From one DJ to another…

Hi and welcome to the best DJ guide on the web. When I first started out in the DJ scene, I faced the challenge of researching and buying my first DJ setup. I really struggled to find good information from a reliable source that allowed me to compare the industry standard in my price bracket (a beginner DJ kit). I eventually followed some bad advice on the web and found myself with a terrible set up that would not allow me to mix interchanging with the club standard decks that I was looking to build towards. I wasted thousands on unusable equipment and as a result spent a very long time in the “learner” bracket of bedroom DJs. Now, many years later, I have performed in some of the biggest and most well equipt venues in the country and I know exactly what is required from a beginners DJ kit, right the way to the top professional DJ set up. My experience as a clueless DJ has driven my to make the website. This is the ultimate guide for any DJ with any degree of skill and with any budget, all for free!

I hope you find the information on this site usefull and get yourself a killer setup!

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