In 2017, the DJ’s setup preference is a four deck set up, usually made up of two turntables and two CDJ’s (although a four CDJ setup is not uncommon). This is hugely important to give the DJ complete freedom as any less that this will limit the way you play. Having two of each allows you to mix with any song whether it is on CD or vinyl. If you only have one turntable and you want to mix two tunes you own on vinyl, you’re in a pickle, right?

It is for this very reason why four channel mixers are so important if you want a professional setup, or even if you simply want flexibility in the way you play.

On this post, you will find the best 4 channel mixers on the market today with all the detail you need to make the right choice!

Mixer Model Sound Quality Durability Price
PRO MIXER DJX750 ★★★☆☆


Pro Mixer DJX750

Build Quality:★★★☆☆


Sound Quality:★★★☆☆

The DJX750 truly has everything you need for basic mixing using up to 4 inputs at one time (great for 2 CD’s + 2 turntables). This mixer has a number useful effects and a mic input perfect for parties or for mobile DJ kits. Although Behringer have had their fair share of critics over the years, the DJX750 has left the critics short of words. After addressing the issues of its pre assessor, this mixer has great sound quality and is considerably more durable.  We think it is the best four channel mixer in its price range by quite a margin and for this reason it is our top pick for a 4 channel mixer on a budget.