Turntables (vinyl/CD)

 Whether you’re sticking old school or embracing the digital age, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find the best CDJ’s and the best vinyl turntables for your ability and price bracket. I have personally wasted loads of cash on useless turntables and which didn’t just cost a bomb but also hindered my progress during the learning period.




The humble mixer is where the real magic happens. Make sure you don’t over look this essential tool and get yourself switching it up with style. Make sure the get the best sound quality and the best effects for you.



DJ Headphones

Apart from a few CD’s or pieces of vinyl, your headphones might be the only thing that you are not provided with anon arrival at a venue, and without these, the fundamentals of an exciting set cannot be executed. A DJ, particularly when preforming at a loud venue, must have complete confidence in their headphones or else risk disaster. Have a look at our top picks for club, bedroom, production and on the go headphones. These include over ear and in ear DJ headphones.




For the bedroom DJs and the party goers. This is your ultimate tool. These compact all in one units will allow you tear it up almost anywhere in style. Find the best controller for you budget in the carefully composed list to the best DJ controllers available today.