Turntables: Vinyl v CD – the battle of the generations

Turntables are forever evolving with more touch screens and flashing lights every year. Vinyl may have died a quick death since tapes, CD’s and now memory sticks have condensed our music collection, however, the DJ scene is an area where vinyl is still very much alive. The argument of between old school wax junkies and the pioneers of the digital age is one that will now be settled anytime soon, not without a fight.

In this post I will give my take on the rivalry, so if you haven’t a clue which you are going to invest in, or you picked a side years ago give it a read and feel free to give me hell in the comment section!


In the beginning was the word

Of course, it all started with vinyl. Some idiot (genius) figured out you could play two songs simultaneously and line up the beats by manipulating the speed. This concept was to change the club scene forever. The use of patch perfect prerecorded tracks switched up in a club was the future and vinyl turntables were at the center of this. DJs would spend thousands on their record collection and carry back-breaking record bags to their performances, but in spite of this, the love for the art was sincere.

It wasn’t until 1994 that the vinyl turntables digital baby was born. The Pioneer CDJ 5oo. You would have to press a button to open the unit in order to place you CD in before you could close it and start playing. The jog wheel was the side of a digestive biscuit and the in terms of aesthetics, is looked more like a cross between a walk man and a microwave rather than a turntable. But at the time, this thing was revolutionary. The vinyl lovers saw a gadget that detached you from the music, pressing buttons was cheating in their eyes. However, be benefits shined brighter to many. No more shoulder cracking record bags, no more fluff on the needle, and you could save enough money to buy all the smiley faced t-shirts in the world.

Who would believe that 2 decades later, vinyl is still going strong.



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