





The spec of the 1200s is what all other turntables are compared to and ultimately, trying to replicate. The wighting of the jogwheel is perfect and will leave you with handle that is transferable between the industry standards that you my be fronted with on stage. Again, the quality of build is so important in how this deck feels when you mix. There is none of that loose, wobble that you can get with cheaper turntables where the pitch control can giggle about a bit. This allows for much more accurate beat matching and a better all round experience for you and your audience.


Some would regard this as an expensive bit of kit and if you are talking about an average but of equipment I would have to agree. However, the immense quality, longevity and, well, FUN you will get out of this, in my eye’s makes this an absolute bargain! If you are serious about DJing and you plan on keeping it up for more than a couple of months then it would be silly not to go for this option and down the road you will end up investing in one of these anyway.

Audio Technica AT LP120


Okay, you can stop scratching your head. We did not just review this I promise, but your right. It does look exactly like the Technic 1200s! And I’ll tell you what, it feels like one too! Introducing the Audio Technica AT LP12, the best turntable in the world (for under $300).

Build Quality

So the build quality is frankly, not as good as the Technics, but lets be honest. Who can tell?! I bought these two years ago and the have had their fair share of bashes and bumps and these bad boys still spin like a dream. The only thing that has broken is